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Something for you to add the to your well-curated double breasted style thread?
I think silk makes for comfier pajamas than flannel but yours is still a helpful suggestion.
^ yup, I've heard good things as well. I can't really be certain if it's the addition of the mink in such a tiny amount or just the quality of the wool, but it is a lot softer than my other flannels and has a little bit of sheen to it.
Funding tomorrow - the Holland & Sherry Victory flannel, wool with 1% cashmere and 1% silver mink. It feels like a real luxury cloth. I'm leaning toward single breasted but still considering 6x1 or 6x2.
Doesn't seem like you like it. You want some more? The thing about drinking wines is, well, you have to actually drink them to understand. Lectures are great, brah, but if you don't actually drink German wines maybe you're missing something. Maybe? No?
Yup. Lecture over bitch.
Whoa! A master fucking somm lecture! Amazing brah! That's huge! Holy shit! I didn't realize I was interacting with a guy that went to a lecture! Holy fuck!
Feinherb can mean anything from dry to sweet. But feinherb auslese indicates a dry wine in my experience. If you've had contrary ones then name the wine.
Um, yeah. The designation of ripeness level at picking is modified to indicate residual sugar at bottling. The producer isn't naming the wine based on ripeness level because that doesn't tell you what's in the bottle.
There is bone dry auslese. It's labeled auslese feinherb and no one does it anymore as far as I know now that they can label it under the dry designation.
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