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I buy multi thousand dollar shoesbecause they look and feel better. At least that is my experience. I'm curious - do you ever speak about things other than shoemaking? For example, do you ever discuss politics, or the weather, or books? You don't have to be an expert in something to express an opinion. And how do I gain the knowledge about shoes? Do I have to read all your posts or make a pair from beginning to end? What about the fact that I've worn them every day of...
The "product shots" are from Jimenez's blog. MW313 didn't take them. He just copied and pasted them here. And go ahead and ask if him if he got paid to post.
You've got it completely wrong. The boots took 450 hours to make. That doesn't mean that each of the 15 pairs he makes take as long. The time spent on the boots were presented as an extreme. Here is the real math: 15 pairs per year times 6000 euros equals 90000 euros. Median salary in Bordeaux is around 3000 euros per month.
I don't think it's BS. Jimenez suddenly has a pretty active social media presence and I don't think it's unusual for a bunch of clothing enthusiasts to take notice on a board about clothes and shoes. Maybe mw313 cross posted to a few too many threads but it's a pretty minor offense if an offense at all. And it's clearly not advertising in any sense of the word. But if you are offended you can simply move on to the next thread.
^ I don't think I have that one. I had a couple fabrics from LL labeled Agnelli but im certain that none was a glen check.
Agree - tweed is a ton of fun and there is a lot out there. Given that I now own a pink tweed I feel like I need a break. I also have a huge hole in my wardrobe for summer jackets, so I've sworn that before I do anything adventurous I'm going to have this 8.5 ounce drapers made into a summer blazer.
Mina - the fitter an napolisumisura - is a woman, and while that doesn't necessarily mean she will be better at making a woman's shirt I would certainly recommend having a discussion with her. I've found the shirts to be decent quality for the price. But I'm no expert in Naples and some on this board are so hopefully they will chime in.
No. If I were Sam Hinkie I immediately would have traded the fabric in exchange for the right to select a bolt from the buyer in the future.
Recent summer shirting fabric selections, Heng made up now:
I have four or five LL cloths that I've had for a while and never made up. The one I'm closest on is this, which is a real spongy wool with a fairly unique feel.
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