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I don't know. I suppose I've never really thought about it. The jacket that I own with fish mouth lapels is so inappropriate for work that I've never had to consider whether the lapels alone would make me feel awkward.
Hmmmm.Yes. Not quite in the camps sense, but close.You keep saying that I don't like them. That isn't it. Its that I don't feel comfortable wearing them to work. I agree that is a different argument than what I made in the WAYWT thread. My argument there was wrong and I was convinced of as much by the other posters there.
I don't hate Neapolitan suits. I own and wear them. I just don't wear them to work. And I don't understand the story about the girl you used to date.Really hard to respond to the rest of your post for a couple reasons. First, you don't really understand what I'm talking about when I talk about a Neapolitan look. Here you go, this should answer 10 of your questions:http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?49543-Neapolitan-Shoulder-ExplainedOn the pagoda...
Probably 50% of my wardrobe. Love 'em.
It is obviously a side arm. DWW has repeatedly tried to suck all of the fun out of this thread by asking in straightforward and very boring terms what I don’t like about wearing this substantial part of my wardrobe to work, particularly given my willingness to wear what DWW would think of as absurd perversions of classical style like patch pockets and peak lapels and pagoda shoulders. Here is my straightforward answer. To me, those perversions in which I so willingly...
Neapolitan gettups.
Totally misleading statistic. That is based on median price rather than price per square foot. Your San Fran luxury apartment is a Manhattan closet.
No, the best place for you to live is dressedwell.net, where I'm having the mods move your posts and profile right now. You can't just post this type of nonsense. http://LAGuy, http://diethreaddrift; handle this now!
^ unfortunately this thread has gone vastly off-topic and migrated into a discussion about what people wear on Wall Street. It's frustrating but I understand that no one wanted to engage Dieworkwear in a conversation about my problems with Neapolitan tailoring and so, as a deflection mechanism, the conversation turned to Wall Street and other matters unrelated to the purpose of this thread. So I get it. In any event, tomorrow morning I plan to get this thread - my...
Are you saying that the most CBD of environments are not actually CBD and that individuals are modifying CBD and expressing themselves in non-CBD ways? That seems dangerous unless someone can set parameters around their choices with some sort of coherent theory as to what modifications are and aren't acceptable. We need such a person.
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