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They are aging fine, but as far as bespoke shoes go, I would say that my cleverley are several clicks below other makers. There are several aspects of the shoes that strike me as careless and sloppy. No doubt they are cheaper than other makers, but I wouldn't use cleverley again. I'm glad I have these though as l so love the look of the reindeer.
The shirts that really fit me well all have darts. I've had a lot of shirt makers push back on using darts and insisting that they can get as clean of a shirt without darts and it's never worked.
^_unfortunately not. Moynat only sells at their own stores in Paris and now London. They will ship to the U.S., but there is nowhere in ny to see the products first.
I have to imagine that somewhere in the U.S. will carry Cifo ready to wear.
Shirts (hopefully arriving this week):
^the wider lapel at Cifo is used one-button jackets. I assume it is simply the default for their one-button bespoke as all my one-button notch lapel jacketa have that wider -inch lapel as opposed to 3.5 inches for 2 roll 3.
^im not sure why you are taking it so personally. I'm just saying that you are ignorant and should stay out of the thread. It's good advice and should take it. As for meeting in person, I appreciate the offer but I think I'm going to pass. I don't think the in-person comparison would be particularly enjoyable for you.
^gambit50 - it's pretty hard to follow what you are trying to say, but also evident that you don't really understand what is going on at Cifonelli or anything about the brand. Sorry, but if you have no experience or knowledge maybe it's best to just stay out of the thread. Cifonelli has had RTW for years.
Some of the great tailoring houses of today will die, just like some of the great tailoring houses of the past have died. Cifo and Camps have now incorporated the remnants of others. You can easily find a list of the great Savile row houses of the 60s and many no longer exist. If rtw helps ensure the brand's survival then that is a very good thing for bespoke customers.
G&G: recent innovations include a new bespoke patina service and a trial shoe with a heel. In general, I think that they are selling bespoke with a low profit margin and the innovation and improvement, and the freedom to be creative and not worry about cost but only about what makes the product best, is funded by rtw. For Cifo, I'm very happy. But a successful rtw will undoubtedly lead to improvement. An easy example: someone else traveling with lorenzo and bringing 20...
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