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Not quite DWW - although this is solid snark. Lord Superb is currently squarely within the confines of CBD and I don't see any attempt to apply his personal style in a way that expresses his likes and dislikes as an individual but also doesn't push it so far and remains tasteful enough so that he doesn't risk losing his bonus. I don't see Lord Superb as much as I see Squire Regular. A hidden monogram is a good way of moderating the potentially bonus-reducing desires to...
I'm starting to like the direction in which this thread is heading. Lord superb - I really like your look (pocket circle nothwithstanding) but to me it feels more summer CBD than WSIMCBD.
Sure. I got the monogram because it doesn't add materially to the cost of the shirt and it comforts me to know that it is there. When I die my children will be able to open my closet and see all my beautiful things with my name monogramed on them and will remember something about their father: he was a tremendous pain in the ass who spent much to much time worrying about clothing.The placket: for the most part I prefer symmetry to asymmetry in my tailored clothing. Now,...
I can't see how mine would come off as affected. It is literally below the trouser line and can't be seen while the shirt is being worn.
Grumpy i-gentism? I have definitely lost you with my overwrought writing style as grumpy i-getism is exactly the opposite of what I am trying to do. Thank you for the critique. I will take this into account as we enter into tomorrow and the rest of the week. ALSO PLEASE LET ME KNOW WOULD IT HELP IF I WROTE IN ALL CAPS WITHOUT PUNCTUATION OR AM I MISSING THE POINT COMPLETELY
You are getting ahead of me a little bit. I'm trying to establish my personal style before I start talking about the things that I don't like. Today is chapter 1 and the answer to your question is in chapter 3. I'm sorry that you find this overwrought and I wish I could think of another way to do it. It was my hope that there would be something in chapter 1 that is interesting enough to discuss now.
Hi there. I've moved all of your posts to the new Menswear Advice Forum, where you'll get more useful advice and where other members with similar questions can benefit from your having asked.
Finally someone who gets it. Thank you dieworkwear.
I do not wear a pocket circle and for the remaining four days of this thread I will pay keen attention to my hand position when I take the picture so that both people who are reading this can see as much. I say in all seriousness, that while my position in the other thread on spalla camicia was, in retrospect, overstated, I have in fact personally witnessed during my ongoing time on Wall Street jokes being cracked at the expense of whatever out-of-town yokel showed up for...
No - I don't work anywhere near wall street. I'm just using that as jumping off point for what has so far been a very boring, nonsensical and lonely conversation about personal style and why some people like some things and not others and whether or not there are any rules that should be respected and how we might bend them in good or bad ways and why. And since those are all serious topics of conversation I'm trying to bring in something with a little bit of levity,...
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