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It looks better in the picture with the full silhouette, but still high. Unless God gave you commandments with tailoring instructions in them, I'd ask to have it lowered. But you like the way it divides your torso and lower body that is of course most important.
^ I don't mind the tie but the buttoning point on the jacket is way off. Looks like it's buttoned at the chest.
Thanks for posting kuro. I just read it. I never realized camps was so much more expensive than cifo. Interesting to read about cifo's ready to wear plans, and of course they have pictures of the qilian jacket in yak wool, which I'm hoping to have the bravery to order when Lorenzo visits in a few weeks.
Yeah, it would be quite remarkable to do that. I can't imagine what the stingray looks like under that type of pressure. G&G tried to gently dissuade me from hatchgrain whole cuts because of the distortion to the hatch grain that results from the stretching.
That looks terribly uncomfortable. I think there are plenty of ready to wear brands that offer shirts intended to replicate the darted look. "Slim fit" is a dead giveaway. But good luck.
It doesn't take that much time or effort to post on the board, even if the post includes a picture. I'm not playing dress up. The clothes you see are things that I'm wearing to work. The incremental time and effort to get a post up, when I feel like doing it, doesn't seem to be having an adverse impact on my job performance or compensation as far as I can tell. I think the main reasons people don't post more pictures here are probably: (1) a general lack of civility...
Yes, that is right. This pattern was impossible to line up exactly right, and if I post the back of the jacket you will see a single red line that is off-center, but the sacrificed the back to make the front look symmetrical.
Thanks. I can probably dig some up.
I don't think it is a shapeless sack but Svenn can be the judge. Here is one. Happy to post pics of others if people are truly interested:
Dopey - I'm not sure your premise is correct. I've posted lots of pics of myself in Huntsman (as well as Cifonelli).
New Posts  All Forums: