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G&G: recent innovations include a new bespoke patina service and a trial shoe with a heel. In general, I think that they are selling bespoke with a low profit margin and the innovation and improvement, and the freedom to be creative and not worry about cost but only about what makes the product best, is funded by rtw. For Cifo, I'm very happy. But a successful rtw will undoubtedly lead to improvement. An easy example: someone else traveling with lorenzo and bringing 20...
Take a look at G&G for a good example of how a robust rtw program can help foster innovation and improvement on bespoke, despite a limited talent pool.
Pretty straightforward. It subsidizes and allows them to put more resources to work in bespoke.
I think it can only help the bespoke and I'm excited about it. Right now, they are basically at bespoke capacity and can't expand. RTW will hopefully increase their profits and let them put more money into everything, bespoke included.
My understanding is that Hermes has now brought all bespoke tailoring in-house and that it is done in Pantin.
^Yeah - that is the classic rookie mistake. Just sayin'. Anyway, I really like the shoes. I basically walked into the Armoury by chance and while I think I'd heard of Koji Suzuki on this board, I wasn't familiar with his work and didn't know who he was and I ended up ordering a pair. I saw a shoe from across the room and they were painfully beautiful and so obviously bespoke that I was actually a little taken aback to be seeing something like that sitting in my...
^ I've seen the work up close. I think the work is good and I ordered a pair as well yesterday. Is this your first time ordering bespoke? Two on the first go-around is always a mistake. Even if they both turn out well you lose the opportunity for improvement from one to the other. Lobb Paris wouldn't even take the order and I'm actually a little surprised that spigola would. Delivery time doesn't seem bad. I was told he comes back in October for a fitting. I would...
^congrats. Is he completing one pair first? Two on the first order is a risky move...
^still totally awesome
^i saw those cream koji suzuki's in person yesterday. They were really something. I have nowhere to wear them and still thought about ordering a pair.
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