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But again, those don't have to be the only choices you make as a customer. If you were using Davide Taub, or someone else who wants customers to be expressive, you'd be making other choices and you might feel very differently about the tailor's role in personal style.
That makes total sense to me. I think people often forget that bespoke is a stylistic choice. Do you like what is being offered as a stylistic matter and think "that is what I want to look like". I think I'd have a hard time paying rubinacci prices without meeting the person who is actually cutting my suit, but I assume one could remedy that with a visit to Naples.
Not sure it will work on a mobile device, but these are the ones on the website: http://www.cifonelli.com/product-category/creations/ Here are some of the ones that aren't on the site: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2012/08/31/cifonelli-contemporary-bespoke/ And here are some others that I don't believe are on the website: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2012/11/20/new-cifonelli-designs/
^not right. Take a look at their site and their creations and then you will get it. It's not 1 button vs 2 button. It's five buttons with an unnotched lapel and bellows pockets versus completely unlined and unstructured sweater jacket. I am talking about drastic stylistic differences and innovative forms that aren't done elsewhere.
I don't think house style is necessarily inconsistent with the concept of developing a personal style and I think you can find tailors who seek to instill personal style honestly. Cifonelli is a good example. There are at least 30 different named models that one can select, and unlimited variations that one can apply to any of those models. Some of those models are the result of specific customer requests for a particular garment, others are developed by Lorenzo. They all...
I've used reno but not specifically to remove the dressing. I wasn't aware that might work but if so I will try it. Thanks
I'm not saying that they will be perfect. I'm just saying your more likely to get a better fit with a fitting shoe. I'm not sure what the counter argument to that would be. Both my JLP and G&G were cut open. Daniel cut my G&G and remeasured my foot and decided to remake the last (although I don't know why; they were pretty close). My JLP we're need a few tweaks but the first fitting was the best first fitting I've had.
It very well could be. At the same time, unless cleverley has changed, there are significant difference in the process between cleverley and the other makers I suggested. For example, at cleverley there is no separate shoe made for a fitting. You get your actual shoe sewn to a crepe sole with no heel. With lobb/G&G, you get a full replica of your shoe with a heel that is then cut apart. It's more time consuming and expensive, but in my view well worth it to get a better...
Trust me it's nothing to do with the shape of my heel. It's just poor workmanship. My other bespoke shoes don't have it.
They aren't terrible, but here are a few photos that illustrate what I mean. First, look at the shape of the heel. Almost a straight line. It's pretty inartful. It should be shapeley and rounded. It doesn't look bespoke. Second, look at the edge dressing all over the shoe. Just awful. If someone tried to deliver those to me today I would reject them. The fit is so-so (one foot is fine and the other is not). I I know cleverley makes a lot of people very happy. It seems...
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