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Huntsman had one for a client on their most recent visit to the U.S. it was 10,000 pounds. It was really something. I asked about working with it and the cutter told me it was a pleasure and an incredible cloth to work with.
I think pure vicuna would cost you close to that for a blazer.
That list is much too short. Richard Anderson comes to NY. Huntsman brings Patrick Murphy, who is their head cutter. Lorenzo Cifonelli comes to NY 6 to 8 times a year. Roy Chittleborough and Joe Morgan come to New York. Allen Bennet is here regularly. That is just off the top of my head. Personally, I can't imagine spending thousands on a bespoke suit without meeting the cutter in person.
So CdL is refusing to alter one of their bespoke suits even though Cifo thinks the alterations are do-able? That is very surprising.
If you try a tailor and you don't like your first garment, move on. I think developing a relationship with a tailor over time will lead to better garments, but the first one should be pretty darned good. If it isn't, then don't think "the second one will be better." That is what fittings are for.The strategy of trying one jacket here and there has several enormous benefits. First, pictures can never tell you how a particular garment will feel on your body. Things...
Below is the text of the email blast that Huntsman sent to U.S. customers in early April. They generally announce their visits with the promotion of a new cloth, like they did in the email below. Usually those cloths are generally based on the Huntsman archives, very often tweeds but sometimes other cloths (I've purchased two mohair/wool blends in the last few years as well as several of the tweeds). Usually they bring a good section of the cloth or samples, and then a...
^I don't know that we want to start with swatch testing members around here. Who knows what might turn up.
^It was made by Islay Woolen Mill in Scotland, the same place the produces many of the Huntsman tweeds. It is a new bolt that was produced for Huntsman. Patrick Murphy appears to be pleased with it and is handing out small squares (I took one with me and that is what I have in my photo). I'm not sure I understand the comment about shrinkage. The fabric is wool, so I'm not sure why it would be more prone to shrinkage than other wool, but I'm certainly not an expert. If...
I would love to see pics and hear about your experience in this thread or another one. I used Kilgour when they were going through a pretty difficult period and I was really dissappointed in what I got, but I always assumed that at some point they would turn it around and get back to what they are known for.
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