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^ where would you where those? I like them theoretically, but they look too flashy for work and I wouldn't wear suede as a formal shoe. They almost look like a driving moc. For G&G, I'd go bespoke seamless whole cuts. They do it better than anyone else.
A nice illustration of the French view on bespoke tailoring. Duret is a French maker of leather goods and belts. I wanted a bespoke belt made to my specifications but won't be in Paris until October. I contacted Duret and told them my belt size and also that my tailor was Parisian and could give detailed information about my measurements. Duret told me that in order to get the appropriate size, they would send me a package with instructions. Today, I received from...
Interesting article with what I consider to be an odd conclusion, but nice to see a description of the process of bespoke that highlights some of the bad as well as the good. And although here is only one picture, I think the author looks very nice in his solito suit (in fact, I think every solito suit I've seen looks very good). http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304250204579431363835976416
^Yuppie - my advice on Barneys would be to be very, very wary of the in-house tailors. If you end up buying, stick with something that only requires very simple alteration (like cuffing a pair of pants) or be ready to take it to a tailor that you can trust. The in-house tailoring services leave something to be desired.
In NYC, Barneys carries Sartorio (or at least they did a season ago)
Eminent funding for 10 of these...
Handsome Boy, This is from the "finest jacketing" books. Unfortunately, it is a fairly lightweight tweed (220 grams) so it may not be what you are looking for.
For me, the suede makes it look less like a hard-wearing winter boot and more a little more upscale. I think it allows me to wear it to the office and throughout the work day without looking so much like I'm wearing a winter boot.
Both mocha and mink suede look nice. I can't discern the difference enough to have a strong preference. I'm ok with the 64 last but will need some advice as to the proper size. For EG, the 888 last fits me perfectly in a 7/7.5 D. Perhaps skoatiebaloget can give me some advice.
I'm in if you go with the suede.
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