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I see. So they license the name but don't control the product?
Yup. Last September I think? Ugly divorce. Great for customers though!
Pre-Roubi it was Chester Barrie.
Just looked - all Kingsman still made in Italy.
Roubi shifted RTW production to Italy. I'd they've gone back its within the last 6 months.
I'm just making a point about RTW suits for a brand that prides itself as English being made outside of England. And not such a minor point to folks who bought suits prior to Roubi. As for the national origin of the workers on the row I agree that there are many, many skilled workers who aren't English. I'd argue that sitting in the workroom at Poole making a suit is markedly different than shipping a Poole suit overseas. Context matters.
Well, I suppose you could do that and ask the new cutter to stick with your old pattern, but my experience is that a cutter at this level would prefer to cut his/her own pattern for each customer. And from my standpoint as a customer, one of the things worth paying a premium for - one of the things that I will pay a significant premium for - is having the person the measures, cuts and modifies your suit lay eyes and hands upon you at every step of the way. So I want my...
^ it's also made in Italy, which strikes me as totally bizarre but so be it.
^ it's fine. Will post pics in the next day or so. Could be better but it's ok. Had at least two - maybe three - commissions.
Is that Darrozze Armagnac in the background? I could probably be convinced to order something for a glass of the '81 St. Aubin D'Houga.
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