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I don't have any Matuozzo shirts. I'm sure they are nice. But I have lots of shirts from top Neapolitan makers. The fit is nowhere near Charvet bespoke. And neither is the selection of fabric or the level of service. And Charvet would happily add hand-stiching if I wanted, at least for the sleeve attachment and perhaps several other places. It just doesn't add anything. I generally find most of what I've seen from Naples to be sub-par, and a little bit silly for a...
Check out des merrion. He disappeared for a few years due to some unfortunate legal woes (nothing to do with tailoring or customers) but he is now back and makes a really excellent garment that is in your price range (or was the last time I checked).
I don't think handsewing tells you that much about the quality of a shirt. Charvet has absolutely none and makes the best bespoke shirt in the world. I get that it's part of the Neapolitan vocabulary, but in my experience handsewing doesn't correlate to anything having to do with quality.
Right around $8000 all in if you are in NYC.
I've never understood the appeal of charvet rtw. One collar style, very blousy and a little bit fragile. The fabrics are great, but the tariff is too high. The bespoke on the other hand is out of this world and beyond compare of anything I've tried. Can't speak to the Demi-mesure, but if avoid the rtw and highly recommend the full bespoke.
Cifonelli and Huntsman
I haven't had it made yet. Can't decide which of my two tailors I will ask to make it. It was expensive. I think around $150/meter.
^their agent would be isles textiles. I think I got the last few meters of the 009 that isles had, but it's worth checking. Maybe they got more.
^i think those anniversary tweeds are long gone. They 009 went particularly quickly and was tough to track down. Check the Harrison's website and call the agent in your area to see what they have left.
In New York City I have literally never seen them being worn in any context. I love them and constantly consider buying a pair, but I just don't know when I would use them. I think at some point I will probably do it but it will be a shoe that I wear with jeans on a weekend.
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