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Read it again. You said cutter was more important than house.
^you said that the choice of cutter is more important than house style. That's just wrong. The variances among cutters within a particular house are much smaller than the variances between styles across houses.
^ in my experience with the traditional row houses house style dwarfs each cutter's personal decisions. House style - as interpreted by the head cutter - is replicated closely by all the other cutters. Pat Murphy cuts a very different suit at Davies than he did at Huntsman, and if you now want the look that Pat used to cut at huntsman you go to Dario Carnera. And Campbell Carey cuts a different suit at Huntsman than he did at Kilgour. You have exceptions, like when...
^ that's nonsense. You can see pictures of people here that don't speak the same language as their tailor and still look great.
JohnHunt12 - unfortunately, this board is relatively thin on savile row knowledge and the noise to signal ratio is high. You will get a lot of people stating incorrect information as truisms and a bunch of people who use steed, but not much info on the traditional savile row houses. I've used kilgour (not in the past 7 or 8 years however) and huntsman and can speak as to those places. GBR is partially correct - a choice of a savile row house (or any bespoke tailor for that...
This intrigues me as well. As far as I can tell even the long seams on a Kiton shirt appear to have a pass that is hand-stitched. What makes the inglese better?
Hey bitches. I searched and searched the forum and there is nothing recent on point so I decided to start a new thread for those interested in the process of Kiton MTM shirts here in the good ole' US of A. There is some shit up on permanent style but he is in London and - let's be honest - for a free steak that guy would give a glowing review to the uniforms of the third reich. Anyway, I started the process today. Kiton MTM starts with you trying on your comparable RTW...
^ did you guys ever see Vox's photo tutorial from back in Styleforum's golden days? I don't follow it myself but it is pretty easy and supposedly how he gets all those great pics.
yeah - that is it.
Don't know if people are familiar with him but this dude - Nicholas Radano - makes great ties. He used to label them "spacca Napoli" and he's recently changed the name to something different. Can't remember what it is but will see if I can find it. Well-prices and beautifully made. Incredibly thick silk.
New Posts  All Forums: