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Sartoridinapoli - I agree that sleeve divots are a sign of problematic tailoring, but not when the wearer's arm is bent at the elbow. When the arm is bent, the sleeve will divot. That is just the difference between the way a suit fits on a mannequin and the way a suit fits in real life.
thanks - the color would make for a nice trouser but it this is a shetland and pretty soft. I don't think it would wear well.
I wasn't thrilled with any of the fabrics that I was planning to make up as a summer jacket. I'm going to be in Paris in April and figured that I could spend a little time at my tailor's workshop looking through fabric books, and therefore it was better to hold off on the summer commission. So I'm trying to figure out what to order in the interim.
Trying to rummage through my existing fabric bolts to figure out if there is anything I can use for commissions. The three below are the survivors. The Harrisons anniversary tweed (brown/orangish with the blue checks) would make a great travel jacket and I think it is a go go. The other two are from the Scabal shetland book. The brown with green checks would probably serve about the same purpose as the Harrisons, so I think I'm likely to hold off for now. I really...
^ I will edit my original post to remove any mention of the jacket in question so that no one feels like anyone's actual clothes are being attacked. That being said,I find the discussion about the divots to be interesting. And if Greg is correct about the remedy, I find that to be a pretty fascinating aspect of bespoke clothing that I had never learned or even heard of in my 12 years as a client of various tailors. And it would drastically change the way I think about...
If it's a Formosa jacket then don't worry. The divots are likely disappear over time!
At least on the shoulder divot Greg has responded and I think he agrees that it is an issue. It's the cause and remedy that are up for debate.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/148929/my-david-reeves-3-pc-bespoke-suit Just for reference, back when it wasn't such a big deal. A great thread.
Criticism isn't trolling and no one is attacking six. People assume that if you post a picture you want feedback, even if it's not always positive. Amazing to see people get so bent out of shape up over the inference that a jacket could use a little work.
^ I'm not ignoring you. I'm suggesting you are wrong. I've taken part as a client in over 40 bespoke fittings. I ask a lot of questions. Based on my experience, I don't think the armhole is going to stretch as you suggest. I had an issue with a bespoke jacket about a year ago that I didn't mention ion receipt. I took it back to my tailor and suggested that I hadn't said something initially because I thought the issue would settle with wear. His response was that I was...
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