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You have my attention. What happens when you "rock" your tailored to go out at night? Does it involve fornication? If that barbershop quartet jacket pulls leg then things have gotten significantly easier since the last time I was single. Do tell...
^ sorry - I don't speak emoji. Care to explain?
Here is a good example of what I mean - a traditionally casual fabric, in this case linen, employed for a highly structured and sculptural garment, unlined and meant for summer:
Nah. Just because it's a summer jacket and a casual look I don't think it needs to be slouchy and rumpled. If I wanted to look slouchy and rumpled I'd probably just skip the jacket altogether.
I really like these samples of 390g open weave cotton hopsack from Vitale Barberis Canonico for a quarter-lined summer odd jacket. The irregular weave makes it stand out from a lot of the other fabrics I've been considering. Mentally I'm having a hard time getting over the hump of paying bespoke money for a cotton jacket, but this one is getting me pretty close to pulling the trigger with the beige.
Alan Weinberg is an incredibly knowledgeable burg lover but he's not the publisher of Burghound. That's Alan Meadows.
I think there is a big stylistic shift in the last year or two. Check out this recent article by Bonne, which I think sums up the current state of play for white burgs. Let's hope he's right.http://punchdrink.com/articles/a-new-era-for-white-wine-burgundy/I thought that some of the early responses to premox, like adding more sulphur at bottling, made wines that were basically undrinkable young (and who knows what happens when they develop). Aged white burg is probably...
Thanks. I appreciate that. And thanks for sharing your wine expertise with the board!
You are totally lost. You don't understand the difference between normal aging of burgundy and premox. You are taking about something you don't understand. And if you think you can see the color of wine through the bottle then I really can't help you.
That's the hypotheses. The problem with it is that even as those trends have been reversed premox continues. I've had premoxed wines from the '09 vintage from producers who have changed the practices that you are citing.
New Posts  All Forums: