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Peter Smith is no longer at Huntsman. He has moved on to RA to replace Brian Lishak. Sounds like Peter's garden leave ends soon and I'm sure he will do really well at RA. The garments that Huntsman brought on their current visit are fantastic. Johnny Allen has a great eye. The things I have in process are consistent with everything Pat has done for me, which is to say that they are excellent. I made an order. Sad to see Peter go but glad to see that my beloved...
I think my NSM shirts were around 200 euro CMT a few years ago. While they were handsewn, I wouldn't have cared if they weren't (although I understand that many people do). The shirts are well done. I generally like a slimmer shirt than Mina produces, but I think the fit is decent and the price is good. I would be unhappy if I were jerrybrowne and had received something different than what I had in the past. Jerrybrowne, I hope you ask them about it and post their...
^ nah. You don't get it. The difference between handsewn and not handsewn isn't the difference between class a and class c. It still could be a great shirt. In any event, you don't want to be one of those people who comes on an Internet forum and says that a maker that many love and have great experiences with is a fraud.
That seems right. I have a feeling that at the end of the day, most of what CdL and Cifo produce at the end of the day is classic business suits. I think Taub at G&H is likely just as adventurous as Cifo, although Cifo is certainly trying to be unconventional in a way that others aren't. I think the CdL safari jackets in the same spirit as many of the Cifo designs, and I think the CdL contrast stitching on the buttonholes is unlikely to appear on anything Savile Row (and...
Scam is a strong word. I think there are a lot of places that cost as much or more for a shirt without hand sewing (charvet for example) but it's definitely surprising that they would produce a shirt without hand sewing when Mina seems to emphasize how important it is to quality. I've seen them cut corners on some other ways (crappy plastic buttons, crappy lining, sewing that isn't great) but this seems a little different given that the shirts were, at least for some at...
^not the right thread for it but I think those statements might be things that only get said on styleforum. I've never heard them before but I can find quite a few pictures of Humphrey bogart looking fantastic in single breasted two button peak lapel flannel. In any event, I think part of what the French tailors do so well is sometimes make unconventional twists to classic tailoring, so maybe there is something to what you are saying.
All huntsman rtw is the new line now. Made in Italy. Can't remember who makes it. Maybe St Andrews or cantarelli.
The new huntsman rtw under roubi is very, very slim fitting. If you are looking for generously fitted Classic British tailoring, I don't think you will like the new huntsman rtw line.
^that CDL suit also reminds me quite a bit of huntsman. The elongated jacket, slight roping of the shoulder and cut of the trousers. Very nice in my opinion.
^Why unexpected? Not CdL, but I've seen Lorenzo wear this single breasted peak lapel quite a bit
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