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This is a thread about the current state of Savile Row, in particular those houses that have been thought of for decades as one of the places to go for bespoke clothing. From where I'm sitting, interest in Italian bespoke (Neapolitan, mainly) currently dwarfs that of the row (although that may be a bias of mine due to time spent here). But there are some great things about the Row. For example: - You don't have to be an internet clothing expert to come out of there...
A couple new arrivals from Torsten yesterday that will be by next two commissions: a vintage dogtooth Shetland tweed from ormezzano that I will have made into a patch pocket, single-breasted with natural shoulders and a lightweight basket weave wool from Mario zenga for an unlined summer jacket.
Bummer. I was hoping we'd hang out some time.
^ Eljo's? Been there forever. A Charlottesville institution. https://www.eljos.com/store/
Wow. Does Lobb do the resoleing when you need it?
Dieworkwear, you seem upset. Is there something you want to talk about? Is everything ok? I'm worried about you.
Read it again. You said cutter was more important than house.
^you said that the choice of cutter is more important than house style. That's just wrong. The variances among cutters within a particular house are much smaller than the variances between styles across houses.
^ in my experience with the traditional row houses house style dwarfs each cutter's personal decisions. House style - as interpreted by the head cutter - is replicated closely by all the other cutters. Pat Murphy cuts a very different suit at Davies than he did at Huntsman, and if you now want the look that Pat used to cut at huntsman you go to Dario Carnera. And Campbell Carey cuts a different suit at Huntsman than he did at Kilgour. You have exceptions, like when...
^ that's nonsense. You can see pictures of people here that don't speak the same language as their tailor and still look great.
New Posts  All Forums: