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The big law firms are generally business casual. You should have a suit or two, but you aren't going to be wearing suits everyday. I'd focus on finding a really solid shirt maker that produces a fit that you really like as most days you will be in a shirt and trousers. If you are in a city with big law then you are in a city where there a shirt makers.
The concave side avoiding the knee when waking is ingenious and really nice. I generally tend to wear things and enjoy them, but the limousine is so beautiful that i fear damaging it and tend to be very careful when I carry it. The only drawback is that it is extremely heavy. You can tell you are carrying something made of wood. But on those days when I carry it I'm really thrilled to own it and I think it will develop a beautiful patina over time.
Yes, the standard Qilian features, which is (I guess) a 5 roll 2, which can be buttoned all the way to the top and three flapped bellows pockets. After discussing the construction of the jacket with Lorenzo, getting it other than notchless would have been an odd choice because the whole key to that jacket is that the lapel is contiguous (no separate piece of fabric forming the collar) and is split only at the back seam. I suppose it could be notched while retaining that...
I just met with Lorenzo and decided to order the Yak jacket in a color called yak black. It isn't quite black, but more like a very deep blue/gray. I suspect that with the unnotched lapel, I will end up wearing this more on evenings and at night and not for business so I think that color will work really well. All of the colors are atypical and quite beautiful, but certainly outside of the color scheme that I think most of us would usually consider for jackets. The yak...
^Thank you, Kuro. Yes, one button. It is the style that Cifonelli calls "Scotia" with three patch pockets and the fabric is a tan donegal tweed by Scabal.
Thanks Levantine. What color did you select?
Maybe not "tailoring", but the limosine briefcase by Moynat is completely made by hand and is a good example of the French style and workmanship that you see throughout this thread: attention to detail, high-quality materials, precision, and modern variations on classical forms and shapes:
The lapel points look higher than they actually are due to the camera angle, but this is aggressively styled and buttons at the bottom row:
And a better view of a different Cifo jacket and trousers:
G&G bespoke seamless wholecut. Nothing comparable in my opinion.
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