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^ poor choice in silhouette? If you mean that certain body types are better suited to certain types of physiques then I suppose that might be true. I certainly see people with suits that make them look pear-shaped and think that something else would look better. But that silhouette is a choice and subjective. And in any event weak Monday looks good to my eye. That's a solid Neapolitan double breasted suit. People can quibble with the trousers, but I bet if he changed his...
^ I haven't had issues with Loro Piana fabrics that would support the frequent criticism on this board that they don't wear well. I've had one pure cashmere jacket for about five years and there is some pilling, but I beat it to hell and it does fine. No doubt they have many fabrics where they are going for softness and luxury as opposed to hard wearing toughness, but moonbeam and Lamlana strike me as falling in that category as well and those seem to be popular.
No - that isn't what you said. You said it has "tons of defects and fit issues". You said it has "one of the worst sleeves I've ever seen." You said "poor sleeves" and "poor armholes" and a "dirty trick". And now it's clear that you were completely wrong. You are a troll and you can't read a suit, bespoke or otherwise. Sorry sartoridinapoli but outside of ranting and raving, which is ocassionally amusing, you don't have anything to add to this discourse. And, what's...
Yup. Looks like an extremely well done suit and flatters you. Looks better than the single breasted that was offered as a counterpoint. Carpu65 - critique away.
What's the flaw? What is poor about the sleeves? From what I see, this is sartoridinapoli's MO for every suit: find a picture where the wearer is in motion, which causes wrinkles. Rant and rave that the suit is garbage, and then post stick figure drawings as a counterpoint to make it seem like he has an actual critique. So what's your critique? What makes the sleeves poorly fitted?
Does anyone have recent experience with Berluti bespoke? I'm interested in particular in hearing about fit and the durability of the venezia leather over time. thanks
And what about these messy sleeves. Are these bad tailoring?
Here is the suit from an angle similar to the single breasted. The sleeves are obviously fine.
No - you are totally missing the point of bespoke clothing. Stylistic choices (such as the amount of drape, the fullness of the suit, the shape of the shoulders) are different from tailoring issues. Whether or not a client looks ugly is a stylistic viewpoint. I can tell you that every neapolitan suit I've ever worn, to me,looks bad on me. That includes bespoke suits, as well as from brands like Kiton, which I think you find to be pretty excellent. Anderson Sheppard...
^ You may not like the fullness in the arm on the Pirozzi suits but that is undoubtedly a stylistic decision to have a greater amount of fullness in the arm as opposed to a tailoring mistake. That is choice. You don't like it and you don't think it looks good, but others do. It isn't my style, but you are just saying that the arm is too full for your taste.
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