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Thanks, but I'm not really interested in what you think of the two above. I'm only interested if you have something else to suggest.
I'm shopping for a dining room table for a modern, open and airy NY apartment. Needs to be at least 10 feet. Right now I've got two that I'm considering (pics below) but I'm interested in seeing what else is out there. Anyone have suggestions?
If you meet them in NYC they will have other clients' garments that you can look at. And of course Lorenzo will be dressed in his own clothing. As far as I can tell, all the various jackets displayed on the website are jackets that Lorenzo has made for himself, so if you want to see a particular style you should just ask him to wear it. Good luck and enjoy! It's a great experience and an amazing garment.
Care to explain what this photo has to do with French bespoke tailoring?
Well, you don't need to spend anywhere close to $10000 at Cifonelli (you're a lot closer to two suits than one for that amount). I'd start by making a stylistic choice. Bespoke makers at that level have a pretty distinctive look to their suits. Whose look do you like and want to wear?
^The answer to that question is a resounding "yes", says everyone who has ever used Cifonelli.
I had that fabric made up by Huntsman and nothing that anyone is unhappy about has anything to do with fabric or some period of time over which the fabric needs to "settle." The issues that people are highlighting are due solely to the fact that the wearer's hands are in his pockets and the pose that he is taking. That is why there are divots in the shoulders in the second photo. The most telling aspect of both photos is that despite the different positions, the neck...
Sure looks like steed. I don't think there's anything wrong with the shoulders though. It's just the way the wearer is standing. Right shoulder looks lower than the left because the right arm is hanging lower.
My understanding is that it isn't so much a store as a place to do bespoke fittings with clients when they visit.
^ I wouldn't be surprised if Peter isn't contacting Huntsman customers either as a result of contractual limitations or general moral principles. As for Huntsman not reaching out to you, it is mostly new faces. The amount of turnover is pretty remarkable. I was definitely a stranger when I walked in, which is fine, but it is far different than the welcome I was used to receiving. I hope this turns out well. I don't see them making more than one garment for me a year...
New Posts  All Forums: