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LAGuy - on the marketing point, my sense is that these are places that historically haven't wanted to do much marketing. Production is limited because they can only produce so many suits in a year, and most houses can basically fill their dance card with quarterly trips to New York. They've liked being insular clubs. That being said, it feels like that is changing a little bit with Instagram profiles and the ease of zero cost marketing.
I agree that the darts aren't an issue. Any front dart will do that. The purpose of that picture wasn't to highlight an issue as much as it was simply to show a feature of a huntsman coat. They have front darts and those darts manipulate the pattern. As for the stitching, it is below the lapel and visible to the naked eye. It also appears in the trousers. I can't think of a good reason for it and it's only on one of my suits so I believe it is an error.
Some notes on the details. The buttonholes are lovely. Not like those floating french jobs, but really nice. Your front dart with throw off your pattern, so if those things bother you take that into account. For me, it only becomes and eye sore at the pocket as show here: But some handwork is not so good. For example, why use white thread on a grey suit, particularly of some of the stitching is going to be evident in places visible to the naked eye? Seems like...
Here is a relatively recent Huntsman commission. You can see the house style pretty easily. One-button, a swelled chest, straight shoulders angled downward, moderate padding at the shoulders, a longer coat (about an inch longer than other tailors cut it) and an x-shape with perfect balance. The coat is button point looks just a drop tight here but my weight fluctuates and overall I'm happy with it. More than anything, I think it looks very Huntsman. And the...
This is a thread about the current state of Savile Row, in particular those houses that have been thought of for decades as one of the places to go for bespoke clothing. From where I'm sitting, interest in Italian bespoke (Neapolitan, mainly) currently dwarfs that of the row (although that may be a bias of mine due to time spent here). But there are some great things about the Row. For example: - You don't have to be an internet clothing expert to come out of there...
A couple new arrivals from Torsten yesterday that will be by next two commissions: a vintage dogtooth Shetland tweed from ormezzano that I will have made into a patch pocket, single-breasted with natural shoulders and a lightweight basket weave wool from Mario zenga for an unlined summer jacket.
Bummer. I was hoping we'd hang out some time.
^ Eljo's? Been there forever. A Charlottesville institution. https://www.eljos.com/store/
Wow. Does Lobb do the resoleing when you need it?
Dieworkwear, you seem upset. Is there something you want to talk about? Is everything ok? I'm worried about you.
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