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I've enjoyed the Jauma that I've had but it is natural wine in the truest sense and my rate of natural wine flaw is much higher than I'm willing to tolerate. I think I had 3 bottles of the biggles that were refermenting in the bottle, as well as a few others that were flawed. I'd tread lightly and think of the jamsheed as a much better bet if you want natural Aussie Shiraz.
no, but would like to. any pics?
I'm definitely going to replicate that Taub double breasted in a suit. I don't want pure linen but it will be summer weight and unlined. And I'm going to use that VBC cotton hopsack that I posted above on an unlined one-button jacket from Cifonelli with patch pockets but the typical Cifonelli shoulder. That's as far as I've gotten for now.
Forget the intricacies - you aren't even following the broad strokes. I can think of 3 houses that offer those shoulders as the default right now. But feel free to continuing to poke your mates with whatever you've been poking them with prior to now. That shoulder is optional.
^ and the grouse? Kill every fucking one of them and let God sort it out, right?
That sounds like gobbledegook. That sounds like everything I hate. Its sycophancy, infancy, and Dieworkwear-ism: devotion to a silly set of meaningless platitudes that serve mainly to win the approval of strangers on the internet. It's as ridiculous as saying that you can't wear a Neapolitan or other softly tailored suit in a business setting (that is in fact the natural corollary of your statement). It's lunacy and ludicrous. It's absurd. I get the reaction to the Taub...
I'm actually really interested in the topic you raised. Do you really think certain fabrics aren't suited to structured tailoring? And does it run both ways? For example, do you think there are more formal materials that don't work with softer tailoring? I'm curious. I'm working on building my summer wardrobe and I'm not planning to leave the structure behind, but the comments are making me think about it.
All of my trousers from my primary tailor have jetted pockets off the seam. My tailor calls them "western pockets", although I've never heard that term to describe them anywhere else. I get them because I've found that with all my other trousers, over time the pocket affects the fit and gives a bulge on the hips that isn't flattering. I also like the look. I don't put a whole lot in my trouser pockets, but I've never found these particularly difficult to deal with. ...
^ and that's gym fraud. Cut this shit out, superb
Ok Lordsuperb. Since I like you (despite the fact that you've transformed a meaningful thread about double breasted style into a google image search for the words "double breasted") I'm going to help you out here. We are now taking about your admitted lack of succes in the sexual sphere. The problem isn't that your suits are too casual or too constructed. The problem is that, as you state, you are wearing your tailored clothes to go out at night. This constitutes "Suit...
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