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Ok. I wouldn't think of that as a "personal relationship" but of course being able to say what you like is an important part of being happy. I think if you asked a tailor whether it was necessary for him to have a personal relationship with the client to make that client a good suit, he would probably look at you like you were crazy. I have two tailors, one of whom I do have dinner with and the other with whom I struggle to communicate. On both cases I express some...
Relax. No one's bashing you. We are both expressing points of view.
I take the quote to refer to the end product rather than the experience. Successful tailoring he sounds like a good suit. If it's about having a good experience then everyone is of course going to define that subjectively.
This is the kind of thing that only a participant on an Internet forum could say. These high end bespoke tailors are dressing heads of state and incredibly wealthy people whose interaction outside of tailoring consists of having someone else hand over a credit card on their behalf. Pleasantries nights be exchanged, but a personal relationship? Please. And they come out looking great. You don't have to walk in and show your styleforum credentials to get a great suit. You...
It means that the tailor has a series of paper patters that are laid on the cloth and then adjusted to account for measurements, as opposed to creating an entirely new paper pattern. I would hope that once the adjustments are made the new pattern is retained or else a lot would be lost, but I'm agreeing with you that you can end up in the same place. I would have thought that using the de novo pattern would be a closer starting point for the first fitting and would require...
I suppose that as long as the block pattern can be altered as much as one from scratch, then the difference can be reduced to the point that it no longer matters. I would have thought that starting from a set of measurements would be a better starting point as opposed to a block simply because the measurements will be closer, but if that block can be altered to get to the right point then the differences are greatly reduced.
I wonder whether it's creating a new pattern or just altering a BB block pattern. If the former, that is mind-bending. If the latter, then I'm sure it can turn out well but it still feels bounded by limitations that to me feel more like made to measure than bespoke.
Looks good although it sounds like the humans are taking the measurements. If there is going to be a human involved in any part of the process, I'd prefer to just let lorenzo Cifonelli do the whole thing. He is better at this than other people.
Ok. I will leave the straw man arguments at home because, to be frank, you seem pretty intimidating over the internet. Just be aware that the straw man arguments were my best foot forward, and all I've got left is mama jokes and complaints about your personal appearance.
I care about the technical process only to the extent I view it as making a better product. If there were some new Robotailor machine that computer generated a pattern and spit out a suit, I'd be skeptical of the results and reluctant to use it. But if I tried it and I thought it was better I'd never look back. I'm not sure what I'd call it, but I'd probably refer to it as something other than bespoke. Bespoke would refer to the handmade garbage produced by old men in...
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