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Can't forget Frank Shattuck.
I think you've got the Taub photo mislabeled. The image you posted is a lightweight blazer. This is his peacoat:
You're right. Apologies. I will edit the original.
I will admit that I don't truly think that one must be a new yorker to understand The New Yorker.
Well, the publication is called "The New Yorker". If you are not a New Yorker, interpreting the piece is a a little bit like a moron trying to pole vault in the olympics, or an English person trying to act European, or trying to teach a moral code to a rhinoceros: it just won't work. Honestly - all the literary criticism and opinions from the style forum peanut gallery are truly valued - except that we all moved here and strated our own magazines to get away from you. We...
Thanks for posting the article. It was a fun read. I thought the anecdote about tipping was a little unfair and there are better ways to make the point that Taub doesn't have a lot of money. For someone who doesn't have a much experience with bespoke I thought the writer did a really good job of describing some of what it is about.
Delivered today, a bespoke Lobb button shoe in Parisian brown leather and brown suede. I'd never used a button hook to put a shoe on before but it works like a charm:
^ there are many fabulous bespoke samples at the Francois 1er store as well so you will see some regardless.
The bespoke atelier is on rue mogador but I'm not sure you can get in without planning a visit. The shop on rue Francois 1er is lovely as well.
I know the terms on which Lorenzo has always charged me but I don't feel comfortable posting them on the internet. I don't know if there is something specific about your situation that would make those terms different, but his number one priority is to make customers happy and I'm sure that if you have a concern he will address it.
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