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Ok. I'm reluctant to do so as this is the "ongoing bespoke" thread and feel like your repeated ambrosi references are really hijacking this thing, C&A, but since you asked I am happy to oblige. This is the story of my pants.Part 1: The measuringThe part where he measured me went fine. It usually does. I've never had a problem at the measuring phase. Well, that isn't true. I had planned to visit Gieves & Hawkes on my last visit to London but managed to lose my wallet...
If you don't like it then don't read it. There's thousands of posts on Paone as well.
He isn't the most expensive. Not even close. And while there is a little bit of herd mentality here with respect to trying different tailors I don't think people who are paying four figures for a pair of pants are sticking with a tailor who makes a bad pair "because they can." I think Ambrosi's performance is all over the map. Some customers like emptym are clearly getting a good product time and time again. Others are getting a mix and some are having bad...
I'm just giving my opinion based on my experience. Other people have different opinions.
The rear-enlarging military jacket, which I generally wear casually with jeans. There are many more on the french bespoke thread, I believe.
Sure. Today - Cifo tweed jacket (porter & harris harris tweed) and trousers (smiths flannel).
Well, feel free to add your own personal experience with Ambrosi, which I take it is more meaningful than Simon's.
I think the common experience is that the outcome ranges from great to horrendous. I think many find that the problems are too common and too hard to get fixed to make it worthwhile. I like the the armoury guys are upfront about this and are always willing to give you your money back when Ambrosi flakes out, so it can be worth a try. In my case, I never received the great; just the horrendous. The pants were unwearable. And he didn't seem to have much interest in...
The quality. Have you actually used ambrosi or are you just guessing?
Definitely lesser. I would rate him as terrible as would many others. Cheaper, absolutely. When he was doing outsourcing I believe the charge was about three or four hundred euro.
New Posts  All Forums: