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What bone dry ausleseNo I didn't. I didn't say that at all. Read the quote. I said the pradikat system is the classification that governs wines with residual sugar. Show me a pradikat wine with no residual sugar?
I think the bulk of the Keller dry wines have yet to hit the states. The sweet wines generally won't. 90% of my buying is in London but I've tried to add Keller and haven't had success. The 14s are well worth drinking and readily available (but no sweet wines of course).
Sure, but that isn't what gets you pradikat level. The dry wines can start out with high sugar content. The sweet wines (outside of TBA, some BA and eiswein) result from stopping fermentation before the wine is completely dry. Name a producers who doesn't star or capsule their wines? I can't thing of any producer who would take must weight at auslese level, make an off dry wine and call it auslese. Feinherb auslese 20 years ago, but everyone I interact with sells at the...
No, not quite. Ripeness dictates oeschle at harvest and is the first step in the pradikat system. Then comes harvesting technique and a minimum alcohol level. And within oeschle levels producers have enormous ability to differentiate their cuvees with stars, capsules and goldkapsels. My experience is that producers are selecting their offerings based on the final product and the amount of residual sugar.
Oh. Only because you can't find the Keller pradikat wines other than through Dee Vine (and their retailers) on the west coast and vom Boden on the east coast, and they don't get the full range. Like, you can find exactly zero bottles of pradikat pettenthal in the country. Maybe a spattering of other bottles at outrageous prices. But not much.
Here you go. Read "the shit you gotta understand...".http://www.skurnik.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/SKURNIK_THEISE_Germany_2016_CATALOG.pdf
Yes - German wine classification system for wines with residual sugar (as opposed to dry wines). Will find a terry thiese summary and link it after dinner. He's better than I can do.
^ ooohh. I can make a strong case that he's the best white wine producer in the world (and the reds are pretty good if you like spaetburgunder). Grab a bottle of the kirchspiel or hubacker GG. They are the lower priced GG's (unfortunately still not cheap), but out of this world. The big guns - morstein, absterde, g-max are on a different level. And the pettenthal is one of the greatest whites I've ever had. The pradikat wines are every bit as good, but tricky to find in...
I bought mostly auslese and GG. Bought as much of the Prum auktion wines as I could get plus the W-S and G-H goldkapsel and the bernkasteler lay just for kicks. Bought a kellerkiste so I got all the Keller GG wines. Lots of Willi Schaefer, Reinhold Haart, Julian Haart, a little bit of Lauer, Schafer Frolich, Selbach Oster, Donnhoff, Grunhaus. Everything is still so cheap.
I can't stop buying 2015 Germans. I took my allocations and just kept on going. It's past the point of good sense, but I figure that I'm 39 and it takes 20 years for the wines to reach their peak. Chances are it's the last great vintage I ever buy on release and drink at maturity. Thought that about 2005 burgundy and was wrong, but I'm sure happy to own the wines.
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