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That is really nice. What is the book?
^ yup.
It's a little bit of a throw back to the Colin Hammick days with an undulating shape that starts out wide at the waste, tapers to the knee and then slightly flares out again as it approaches the ankle. It's like a bell bottom without a bell. It looks very different than what I think of as a typical Savile Row straight leg trouser. For me, it sits closer to the way my legs are actually shaped. I will try to snap some pics next time I put a pair on.
The trousers were made by Pat Murphy. His trousers are really unique.
Pink tweed fitting with Dario Carnera:
Do you go to the same tailoring school as sartrollidinapoli?
You make Carlo Barbera fabric? Now I'm really impressed.
Since sar troll idinapoli has gone back and edited his post I feel the need to revisit it. But before i do that - sartoridinapoli - can I grab two of your ties and 3 meters of Carlo barbera fabric? Nah. Just kidding. I'd never do business with you. In any event, people should read sartrolli's post carefully. There is absolutely zero knowledge in it, zero critique, zero evidence of tailoring know-how or expertise whatsoever. Just a claim that the trousers are bad (no...
^ poor choice in silhouette? If you mean that certain body types are better suited to certain types of physiques then I suppose that might be true. I certainly see people with suits that make them look pear-shaped and think that something else would look better. But that silhouette is a choice and subjective. And in any event weak Monday looks good to my eye. That's a solid Neapolitan double breasted suit. People can quibble with the trousers, but I bet if he changed his...
^ I haven't had issues with Loro Piana fabrics that would support the frequent criticism on this board that they don't wear well. I've had one pure cashmere jacket for about five years and there is some pilling, but I beat it to hell and it does fine. No doubt they have many fabrics where they are going for softness and luxury as opposed to hard wearing toughness, but moonbeam and Lamlana strike me as falling in that category as well and those seem to be popular.
New Posts  All Forums: