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^ I've seen the work up close. I think the work is good and I ordered a pair as well yesterday. Is this your first time ordering bespoke? Two on the first go-around is always a mistake. Even if they both turn out well you lose the opportunity for improvement from one to the other. Lobb Paris wouldn't even take the order and I'm actually a little surprised that spigola would. Delivery time doesn't seem bad. I was told he comes back in October for a fitting. I would...
^congrats. Is he completing one pair first? Two on the first order is a risky move...
^still totally awesome
^i saw those cream koji suzuki's in person yesterday. They were really something. I have nowhere to wear them and still thought about ordering a pair.
Suits are made in Italy. Can't remember if it's cantarelli or saint Andrews. They are very well done but a very modern cut. Slim fit.
If I was going for one pair of Lobbs it would definitely be new gold. None of the other makers that I've seen have anything similar.
^ that it is thought out, considered and the result of conscious decisions made by your boss's boss's boss's boss's boss, and intentionally developed to help the business make money. It doesn't matter if the guy working the counter at Starbucks would look better in a suit. At Starbucks, he should wear the uniform. It makes him do his job better. If everyone is casual and you show up in a suit and tie, then you are the guy without the uniform. There is a reason why casual...
Your colleagues aren't giving you a hard time. They are trying to gently tell you that your clothing choices are negatively affecting your image at work. You're lucky. In many industries you would have just been fired or written off completely. It is possible that will still happen to you (and likely that you've already put yourself in a pretty big hole). You seem to have a sense that you have a problem, but you don't know what it is. It isn't your clothing. Its that you...
^ i have that same anniversary tweed in the queue. Great stuff.
I am working on a bespoke shirt thread. It will not be very good but I have some disappointing shirts that I would like to display and I would also like to see undisappointing shirts from others. I am hoping to put it up soon.
New Posts  All Forums: