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Yes. I've bought Ariston from them and have also visited the physical store. All as advertised. It's fine.
Agree on Lobb St James. I visited the shop and didnt see anything I could imagine myself wearing.
Lobb St James is about 4500 pounds with shoe trees. That is roughly the same as Lobb Paris bespoke after the first pair where you pay a lasting fee.
^ So will JLP if you are buying bespoke shoes.
^ My first shirt arrived this week for a fitting. No pics, but the only alteration is to take it in a little bit on each side from the seam (no darts), otherwise it seemed spot on. I was happy and the fitter in the New York store commented that to his eye it was very much a made to measure shirt. I'm highly confident that the final product will be impressive, enough so that I put down deposits on a few of the seasonal fabrics. Will post pics when the shirts arrive.
^ Awesome. Enjoy. What fabric for the travel jacket?
^ just send an email to the address on the website. Lorenzo is in NYC 4-6 times a year and should be back here in the next few months.
^ impressed by wearing them or looking at pictures of them?
^ sure. The leather on my Koji shoes is dull and waxy. I'd say it's the equivalent of what you get in a pair of Vass. Nowhere near the quality of high-end RTW, let alone bespoke. No gradation in color and nothing particularly interesting. The quality of the sole and stitching of the sole were...not good. They needed a resole in six months after the sole stitching frayed and the sole wore a hole. I've had a pair of cleverley for 6 years that have yet to need a resole....
Not sure about that. It can be hard to compare from pics on the internet, and the only Japanese maker I've used is Koji Suzuki, but they don't compare favorably to the English and French makers that I've used, and at the price one pays to get them in the US are an absolute ripoff. I think it's pretty easy to take a picture of a shoe that looks amazing and post it on Instagram. Much harder to make a bespoke shoe that fits well and isn't flawed when you wear it. I'm sure...
New Posts  All Forums: