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Ah. I think you have to email. Last time I checked with Lobb st james it sounded like visits werent regular. But they do travel to the US.
^in the U.S., you can't get measured for bespoke at JLP in NY at any time by Paul Wilson. Paul also travels to other U.S. JLP locations. So bespoke is always available in the US.
JLP and G&G both made a trial shoe for me. Cleverley didn't. I found the interim fitting at Cleverly (with my actual shoe partially made and no heel attached) to be almost useless in giving me information on which I could provide feedback as it was simply like having a lose piece of leather placed over my foot. I wouldn't pay four figures for a shoe again unless I am getting a trial shoe.
No idea why you are quoting me. "Always" doesn't appear in my post and I haven't implied that that always did it. They did it to my shoes. I assume yours didn't need it.
Lobb Paris does that as does G&G. They are trying to get a better view of where various parts of your foot hit in order to get a better fit. At both Lobb and G&G, my shoes where hacked up pretty good. The trial shoe is leather and the same model as your bespoke shoe and has a heel attached.
That is Lobb St. James bespoke, not Paris.
I think $7200 puts them at the top of the market. Camps de Luca might be there. Fioravanti as well, but I can't think of anyone else. I've never seen one in person, but the pictures strike me as beautiful and unique enough to play in that space. I don't think it would look good on me, but if I loved it is certainly be willing to pay a premium to get it 4 blocks away as opposed to flying to Florence. Just like Koji Suzuki. However, if they do the Neapolitan thing and charge...
Charvet full mesure starts at 400E. T&R price goes up based on the price of fabric. So about the same amount as kiton off the rack. I will happily post a fit pick of my charvet. Let's see one of your kiton as well.
Two steed full bespoke jackets, each in London Lounge cloth (one is called the Agnelli flannel and the other was air force blue flannel). Very gently worn (2 or 3 times each). Measurements: Sleeves: 24 inches Back of neck to bottom: 31 inches Pit to pit: 20 inches. Happy to take additional measurements or let you try them on in NYC and do local pickup. will x out my name before delivering them to you. $650 each plus shipping. I will ship exactly as you request, but...
That isn't what I see. People buy ambrosi trousers. People order chick-fil-a. I think I have over 100 bottles of de montille burgundies in my cellar and he praised the 9/11 terrorists. It's easier to buy from people you like, but people purchase products, not the people behind them.
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