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^ it's also made in Italy, which strikes me as totally bizarre but so be it.
^ it's fine. Will post pics in the next day or so. Could be better but it's ok. Had at least two - maybe three - commissions.
Is that Darrozze Armagnac in the background? I could probably be convinced to order something for a glass of the '81 St. Aubin D'Houga.
Kilgour was my first tailor on the row, approximately 10 years ago. At the time Kilgour was undergoing some pretty dramatic changes in ownership and personnel and I think all the noise resulted in some issues with the final product. I never understood the Shanghai bespoke offering, which was souped-up Chan. They never got my fit quite right in my opinion. That being said, the high level of the workmanship still shows, I think, in this summer lined suit:
Dege and Skinner, from their website, to try to illustrate Dopey's description* *collar melton lined pocket flaps sold separately
You don't see a whole lot of Norton & Sons on the interwebz, but what you do you see is great. Patrick Grant, like Michael Browne or Davide Taub, is one of those Row cutters who acts as the best ambassador for the brand because of the way his is dressed: The style strikes me as very classic, beautifully proportioned, and almost somewhere in between soft tailoring and military tailoring. And then there is the best looking four-buttone double breasted ever produced:
Excellent, Dopey. I know you aren't going to post pics so I won't ask, but can you describe what you think of as Dege's house style? Also, with Davis have you used the same cutter and if not how have you find the shift from cutter to cutter?
Nice post, GC. Thanks. Who are the tailors on the Row that you use? Any chance you would be willing to describe what you think of as their house style, and perhaps post a few pics?
I'm going to hold off for now but if I were going forward I would definitely go with the flat, set in shoulders either in a prince of wales or pinstripe medium weight wool.
Good point. Lemme check tonight to see if I can confirm, thanks
New Posts  All Forums: