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You fired steed?
Sorry all - I found the Phoenix book but can't find lamlana. I may have returned it to its rightful owner when I made an order from it.
No - I've had a big hole in my wardrobe for summer, and when the new smith's finmeresco book came out last year it had a ton of stuff I wanted to make up for summer so I've focused on that. I think I will make up the mohair this year. Did you make up the gun club?
That's definitely not the whole book. I have it somewhere and will see if I can dig it up and take a pic.
I think that at the stress points in the jacket you likely need to do something a little different. That is the visual I'm getting by looking at the yak as compared to the other jackets. You could give it to your tailor and see what happens. I'm just saying I that I wouldn't be the guinea pig on that shit based on what I've seen. You won't know how the cloth is going to re-yak until it's done.
I don't get it.
Venividi - what are you doing here? I thought I told you to go punch yourself in the dick.
Post wasn't directed to you. I quoted venivididickpunch
Go punch yourself in the dick as hard as you can and think about your post before you come back and make another joke like that.
Because the cloth needs to be carefully hand sewn at various points, rather than going over it with a sewing machine, to ensure durability. I have a lot of garments from the same tailor and the yak is treated differently. You can see the differences with the naked eye. And that isn't for sport; it's utilitarian. And there is a limited range of jackets that the tailor will make from the yak cloth - jackets that are meant to deal with big temperature variations -...
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