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I think many people think of the collar that they use on their ready to wear shirts as the "house" collar as there is only one RTW collar style at Charvet. They are still the only shirtmaker that I've used that takes a scissors to the collar and just does exactly what you want. I think your S collar looks great although the rest of the shirt looks far off. I vaguely remember my trial fitting having a shirt that needed quite a bit of work but the next fitting getting...
3/4 of an inch
I probably haven't given them enough wear to say with any certainty how the fit is but so far so good.
^its just my last number and the address of the bespoke atelier in Paris.
Cross-post from the paris bespoke thread, JLP:
Lobb Paris bespoke:
If you use Cifonelli and your first visit is in Paris you might want to have lorenzo do your measurements and cutting. He is the one who generally (although not always) visits New York customers so you are more likely to have continuity of tailor if you use lorenzo from the get go.
My understanding is that JLP bespoke is hand-welted (and re-welted by hand during their resoling process if they deem it necessary).
I haven't had much of a chance to test the fit because it has been raining non-stop in NYC, but from a test drive on my apartment floor I'm very happy. My feet are almost a full size different but I didn't notice any slippage on the smaller foot. They are snug around the foot, which is what I asked for and the heel lines up perfectly. G&G RTW aren't a great fit for me in the lasts that I've tried so I have no doubt that the comparison will be night and day.Generally,...
Seamless wholecuts in chestnut hatch grain leather, with a patina to take the color to a very dark brown as it gets close to the sole. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet because it is pouring in NYC, but the finishing and look are really incredible and the pictures don't do them justice at all. The hatch grain leather gets stretched and distorted in various places in a seamless shoe and creates a look that I really like (however, if you want the hatching to stay...
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