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It's not a bad idea. Start at $1100. I'd like to add the "decent service" option. I'm also interested in pants that actually fit. How much do those two additions add to the $1100 base price? There could be a menu. If you just want to post about your ambrosi pants and don't really care about anything else, you just pay your $1100. You want some more? You got it.
And to be honest when I said it I thought you were a bespoke tailor. I've since learned that you are merely a custom tailor and I feel very differently about your work now. Everyone knows that custom isn't as good as bespoke. I saw that on a thread here.
Well, if it helps, I hold you in the highest regard. Right up there with rubinaci and camps de luka.
My mistake. Would be interested to hear you explain why you use custom rather than bespoke, and what the difference is. Ive always thought of those terms as interchangeable.
^ I'd like to believe you, Depos, since you are a professional bespoke tailor. But many of the people saying that Whippet is completely clueless have significantly more posts on styleforum than you. Isn't that the highest form of expertise (outside of having a blog, of course)?
Oooohh. That's really bad. Have you ever considered asking them to outousrce some of those tasks? There is a long, storied British tradition as to how to make a suit the "right" way, and it involves outsourcing the work to recent immigrants.
Is that Steed or Napolisumisura? I lose track of who all of the styleforum sheeple are fetishizing from day to day.
I'm not Whippet, but in my experience having the cutter measure and fit generally leads to a much better experience. My guess is that the reasons for this are that there is information gleaned from looking at a person, how they move and how they carry themselves, that isn't captured in a set of measurements but that can still be reflected by a good cutter during the cutting and fitting process. I also think that there is something to be said for pride of authorship. ...
You mean that you want the person that measures you to be your cutter, correct? At that price point, I would think you could certainly achieve that.
^ post 18197 in this thread, top fabric, is from Rex. A
New Posts  All Forums: