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Poorsod: this is great content. Thanks for this. Do we know the date of that A&S jacket? Do we know the cutter?
Interesting. I might do that with AGJiffy and license my name so Barneys can sell shit to h8rz. I'd like to get rich and you guys will still know the real thing, right?
Well, I'm trying to be diplomatic on a public Internet forum. I think he had ideas about the direction of the house that didn't really sit well with people who had been there a long time. And so they left. For me as a customer it was a upsetting to find that, after 5 years of walking into huntsman and seeing all the cutters hard at work, the cutting tables and cutters had been removed to the second floor out of public view. The messaging was... unfortunate. As for...
I see. So they license the name but don't control the product?
Yup. Last September I think? Ugly divorce. Great for customers though!
Pre-Roubi it was Chester Barrie.
Just looked - all Kingsman still made in Italy.
Roubi shifted RTW production to Italy. I'd they've gone back its within the last 6 months.
I'm just making a point about RTW suits for a brand that prides itself as English being made outside of England. And not such a minor point to folks who bought suits prior to Roubi. As for the national origin of the workers on the row I agree that there are many, many skilled workers who aren't English. I'd argue that sitting in the workroom at Poole making a suit is markedly different than shipping a Poole suit overseas. Context matters.
Well, I suppose you could do that and ask the new cutter to stick with your old pattern, but my experience is that a cutter at this level would prefer to cut his/her own pattern for each customer. And from my standpoint as a customer, one of the things worth paying a premium for - one of the things that I will pay a significant premium for - is having the person the measures, cuts and modifies your suit lay eyes and hands upon you at every step of the way. So I want my...
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