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Thanks. I've decided to go S-B. I remembered a picture of a Cifonelli s-b in pinstripes from the rake and I think it looks pretty great.
Thanks Lordsuperb. I am rather charming. And of course I never feel the need to raise my voice. I'm not sure why I would give them another go after two suits that didn't work out. I'm not a sartorial tourist. Taking a new tailor is a big deal for me. I agonize over these things. Two is the right number for me and as of now both slots are filled.
The garments that I ordered from them were never right. I constantly felt like I was being pulled down by the shoulders. I had five or six fittings without noticeable inprovement and then just decided to cut my losses and sell the jackets. I tried them during their 20% off for london lounge fabric promotion because I needed (wanted is probably more accurate) a second tailor and was hoping to use someone who was less costly, but it didn't work out. There are lots of...
^ I'm not a fan of that for me. Not a fan of any steed on me in general, but four buttons on a D-B always looks to me like it is missing buttons.
I see. All my 6x1 have three unaligned rows, like this:
Not sure what that is. Can you post a pic?
I love 6x1 but there are definitely occasions when I decide to wear something else because I feel like the large lapels on 6x1 come off as pretty loud. For a pinstripe suit that is about as business as I get, I'm worried that I will never wear it.
Maybe you should tell him to kiss off and then quit.
Yes I can. Sounds like your job sucks.
Something for you to add the to your well-curated double breasted style thread?
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