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The lasting fee brings the first pair to about $7000. Lobb Paris resets the price every year. There was actually a pretty significant decrease this year. I think Berluti quoted me $7000 earlier this year, but that price includes re-soleing for life (which costs and arm and a leg at Lobb). A topic for a different thread but I think Lobb represents a relative bargain compared to other bespoke makers that visit NY.
^ nah. Not even close for John Lobb Paris. There is a lasting fee for the first shoe, but after that additional pairs are $6000 (and in Paris I think they are about 5000 euro).
I have a length of that. Willing to trade for something cool.
Which one is the city gun club?
^ measured by Paul in NY. Fit in Paris.
Lobb Paris wouldn't change the toe shape of my shoe without a completely new last. Their view was that it would never be up to their standard if they didn't start from scratch. There is a not insignificant lasting fee involved and in the end I passed because I couldn't see improving on the fit. They are pretty conservative on things like this (for example, we had a long discussion about whether a buckle shoe was going to require a new last) but I wanted to mention the...
I think those other two meters were purchased for a jacket for anchorman 3. And then they realized there wouldn't be an anchorman 3 and sent the fabric back.
Chittleborough & Morgan? Definitely not. They've got Michael Browne. They don't need a rebrand. One of the most forward-thinking and modern on the row.
I have a pair of cleverley's with a similar effect and I don't think that there is a way to reduce it over time (or if there is I haven't found it). Agree with PCK1 that if you are unhappy you should say something. It strikes me as inconsistent with the order.
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