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A few years ago someone brought Ciardi to the states. I'm sure you can find it if you search the forum. I'm not a fan of the Neapolitan style but Ciardi still strikes me as particularly beautiful. I remember the prices were higher than Naples by a fair bit, but that is to be expected I suppose. I don't know if he still visits.
^you are in good hands Dandy Wonka. I'm seeing Lorenzo on Monday to pick up some suits and to order something new, likely on the more fashion forward end of the Cifonelli range like the yak jacket.
The fantastic Romain Le Dantec!
I would describe their current bespoke as offered to US customers as ok at best. John Butcher doesn't travel, so if you aren't visiting budd in London he isn't cutting your shirt. Darren Tiernan has rejoined budd, and if you see budd in the states you want to be sure that Darren is your cutter.
^well, we wouldn't have to go to Florence to see the clothes if there were better pictures. As it stands, I can't see a single item of clothing with the homeless gentlemen blocking the entry.
I like the look but the erection is supposed to appear in the front.
I am not sure agree with your premise dopey but if you have a picture of this goth ninja please post it in the "20 thumbs" thread and we can see if the experts really think it's comical or if everyone haz 2 kop.
^he isn't saying that it doesn't fit. In fact he says the opposite in post 19. Take a look. And I'm not saying the jacket looks funny. I'm saying it looks funny in the context of a forum dedicated to classical menswear. As in strange or difficult to explain. If someone wants to defend it as classical menswear I would be interested to hear it, but so far the people with knowledge of the garment seem to be saying that is intended to reject and be different from classical...
I think in a forum dedicated to classic menswear the natural reaction is that the jacket looks funny. I'm sure there are many posters who are interested on that type of clothing, but CM and SW&D seem to remain pretty true to their respective topics. I assume the post was intended to facilitate discussion, but it's a little like preaching atheism at a Catholic Church.
My understanding is that only Massimo and Lorenzo cut the suits.
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