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Yes, that is right. This pattern was impossible to line up exactly right, and if I post the back of the jacket you will see a single red line that is off-center, but the sacrificed the back to make the front look symmetrical.
Thanks. I can probably dig some up.
I don't think it is a shapeless sack but Svenn can be the judge. Here is one. Happy to post pics of others if people are truly interested:
Dopey - I'm not sure your premise is correct. I've posted lots of pics of myself in Huntsman (as well as Cifonelli).
Gianni isn't a post count spammer. When you meet him in person you see that is just incredibly passionate about the things people discuss on this board. When I was in milano Gianni was incredibly generous with his time. He just likes talking about style and he enjoys discussion. I too sometime find his posts lacking in substance, but they don't lack in sincerity.
I think the history of Savile Row is littered with places coming and going and the "big names" now are not necessarily the shops that were "big names" in the past. Places come and go and tailors don't last forever. You can no longer find a suit by Pleydell & Smith or Carr, Son and Woor. You can't find a suit from Hawes & Curtis. And Huntsman, 80 years ago, might have been known for riding breeches but I'm not sure that they held real suit cache pre-Colin Hammick and...
The aroma persists and shows develop an amazing patina over time.
^i can only speak for huntsman, but they don't see rtw as a bridge to bespoke. It is a separate offering that stands on its own and isn't meant to be anything else. It ain't used to up sell and it isn't supposed to lead to bespoke.
^i don't think MTM is the solution. RTW at most houses gives you the benefit of their block pattern and tailors, which gets you pretty close to MTM. Anderson sheppard has the right idea I think. High quality rtw offerings that compliment the brand and address portions of the wardrobe other than suits, jacketa and formal wear.
I'm going through the process with Duret Paris now and should have my belt this month. I've been posting on the process in the French bespoke thread here in post 725 here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/346199/french-tailoring-thread-e-g-camps-de-luca-cifonelli-smalto-and-etc/720#post_7002127
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