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Nice post, GC. Thanks. Who are the tailors on the Row that you use? Any chance you would be willing to describe what you think of as their house style, and perhaps post a few pics?
I'm going to hold off for now but if I were going forward I would definitely go with the flat, set in shoulders either in a prince of wales or pinstripe medium weight wool.
Good point. Lemme check tonight to see if I can confirm, thanks
I just admire his work.
I think that the Taub silhouette (particularly the pagoda shoulder with the high roping) draws mixed reactions. He uses that style in women's tailoring as well so I think it certainly can be though of as feminine. Undoubtedly those who select it have done so out of a desire to wear that style and they like it, which is good enough for me, but I note that the effect might be a little subtler on a person than those shots on the peg:
Oh, I'm not sure about that. Certainly a great physique helps give an hourglass silhouette, but I don't think that is the only way to look good in tailored clothing. These guys look pretty good to my eye:
Here's Taub (all from his instagram and tumblr): Pretty incredible. The most unique to me is flat, set-in shoulder in the first pick. Those sleeves are so narrow and the armholes incredibly high. To me that looks incredibly natural. The silk double breasted screams "Edward Sexton", but on closer view you see the unique details like the double dart. And the unlined version in the last pick doesn't look like anything else that I've ever seen from Savile Row. ...
It is actually cream, not mustard. But I still think it will work when I give televised sermons to those yet to be saved.
I didn't mean to draw a narrow circle around savile row. If you have space there and use the term in your marketing without anyone throwing a fit then it seems to me that you fit the bill. I suppose that one might argue that they don't have their staff there, but lots of houses use outworkers. Maybe there is something to be said for paying the high rent, but again I thought steed had physical space there. In any event, I'd be interested in hearing why one chooses steed...
Lordsuperb you use a SR tailor. Let's hear about it.
New Posts  All Forums: