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Interesting article with what I consider to be an odd conclusion, but nice to see a description of the process of bespoke that highlights some of the bad as well as the good. And although here is only one picture, I think the author looks very nice in his solito suit (in fact, I think every solito suit I've seen looks very good). http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304250204579431363835976416
^Yuppie - my advice on Barneys would be to be very, very wary of the in-house tailors. If you end up buying, stick with something that only requires very simple alteration (like cuffing a pair of pants) or be ready to take it to a tailor that you can trust. The in-house tailoring services leave something to be desired.
In NYC, Barneys carries Sartorio (or at least they did a season ago)
Eminent funding for 10 of these...
Handsome Boy, This is from the "finest jacketing" books. Unfortunately, it is a fairly lightweight tweed (220 grams) so it may not be what you are looking for.
For me, the suede makes it look less like a hard-wearing winter boot and more a little more upscale. I think it allows me to wear it to the office and throughout the work day without looking so much like I'm wearing a winter boot.
Both mocha and mink suede look nice. I can't discern the difference enough to have a strong preference. I'm ok with the 64 last but will need some advice as to the proper size. For EG, the 888 last fits me perfectly in a 7/7.5 D. Perhaps skoatiebaloget can give me some advice.
I'm in if you go with the suede.
Scabal still makes something very similar. I have the book in my office and will post a picture Monday.
Badsha - On jodek's website, search under Drapers rather than cacioppolli. I bet it is the one listed as fabric number 8356 - green donegal from the salt & pepper/covercoat book in 10.5 ounces because mine is 8352.
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