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Thanks bookend. Any pictures you might be willing to post?
I'm bumping this thread to let interested parties know that Burgos is planning to return to NYC on May 8th and 9th. I've used quite a few bespoke shirtmakers (charvet, napolisumisura, budd, chan, hermes, T&A (in process)), and I'm still searching for someone who produces a superb bespoke shirt at prices somewhere below the charvet/hermes range and is easily accessible in NY. This will be my first appointment with Burgos so I can't comment on the quality of shirts yet,...
There was recently a discussion in the unfunded liabilities thread about whether a flannel odd jacket is ever appropriate.
^thanks. That might be my new travel jacket.
I can see the pictures. I'm asking if the colors in the flesh are the same as the website. A picture doesn't answer the question.
Is the website representative of the true color of the fabric?thanks
^i love that fabric dopey. Peter Smith searched for me but there was none left. The newer version that I selected is a little less "huntsman" than yours, but it still has that depth of fabric that the better tweeds have. As for the current state of affairs, I can't say that all of the changes seem to be for the better. For the bespoke customers, I think little has changed, but I do worry that the people that are the heart and soul of the place aren't necessarily being...
Are those who dislike tcbrgs choices speaking of the pattern or of flannel in general as an odd jacket? I think the flannel blazer is as old as the odd jacket itself. I think some of the fox fabrics, the French navy in particular, would make a stunning blazer.I think flannel is fine.
^tcbrgs - that looks great. who is the tailor?
^re; the 10 oz fox flannel: there are at least two decent reviews in this thread. There is some wisdom on this board that 10 oz flannel is always a bad choice. I think that there are likely many, many variables that go into that and I'm more than happy to figure it out for myself. I love the heavier fox flannels but they don't make the birdseye in a heavier weight and I have a 14 ounce fox flannel suit and in NYC, it can only be worn during the coldest months.
New Posts  All Forums: