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^ I never really meant to collect anything. Everything I bought I thought "I will have this made up next". But then I'd order something else either out of necessity or fancy. At this point, I'm looking at some of them and thinking "what the fuck was I going to do with sage green scabal Shetland tweed?" It's a beautiful cloth but I can't see wearing it. And multiply that by 5.
^ I'm culling and repopulating. If I've owned it for more than 5 years and don't intent to get it made up this year it's getting sold or traded.
^ David how do you think the tonik 2000 compares to the tonik?
Good to know. Thanks all. A
Anyone ever seen the Lopez bespoke? Might be a project for next year:
I don't know dugdale at all but not sure I want to trust them in a super 120 for a bespoke suit regardless of the cashmere content.
That's nice. Maybe not particularly hard-wearing for the trousers but good looking.
For NYC I think of summer as the season that requires different jacketing/suiting from the other 3 seasons. I have a couple heavyweight suits for the coldest days, but other than that almost everything works for winter, spring and fall and is 9-13 ounces. Summer wardrobe is a constant source of frustration for another day.
Right now I'm leaning toward lumbs golden bale: scabal had an interesting option with a red and blue overcheck: I'm sure the tailor will have suggestions as well. Plenty of options.
Any pics?
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