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I'm not a huge fan of T&A in NYC. There is no real trial shirt. They just take measurements and create a shirt from them. You can go back and make tweaks, and if your shirt is really off they will make you a new one, but I haven't found them to be able to execute small changes that make the difference between what I would consider to be an ok shirt and a true bespoke product. They are also very "English" with a rigid feel, no hand stitching and a heavyness to them that,...
^there should be pics of me wearing 3 or 4 of the suits in the french tailoring thread.
ThinkDerm -My experiences over the last two years have been fantastic. I would guess I've ordered about 10 suits. Cifonelli has become my only tailor (although if exchange rates were different I would likely still spend a little money on clothing denominated in pounds). My sense is that Cifonelli is in a league of its own. There are certainly other tailors that display an equal, or perhaps greater, level of workmanship, but I don't think that there is anyone that can...
^It's the standard height for JLP bespoke, but they will do whatever you want if you prefer lower or higher.
I think many people think of the collar that they use on their ready to wear shirts as the "house" collar as there is only one RTW collar style at Charvet. They are still the only shirtmaker that I've used that takes a scissors to the collar and just does exactly what you want. I think your S collar looks great although the rest of the shirt looks far off. I vaguely remember my trial fitting having a shirt that needed quite a bit of work but the next fitting getting...
3/4 of an inch
I probably haven't given them enough wear to say with any certainty how the fit is but so far so good.
^its just my last number and the address of the bespoke atelier in Paris.
Cross-post from the paris bespoke thread, JLP:
Lobb Paris bespoke:
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