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I'm in if you go with the suede.
Scabal still makes something very similar. I have the book in my office and will post a picture Monday.
Badsha - On jodek's website, search under Drapers rather than cacioppolli. I bet it is the one listed as fabric number 8356 - green donegal from the salt & pepper/covercoat book in 10.5 ounces because mine is 8352.
It isn't a pure overcoating book. The fabric in the picture is 330 grams (about 10.5 ounces).
I don't have the exact number but it is from the cacioppolli book called "salt and pepper and covercoat". Try to get a large swatch if you can and be careful - that particular fabric can really wash out certain skin tones. I went with the more traditional gray from the same book.
Beautiful cloth, David. Would you mind sharing what it is? And it looks great with that shirt.
thanks, much. let's give it a shot. I've written Andrew an email.
I ordered a pair in black calf 3 weeks ago. $6700.
I was totally flabbergasted to learn that triple button cuffs is the Turnbull & Asser house style. I didn't even know such a thing existing
Current as of 3 weeks ago.
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