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In New York bespoke Lobb Paris in calf are $6700, although i think there is an increase coming for March.
A question to the Foster & Son team. Great shoes by the way. I was looking on the website in advance of the upcoming New York visit and the pricing on most of the calf models looks like it is closer to the Lobb Paris bespoke price range than Cleverley. I had always heard that Fosters was priced at the lower end of the scale. Has there been a change in pricing recently or was I simply misinformed? Thanks
For every bespoke maker in the world I can find someone who received a garment they don't like. If thousands of others are happy, then it is probably an anomaly that occasionally happens with handmade products. If you come on to an internet board solely to rant about a maker with whom many participants have high opinions, no one will respect you. As to being unhappy with the product, just use a credit card. If the product doesn't satisfy you, call your credit card...
I would love to know who produced the blue jacket in the middle picture of Obiang's son. Without commenting on the man's character, I think the jacket is quite beautiful. The shoulder line looks like Cifonelli. The shape of the notch is different than anything I've ever seen before. The buttonhole on the lapel appears to float above the fabric. If anyone does know and is willing to comment, I would very much appreciate it.
Thanks bookend. Any pictures you might be willing to post?
I'm bumping this thread to let interested parties know that Burgos is planning to return to NYC on May 8th and 9th. I've used quite a few bespoke shirtmakers (charvet, napolisumisura, budd, chan, hermes, T&A (in process)), and I'm still searching for someone who produces a superb bespoke shirt at prices somewhere below the charvet/hermes range and is easily accessible in NY. This will be my first appointment with Burgos so I can't comment on the quality of shirts yet,...
There was recently a discussion in the unfunded liabilities thread about whether a flannel odd jacket is ever appropriate.
^thanks. That might be my new travel jacket.
I can see the pictures. I'm asking if the colors in the flesh are the same as the website. A picture doesn't answer the question.
Is the website representative of the true color of the fabric?thanks
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