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There are tons of pictures of Guida suits on Torsten Grunwald's blog - the journal of style. The fits look fine to me if nothing special. As a stylistic matter, the poofy shoulders look ridiculous to me. I can't imagine anyone wearing them in a business context, but that's just a personal preference.
dng922 - thanks for all these posts. It appears that you are looking for advice on specific italian tailors. Just a word of advice - right now you are posting in the "unfunded liabilities" thread, which is generally about cloth. People here sometimes talk about tailors, but it is usually in relation to specific clothes or types of clothes rather than differentiating between various tailors. Based on your posts, I think your comments would be more suitable for the "I...
I agree with everything above but just to editorialize slightly: A Suitable Wardrobe: pretty much perfect, although it would be nice if they could post another article or two expounding on how to wear grey trousers. The old version with Will was clearly much better than the new version and whoever is doing it now, but I heard a rumor that there will be a searchable archive of the old stuff on the new site soon. Until then I will just leave my grey trousers in my closet....
^ W Bill lamlana is really nice as well.
Agree that saltire is amazing. I have a jacket that is about 9.5 ounces and the cashmere is amazingly durable. However, check with your tailor on price as I think it is close to $1000/ meter.
^ disagree. He is totally upfront about the fact that he's getting the clothes for free and plenty of his reviews are negative nonetheless. He's got a breadth of experience that makes his reviews useful.
^ thanks.
Can't see the B&S post but I'd take one of the navy chalkstripe at 4.6.
Ed - are those suit lengths?
^ he's at Davies & Son now, not huntsman.
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