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I would bet that the Isaia you were wearing had a padded shoulder. Lightly padded but padded. The Neapolitan ready to wear brands are of course Neapolitan but that isn't the look in talking about. I'm talking about the "Neapolitan shoulder" in the proper noun sense.By the way - my style and groove is not savile row. Never had success with a row tailor.
i think I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen someone in the business context wearing a completely unpadded, suit with a pleated shoulder. And 15 years ago I wouldn't have been able to find one in this country. Who was your tailor? Did you travel to Naples for suits?
This is helpful counter-experience. During your 15 years on Wall Street did you wear a lot of Neapolitan suits with spalla camicia and did you see a lot of others wearing them?
WillingToLearn- I want to honestly thank you for your post and for what I believe to be your sincere willingness to learn, which I intend to reward shortly. I also want to thank you for taking on the responsibility of determining what is and isnt' beneficial to all of the other members of this forum, regardless of style preferences, etc. It is always nice to have someone who ins't afraid to speak for a large group that may or may not have very different opinions.That...
A shorter gentleman in a DB:
Nonsense. Utter and complete nonsense.
I totally disagree with this but it's Saturday night now so I can't refute it eloquently but next week I will dress like a lunatic and post a pic everyday. Until then I bid you gentlemen adieu.
Causticman - for the first time in all my years on styleforum I am going to use the thumbs function to celebrate a post. Congrats. You have truly impressed me. And to think that i'd written you off as kind of a dick with middling style. I want to apologize for my internal monologue heretofore. A thumbs up to you sir!
^ it's interesting to watch the development of these things over time and what happens to them. It's a good place to remind myself that, holy shit, I'm 40. The first time I saw the words "spalla camicia" anywhere ever it was about 15 years ago on...Ask Andy. At the time that was THE board to talk about tailored clothing. And the amazing thing was that for everybody in the US, other than maybe some really hardcore folks that you could count on two hands, no one else had...
No one is talking about being overdressed. You are missing the point completely.
New Posts  All Forums: