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Ugh. Sprout2 - maybe it's time for a little break? You had a good dig at Dieworkwear about 150 posts ago, but since then it's back to unfunny jokes. I really like this new performance of yourself on the internet (1 out of 150 is a big improvement) but take a little time to practice the performance before posting and your hit rate is going to shoot right up! I promise!
If it's any consolation my pink jacket is much worse.
Yes, they do bespoke by walk-in. The cutters work there and there are always people to help you. I recall that some years ago a member posted about an experience where he had difficulty with the door at charvet, and was so put off by trying to get in that he wrote off the whole thing and left. You can probably search the board if you want to read about it. I've found that most doors can be opened with either a push or a pull, and the remainder generally revolve or are...
That's awful. Just horrendous.
No. Never.
To Charvet? I've tried a bunch of shirt makers: budd, napolisumisura, T&A, Hermes, Burgos, Chan, kiton and probably a few others over the past 15 years. The biggest differences in my view between charvet and the others I've used are (1) charvet works in tiny units of measure. They will make an incredibly small tweak if you want, and they view minor adjustments as important; (2) they are stylistically agnostic. Loose fit, trim fit, shorter sleeve, longer sleeve, whatever...
Let's not make this another thread where Sprout2 feels free to say something unfunny. The question is whether you wear/own a snufalluffagus. If so, post a pic. If not, there are lots of other threads to spew nonsense.
This is all about personal taste so if you like Phoenix then have at it. When I say it's uninspiring I mean that the colors strike me as dull and lifeless and have a chalky appearance. And I wouldn't call it a book for basics - there are some pretty extreme patterns in there (the pinks for example), many of the solids have a second color flecked throughout (many times black) and a lot of the standard colors are varied shades (see the tan, for example, which is pretty...
Its cream. The picture of me wearing it is pretty true to real life (although for some reasons the mid-gray pants show much darker than the actually are).
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