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Ariston 13 oz Irish linen made up. Great stuff.
I've never ordered anything from them. I look ridiculous in unstructured clothes. And I spent a lot of money to reach that conclusion. But I'm tempted nonetheless by AS. Some look really great in it.
Would be great to get a "current state of savile row" thread going. Other than the constant stream of Steed, which is row-ish but not quite row in mind, there is really nothing here. I can add Huntsman and Gieves.
Order the trousers! Have to do it if you got a jacket.
^Danny Hall? He is heat cutter now and I assume he makes visits to nyc based on the importance of the location. Please post about the experience if you get a chance.
If you use them please post and start a new thread. I've been hoping someone would chime in with recent AS experience.
^ the OP wants structured construction with a roped shoulder. That is antithetical to what A&S does.
^ sure. I think some of them are on the huntsman thread but I will take pics next wear.
My newest ongoing bespoke project is that I've decided to switch from huntsman to Davide Taub at Gieves. Meeting with him next month. Not sure if first project will be a double-breasted summer suit with high roping or a tweed or flannel suit with set in shoulders. Whichever isn't the first will likely be the second. They are both pretty awesome.
Yes. Makes life easier when getting dressed in the dark and trying not to wake the wife and kids.
New Posts  All Forums: