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Another unfunny drift. Mods - can you please delete everything in this thread unrelated to my question about Harrison's Icarus?
These are the Harrison's Icarus to which I was referring. Or course, I feel totally incapable of visualizing full jackets from these mere slivers of cloth; these fractions of the greater whole, these discrete puzzle pieces. But, perhaps I should increase my distance from the screen! Amazing! “Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko)”. Suddenly I see a bespoke jacket! Anyone use this...
Moving on - these are other fabrics, swatches of which i currently have in my possession, that THEORETICALLY could work as a table cloth or dishrag-themed summer jacket. I don't think they would work as a shirt, Dopey, given the darker base color. The off-white in the fabric above is really what separates it as a shirt/dishrag/tablecloth jacket from a mere dishrag/tablecoth jacket, like those below. In any event, I really don't like the fabrics below for anything other...
Or perhaps a table cloth? Ugh. There I go being defensive again. Sorry everyone. Sorry Sartoridinapoli. Sorry venividivicibj.
Nah. Don't try to interpret things like that from a post. I value Dopey's opinion and his comment is fair. My response was meant to be humorous.
Yes - and the shirt will look like a dishrag. I think it's perfect. I don't have anything like it.
So I'm going to make two commissions in february, one for a partially-lined summer jacket in lightweight wool and the other as a travel jacket in a heavier fabric. For the lighter summer jacket, I'm thinking this Dormeuil fabric. For the travel jacket, a W Bill Shetland.
Ah. Well that is easy. First and foremost bespoke tailoring is a stylistic choice. When Sartoridinapoli writes in this thread (and all the other threads where he makes the same claim) that English, French and other non-neapolitan tailors are untalented hacks passing off 20 euro garments with sleeves that don't even fit the mannequin (wait, what?) for thousands of euros on unsuspecting rubes, what he really means is "I like the Neapolitan style. I don't like other...
Yeah - he screwed my pants up. Multiple times. Had to get my money back. I totally get that sometimes he gets it right and makes pants that turn our really well, but he also does the opposite. And not infrequently. That is no secret at this point.
^ I don't know anything about Frank's work other than by reputation. I agree on the Armoury, although it is a bit of a double-edged sword. I suppose that the end product matters most, but I've always found it odd that the guys from the armoury have to essentially do fittings for Ambrosi, and take measurements and pin trousers on his behalf. At that price, I would expect a sole author to see it through from start to finish: measure, cut, deliver. I find it unfathomable...
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