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^he is leaving for Davies & Sons.
^ yes, tremendously detrimental to huntsman bespoke. As a customer in the US, it's hard for me to imagine paying Huntsman prices right now when I have no idea if the person cutting my suit will be worth the money. I'm also not particulalry in love with the style of Pat's new shop. I think this might be the end of Savile row for me. A sad development as so much of what I have from huntsman is really great.
Try writing to contact@cifonelli.com. I'm meeting with lorenzo when I visit Paris this week and will ask him when he is next in NYC.
^Romian has always responded very quickly to emails. What address are you using?
Charvet as well.
Hermes does make a lovely shirt, but the starting price is $1100.
I'm not a huge fan of T&A in NYC. There is no real trial shirt. They just take measurements and create a shirt from them. You can go back and make tweaks, and if your shirt is really off they will make you a new one, but I haven't found them to be able to execute small changes that make the difference between what I would consider to be an ok shirt and a true bespoke product. They are also very "English" with a rigid feel, no hand stitching and a heavyness to them that,...
^there should be pics of me wearing 3 or 4 of the suits in the french tailoring thread.
ThinkDerm -My experiences over the last two years have been fantastic. I would guess I've ordered about 10 suits. Cifonelli has become my only tailor (although if exchange rates were different I would likely still spend a little money on clothing denominated in pounds). My sense is that Cifonelli is in a league of its own. There are certainly other tailors that display an equal, or perhaps greater, level of workmanship, but I don't think that there is anyone that can...
^It's the standard height for JLP bespoke, but they will do whatever you want if you prefer lower or higher.
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