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I've got a suit made in the 290 gram fox flannel. It's not terrible, but it's a less than optimal choice for trousers. In my experience all flannel has some give to it over time, but it's more pronounced and happens faster in the 290 and as a result ive ended up with pants that don't hold their shape as much as I'd like.
It's cute that you looked at my profile, fatty. I suppose you're the village internet stalker. Weird, but if that's what gets you off...
Thanks. I'm gonna stick around for a while, fatty.
^ yeah, that's why i was asking. That doesn't look like much of a baste fitting, although it's hard to tell what exactly is going on. Hopefully you used a credit card. I wouldn't accept the order.
Was this really bespoke? Maybe made to measure?
Still has fruit and fun to drink, but not the best of the vintage by a long shot.
Tell your master of wine friends to get you overnoy. Never gonna happen for you but try it anyway.
That's the way I've always seen waistcoats done - with the bottom button non-functional. I think it's pretty common.
I think it would be awesome. I'm considering something similar right now and fresco is on my list of possibilities. One note if you haven't used minnis fresco before. I find the fresco to be unusual in that the fabric really has no give to it. I can't think of another wool that is quite as rigid.
yes, I get all that. My point is that at the end of the day when a producer releases a wine the label used under the pradikat system generally tells you the sweetness of whats in the bottle. A wine picked as auslese level oeschle and fermented to the point of dryness isn't labeled "auslese". Wines picked at BA level might be marked auslese ***, or auslese gk, or auslese LGK.
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