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Yes, but if they ship them to US you get hit with significant import duties. It is a good deal if you travel regularly to Paris and you are going to be in Paris for the fitting and then for collection. If not, much of the delta falls away upon shipping. I had ten shirts shipped from Paris last year and paid $1100 in import taxes.
That's what I got quoted in February 2015.
Yeah - they reset prices every January. This is a big bummer. Last year prices went down. This is a big bounce in the wrong direction.
Is that price for the first pair with the lasting fee? That's an increase over last year (and if excluding the lasting fee it's a huge increase).
Jacket looks great. Would love to see more pics it and other C&M.
The new finmeresco book is amazing. The fabrics are a little bit like minnis fresco but not nearly as brittle. Can't remember if there is a black but the book is huge with tons of patterns and solids.
I've used both of the current co-head cutters at Huntsman (although when I used Campbell Carey he was at Kilgour, not Huntsman). Most of my Huntsman suits were cut by Pat Murphy, although he is now at Davies & Sons. The results with Pat were variable.
Nice goldfish.
Don't dissavow it! For all you know it could be the greatest suit I've ever owned! In all seriousness, yes, it was a Duncan Quinn suit but you owned the process and took control every step of the way. You acted as if you're name was on the suit and you owned it. I really appreciated that (it was a huge sum of money for me at the time and it was for a special event). And I thought you were incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely dedicated to making me happy. I'm not...
No - It was back when you were at Duncan Quinn before Reeves existed.
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