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http://www.styleforum.net/t/148929/my-david-reeves-3-pc-bespoke-suit Just for reference, back when it wasn't such a big deal. A great thread.
Criticism isn't trolling and no one is attacking six. People assume that if you post a picture you want feedback, even if it's not always positive. Amazing to see people get so bent out of shape up over the inference that a jacket could use a little work.
^ I'm not ignoring you. I'm suggesting you are wrong. I've taken part as a client in over 40 bespoke fittings. I ask a lot of questions. Based on my experience, I don't think the armhole is going to stretch as you suggest. I had an issue with a bespoke jacket about a year ago that I didn't mention ion receipt. I took it back to my tailor and suggested that I hadn't said something initially because I thought the issue would settle with wear. His response was that I was...
here is jeffreyd's explanation of the cause those shoulder divots. Parts of the jacket might soften over time but I'd be surprised if those divots go anywhere. I I can't see a tailor looking at those divots and saying "that's fine. It will work itself out"http://www.styleforum.net/t/151698/divot-terror
^ I'm not sure what you mean. Those shoulder divots (as I understand it) are the result of the armhole being cut wrong for the last wearer's body. I don't think it has anything to do with the shoulder. Can you explain how the shoulder creates the divot? I also think the suit looks problematic through the sides, but the pictures aren't good enough to tell.
You can take it somewhere else as well. It's no greater of a drift than you see on tons of posts throughout the board, including numerous posts just above mine. Go police those.
^ I can't possibly imagine why it being the first time he put on the jacket has anything to do with it. Care to explain?
Are you ok with the way those sleeves fit? Tough to tell from the pictures but this looks to me like a jacket that needs quite a bit of work.
Way, way back Jeffrey Diduch did a pretty thorough and detailed discussion of hand-sewing vs machine sewing as it relates to various parts of a suit. I think Jeffrey's conclusion was that, in both cases, there is good and there is bad quality, and the quality is much more important at the end of the day than whether it was made by hand or machine. That being said, I believe there were certain parts of the jacket (I think it was either the lapel or the collar) where...
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