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^ the shirt wasn't salvagble as the error appeared to be with the armhole (for which there was no adjustment). A remake was (and is) on the table. The issue is that I've paid for a shirt and paid deposits on multiple fabrics for subsequent shirts. It's been four months and based on where we are I'm not thrilled about having all that money hanging out there with nothing to show for it. But they've been very accommodating and are happy to do what is necessary to make it...
So a totally bizarre conclusion here. After a great trial fitting that required only a minor adjustment, the final shirt was a disaster. Not sure how to explain what happened, and neither was Kiton, but to their credit their response was "that's not right - that shirt doesn't look good enough for you to pay for." And it didn't. I think this must have been one of those rare situations where some human error affects the pattern and everything goes to shit. In any event, I...
Baby need a bottle?
baby gonna cry?
Well, if it's any consolation, you can probably still pull that off by dining at urasawa and then beating the shit out of your wife, and you won't even to endure the humiliation of dining with someone totally out of your league. Sounds like you still need someone to pay for your dinner though. Any takers?
I can honestly say without equivocation that this is the first and only time I will ever decline an invitation to urasawa.
I think of a prince of wales as a pretty common, conservative suit choice. The blue in that particular swatch leans towards the turquoise and is perhaps thicker and more pronounced, but I think it would be fine.
Pretty excited to find this on the shelves of my local store tonight - have a case coming but couldn't resist. This is AP 8. I don't know if the AP numbers for Shaefer spatlese have the same significance as they do with the auslese (any Schaefer experts out there?) but this is really good. So much acidity that it doesn't seem sweet. Amazing to see what will happen to this over time. Must keep hands off...
Back vintage Renaissance has to be the best deal in California cab. Diametrically opposed to spoofy napa cab, long lived, drinking great and available for $50 bucks. The '84 rocks as well.
Is that the British collection? There is a cloth in that collection with a donegal affect that I was just trying to get a sample of. Looks nice.
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