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Way, way back Jeffrey Diduch did a pretty thorough and detailed discussion of hand-sewing vs machine sewing as it relates to various parts of a suit. I think Jeffrey's conclusion was that, in both cases, there is good and there is bad quality, and the quality is much more important at the end of the day than whether it was made by hand or machine. That being said, I believe there were certain parts of the jacket (I think it was either the lapel or the collar) where...
It is a really bad idea. Moonbeam is much too soft for trousers. They aren't going to wear well.
^I assume that they use a sewing machine for the long seams. Some pieces I would want handsewn. Others I wouldn't really care. If it is important to you then you might just ask them. I'm sure they would be happy to explain what they do and why they do it.
An update. Huntsman is back in New York for their first visit in 2016, as well as their first visit (I believe) with Dario and Campbell as new co-head cutters. They've also taken space on 57th street where they now see clients. This was my first fitting with Dario, and based on a completely different patter. I'm pretty thrilled with the results so far. Dario's cut is true to the Huntsman style, perhaps a smidge shorter jacket and more flexibility in terms of what he...
Both long edges will incorporate live plus some straight cut combination to make the table suitable for a dining table. The ends will be straight cut. Some of the edges will be charred/blackened. I don't think we will use a tablecloth. The top is finished only with wax and natural oil and it will develop scratches and a patina over time, but I think that is part of the beauty.
Our final decision was to go with a raw edge single slab table in claro walnut. The table will be about 10 feet long and 3 inches thick. It is a little daunting to spend a whole bunch of money on a piece of wood without certainty as to what the final product will look like, but I have faith that it will turn out like the table below (other than the base, which will be completely different).
I don't really think that is much of a concern. None of these tailors is likely to sue SartoridiNapoli for suggesting that, when the wearer moves, the suit moves with him, sometimes in ways that produce folds in cloth. That is just the difference between a suit made of cloth and one made of armor.
If only there were a thread dedicated to talking about Luxire and members' experiences with it. It almost feels like there is an opportunity for profit there. Styleforum could offer brands the opportunity to have a dedicated thread where the discussion of clothing would be a thinly veiled cover for a giant advertisement. We could call them "related vendors", or something like that. I suppose that discussions of related vendors could still creep into other threads, and...
thank you
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