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^ Wow. That is a bummer. Never tried the RTW, but on the bespoke side Romain Le Dantec speaks perfect english. I generally coordinate/confirm details with him. Maybe ask for Romain to assist in this instance. Even though he generally deals with the bespoke, I'm sure he would be happy to help resolve any language issues.
It strikes me that Montauk still has more than enough material to finish the series. For example, we could have: "Episode 21: Threatening to Sue the Client", "Episode 22: Too many cunts threatening to ruin me has left me with, take the money and run with it [sic]." It would probably be a lot different than the earlier bits but not necessarily any less entertaining. And let's see Rory link that shit to his personal Vimeo, right?
Rory won the Golden Shears. Unless you also won the Golden Shears, I don't see how you could claim to be better.
Montauk - it's unfortunate that you got ripped off. No one deserves that, particularly someone who has spent a lot of time and effort with the expectation of getting something in return. That being said, it is jarring to read your account of your relationship in light of the original thread. I hope that no one else get ripped off, particularly in the four months between the time that Rory posted that they had amicably split and the time that you posted this mea culpa. It...
I don't think there is any secret as to why Pat left. Same with Peter. Nothing to wonder about. They've been totally up front with anyone who wanted to know.
^thanks (although based on my personal experience I wouldn't consider time at Kilgour to be a plus). It looks like Dario is the cutter for west coast visits to the U.S., so customers on that coast are likely unfazed by the news.
^ but presumably Davies won't offer (or at least won't specialize in) the one-button look that was huntsman's cornerstone. In sure that all the talent at Davies will continue, but it still feels like something is lost. Who is left at huntsman? Dario? Do the owners even want to continue a bespoke program?
^ your fault dopey for not using a styleforum affiliate vendor.
^ no idea. In my business, if someone joins a competitor you spend a few hours trying to convince them they made a mistake and if it doesn't work you have security escort them out. But I suppose Savile row is likely more genteel.
Patrick came from Davies. He worked there for many years before he joined huntsman. I don't think he sees it as a step down. I think that the new owners of huntsman have been difficult on the old guard there. And so they are leaving one by one.
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