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Does anyone have recent experience with stefano bemer bespoke in New York? Is it true bespoke with a personalized last? Do you get measured and fitted by the last-maker?The price quoted on the website seems almost too good to be true. The shoes look beautiful. Would love to hear from those with experience. Thanks
Both Holland and Sherry and scabal have recently issued shantung silk books. You can see the fabrics on their respective websites, although I don't know where to buy direct.
It's matte. They have some sheen versions but they struck me as more appropriate for formal clothing or women's clothing.
I was in a parade once.
I have never seen a 4 oz cloth but that sounds fragile...
No, not clubbing. and not the meatpacking district. But I like the fact that you're trolling again! I mean, sure, your jokes are terribly unfunny and totally off-topic, repetitive and predictable, but watching you get bullied into acting like a reasonable individual is kind of a bummer. And seeing Andy57 slap you around earlier in the thread was painful for all of us. Welcome back!
The weight is 11 ounces but the weave is fairly open and airy is probably a good word for it. I have a tailor who is fairly young and forbhis personal wardrobe adds punk rock elements to his classic clothes. I saw his jacket and basically said I wanted the same thing (although in a different black silk). We could have a have a meetup of styleforum misfits on the lower east side but we should do it soon because I can already see the tide turning on the board and everyone...
The cloth below. I will wear it with black jeans or raw denim. I suppose i might also wear it with cotton trousers in a light color. But I ordered it to wear for nights out in NYC. It's double breasted with slightly larger lapels and roped shoulders. More exile on Main Street than Wall Street. It's meant for going out at night when I'm not wearing a suit and tie.
I just ordered a black summer sport coat quarter lined in silk.
Dupioni silk. Definitely make an order from the new H&S or Scabal books as soon as you can if you don't want to feel left out.
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