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Check out throne for watch straps. They are hands down the best leather straps
I haven't bought a belt in like 5 years and have needed another brown one for at least 2. Just not something I can bring myself to purchase on a grad student budget.
Yea if I can I will and no socks not no shows. Every once in awhile my strands bother me when going sockless but that's only after extensive walking around like 2-3 miles at a time. I wore them walking around cobble stones in Paris last year and that was a mistake.My mcallisters never give me issues.It feels great air comes in and keeps my feet cool. It some times makes noise though like a suction cup.The only ones I always wear socks with are my park aves, because they...
i spelled it incorrect and or autocorrect took care of it for me I said it a little earlier but my feet dont every sweat and therefore dont get blisters or odor. I know its very odd. But I have beater loafers that I wear to bars that are 3 years old and they smell new.I have merino socks but I never thought about wearing them in the summer...I'll have to try this out.
No form of wool is keeping my feet warm in the summer. Sorry nothing is better than no socks in the summer. I don't care how satirically correct it is. I've done it and for years and plan on doing it for years to come.
My feet and hands don't perspirate which is great, but also leaves them severely dry and cracked even when it's as humid as it has been.
Good they looked thick to me...I've been dying in the heat this week in DC. I don't wear socks in the summer so all my aes will be work with bare feet. TTook the moras out while getting my hair cut today. No creasing yet on the toe box like some reviews have indicated but I'll keep my eye on it.Small amount of flaring on the inside of the shoe. But that happens with my park aves. I don't know how people slip these on though ?
Arnt you hot in all that wool?
Yea those certainly are not their black ones.
Watchmen is the best comic superhero movie...matrix wasn't a comic. Kick ass was meh
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