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Oh im sure it is, nothing compares to it in its style but I will always be willing to try things others think are close. I bought some la cumbre elevated ipa that i finally have in my possession. Will give that a go tonight after my last bottle of zombie dust.
My roommate and myself split a blueray/dvd combo pretty much every week. I dont really listen to music so I dont buy cds. Anything I get is from a friend how they get it is beyond me...but when I cant find a decent stream online of a movie that I want to see and wouldnt be able to buy, well...
Yea as far as I know its been out for a couple weeks...i want some just to compare to heady.
no abrasive? your doing it wrong.
Haha we'll see I have a few movies planned out for the next couple of days, but come next week I'm sure I'll be bored and will want to watch it.
They crux of both movies is JGL running around Manhattan over money. Seems like the same thing to me, but then again I saw uncertainty over 2 years ago and have not seen premium rush.
I kind of refuse to watch premium rush due to it being pretty much the same film as thishttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1086216/vshttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1547234/
Paprika...meh I can watch anime everyonce in awhile and enjoy it, but this one was kind of all over the place.
Just saw looper myself...damn much better then I anticipated. Very original.
Im not a fan of any of them really but I can watch them if they are the best thing on tv...my gf who is a french dual citizen really wanted to see les mis with me over the holidays but unfortunately she had to go back to grad school earlier then we both anticipated due to her having a winter class.
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