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yea seeing the chick from quantum topless was def worth the watch.
I honestly cant stand van alden
My roommate always steals all the internet connection and all im trying to do is stream a damn movie but his connection supersedes mine all the time and most be better because its 1 wired and closer to the router.
Yea roaring 20s didnt apply to everyone. The income gap was huge back then...its worse now but thats neither here nor there.I thought we were in like 1923 at this point in time...id have to re-watch s3e1 to confirm though.To me it seemed the men are not young soliders like jimmy or richard though. Most of Massaria's guys look to be late 30s and 40s who wouldnt have been in the war. I dont have any research to prove this is how it was in real life, but thats the feel I...
Really wasnt impressed. I dont get everyones love for this one...I have to hear it from my roommate all the time.
You have to remember these are mostly just hired hands they rnt really trained killers or former soliders...the economy wasnt exactly great back then so men would do what they had to for work which is pretty obvious from watching but in case you forgot Not to mention that it was night time most were probably drinking before hand.No one was really waiting to be shot other then the one guy who pleaded for his life.The whole scene was a cluster, the men didnt really know what...
Its usually around Feb/March before the first teaser is release I believe...im thinking end of the next season of shows that comes out. Which I forget what is in their winter slot for 9 o'clock now.Yea I suppose, I could see it playing out Masareia thinking it was AR who double crossed him.I dont think Gillian tried to make him OD, but rather just drug him so he was in a weaker state then she could kill him.I mean he had a shotty and a rifle of both he was very accurate...
Im just upset because last week before it aired they def said only 3 episodes left...that some how translated into two. Yea I wonder what capone got out of all of this...I agree Nucky had to make a statement to AR and Masseria but I don't see how it ends well for him. He wont get backlash from AR but I can't see Masseria taking to kindly to this unless now their main focus is heroin.
Double post.
Series finale? I thought there was one more episode.
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