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or its really a Japanese movie called internal affairs that just happens to take place in boston
okay so if there was a movie that came close to good fellas you would be upset? I will be seeing this regardless because I have loose family ties with WB (his sister was my grandmothers maid of honor and he took her for a ride in high school in a stolen car and dumped it in the quarry from gone baby gone) My family had a running joke about my grandmother hiding him in her basement for like 12 years.
Black mass trailer looks dope
Maybe it's going in your spam folder? I can't imagine they wouldn't respond? I'll pm you a different email address for them
Ever heard of following up?
Heavy mettle or ddh fp is my favorite. And there certainly are some okay options in ri. Not necessarily brewed there but good regardless
A roaster out of philly. Place in Georgetown carries stumptown intelligensia and them
Anyone with any experience with elixir ?
So much envy. I haven't been there since 2013.
I picked some up a few weeks ago at a random liquer store outside of Boston. If that place gets it I think any place that carries ballast point gets it. Haven't seen it in dc though
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