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That comment is so ironic given my last name, but no I never really took advantage of skipping or pretending to be sick. I liked school ha.
oh lawd...this is why i dont drink coffee...Has a medium medium from starbucks at like 10 yesterday while I was driving home from visiting my gf at her school...I was up until 3:30 last night and was wide awake at 7:30 today...I have the day off and wanted to sleep in. Edit: to the people talking about getting sick. I take these twice a day at any sign of a cold or sickness coming on. I have been taking them for over 5 years and I can honestly say I have only been sick...
Yea watched it twice in the last month or so...that and hunger. The first movie i recognized him in was inglorious basterds...300 came out before this and didnt even realize he was in it till i saw his imdb...then he was magnito in first class...(magnito is my favorite villain from comics). I have also seen dangerous method and have been meaning to download fish tank, but i got into boardwalk the last month to catch myself up for last sunday...now that thats over i...
well yea fassbender is great...i had to tell myself it was a waste just to get the digital download...so i am waiting till the physical copy comes out.
I think he is being sarcastic...or I hope he is lol. If that is the case I'll follow suit and say alien vs predator 2 was the best of both franchises.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1071804/ best low budget movie ive seen... the lady wanted to watch moonrise kingdom tonight...it was pretty good.
have you seen ink?
my favorite college drinking spot is closing...they are moving to nyc but dont think they are opening a spot there.
Im interested to see FFF (Three Floyds) and Mikkelers collab...that would be the brewpub to go to in europe.
going to visit the gf at SU and will be sure to pick up some of this...they should be distributing to MA soon as well.
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