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I used to do 5 and tried 4 and it tasted better that way.
Drank blue jackets gose x 3 as well as Brett Ipa x 2 and citra ipa x 2. The gose was balanced very well and not salty. Very enjoyable
Working on this one for the weekend
Bullhead. Pretty good
Yea that happens to some of the best pales. I prefer them days 5-10. I remember how different heady was fresh off the line than with a week on it.
I've never had it but I've had about 10 different goses and wbs is consistently rated one of the highest. I mean they are all salty, but I'm also a fan of salty flavored things.They are by no means the best beers in the world but on a hot summer day I could replace my water with them and be fine. Most are under the alcohol percentage that dehydrates you. I think it's 4.2?
What other sour beers have you had?
I find the gose style as well as berlinerweisses particularly refreshing during the hot weather. I can see why people wouldn't like them though.
Yea I watched black hat yesterday afternoon it basically put me to sleep
Cymbeline...wanted to watch this for awhile, glad I did but it could have been much better.
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