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Cantillon 3 fontein Telquin In that order
I've had it on my computer a few weeks and been meaning to watch it. Is it better than patriot games ?
I don't have one of me wearing it. Sucks because I took like 300 pics in Paris two weeks ago but like none of me and I had it with me.Next time I'll wear it I'll do my best to have a pic taken.
Haha prune would be gross
I agree looks ridiculous, ground hog day meets independence day. I wont see it in theaters but will catch it in 14 months when it hits HBO.
Yea I was on the fence for awhile and money was tight at the time so I only went with midnight Italian chambray. My fav shirt still to this day 2 years later.
I've been buying your clothing for a little over 2 years now, and in all honesty I think those floral shirts were not as successful as you might have thought due to your following at the time. The label certainly is more known now then where those were released. Just my .02 from following virtually every weekly release of the last 100.
I've seen it a handful of times. Loved it and love renf movies.
Psh....just sap. I'm grabbing some mettle and double dry hopped fpa tomorrow from trillium.
Speak for yourself. If you're not drinking bombers and or magnums of high alcohol stouts to your face then you're doing it wrong.
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