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My coworker brought up an interesting point but Idk how valid it is yet...Roy could be a private eye. Remember towards the beginning of the season he and julia were eating and some kid came up to her asking where his friend was. Maybe the parents of the faux jimmy hired him...doubt it but i guess id toss it out there.
kanye was quoted saying it was the best movie hes ever seen...clearly the morons on RT couldnt go against his word. I'll treat RT for what it is, a bunch of know it alls who deem their opinion as the only one that matters...That being said i wouldnt want to watch PR.Saw gravity like a week a go...ill agree with others sentiments that it was of the same vein as avitar for the genre but its plot was lacking and some aspects didnt makes logical sense...but then again its...
YES!!!!!! #guinessblack is back
I went full jimmy darmondy this week with my hair I can't decide if I like it or not yet.
I don't see the dr getting killed off this season I think that plot line will not get resolved in the next few weeks. I expect a little more Chicago in the final episodes as well.
Yea bombers of 9-11% range in the 500-650 range. A solid 12 oz 6-7 IPA will range in 180-220 range
Helicopters over my apt for the next few hours...but hey I live two blocks from Fenway so I can't complain too much.
edit: double post
I tried to upload a pic last night but it wasnt working...tradded for a prairie pirate bomb x 2 (barrel aged in rum barrels) and a Prairie Noir (stout aged in wine barrels)
if I couldn't win a free one, might as well be the first one to buy one this year...I don't have the code but the shirts are up.
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