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You both know that you can't really blame spielberg for the ending of WOW...its a book and thats how it ends.I guess I have some downloading to do over the next few weeks. I saw a decent amount of movies in theater this year but only one I saw in best picture was argo.
you like jokes?
I use the clay pomade and think its fine, why the hate?
Yes, and it isnt like i wasnt/rnt drinking either. I suppose I am still sour over the anna farris thing...
But you watched it so you didn't make the mistake. It would be more suited if you said don't almost make the mistake I made. That being said I will give it a go in my down time next week.
She just comes off as a total ditz/try hard and its a turn off. Now these two actresses are where its at.
yea this bitch...cant stand her. She has the acting talent of my left pinky toe.
I cant stand her and dont find her attractive at all.
day 1 of 1000 mile boots...feel amazing...might be a half size too big but they were the last in stock I can get some insoles if needed, but no slipping in the heel yet. Few creases but they wont matter to me, I'm just glad I have a comfortable boot to walk to work with.
anna farris please go...
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