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How wall are you that you have the inseam at 30.5?
ill make a bid around 745how much of a difference is there between 30 and 29s btw? i mean i put both hands completely down the front of my 30s as is right now.I lost some weight since i got the 30s back like a year ago
Yea if these are around tomorrow and under 100 I'll prob jump on them. Not sure how theyd fit. I have 30s in LHT that I wear the hell out of and they are pretty damn loose in the waist. Have soaked them twice. I have slubs which I have not soaked yet and I wear them on Fridays at work and they fit great.
Tempted to get those tweedsI have wanted tweeds and a smaller size for awhile
Saw that a couple years ago...watched kill the irishman last night. I remember when commercials were out for this and it looked pretty decent. Well the commercials certainly oversold it but it was by no means a bad flick.
Back when I worked in RL they had the same color combo and print in a womens shirt...I tried to get my gf to get one but she didnt like it. To this day about 4 years later I still want a shirt in that print/color haha.Yea I am sure I will find something or two to buy by the end of the year.
Depends where you hold your weight...but Im about the same size and wear medium.
I lurk in it...but its too slow for me to post often in. I have posted a few times though.
Well MA has a decent craft selection but I wouldnt have a chance of trying any of these beers unless I either went to the chicago area or traded. I was planning on going to chicago in the spring for a few days but I dont really have the cash for it. ( Well I do but I also have to think about signing up for an exam that cost a grand so.....)I am more happy to get the glass than any of the beer. I guess it is designed to be best for the widest range of styles. I'll be more...
I made my frist trade on Beer Advocate. We both exchanged a glass from a local brewery and a few bottles of beer. I sent my package this morning. I hope it arrives safely in the next day or two or else I will be reposting this in the things pissing you off thread. The kid im trading with is sending his ish out tomorrow so I should get it end of week/sat. Also will be going up to VT for some of the best beer in a few weeks. And will be trading for one of the highest...
New Posts  All Forums: