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yea my gf is in school and probably will wind up committing to foreign services for another 2 years, so I am looking at 3 more years of living with a roommate. Id rather do my own thing for those 3 years.
Why cant that be my salary...
1 bottle out of a 4pk what a joke.
Play with PSG I have been trashing my roommate lately with IBRA and Lavezzi
Nice...I should be getting some in the next two weeks. Sent my box to Chi today with Jacks abby and MA saisons pretty much filling most of the box.I also got a box yesterday, Cherry Rye as an extra? I was pretty shocked and happy. Will be sending this guy a thank you box in a few weeks when Jacks Abbys Barrel Aged Beer comes out.
Im a fan...story concept is great...the follow through of acting is okay but certainly enjoyable.
This is the best method for testing both arms and back IMO.
Fit honestly looks spot on to me.
Well I hope someone here can hook you up, but if they dont Im sure money and or Pretty Things/Jacks Abby would get PtE done.
Join beer advocate if no one here can get this done...shouldnt be too difficult to find someone willing to do this.
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