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The original skins was great. I watched the first 3 seasons and recently as much as 4-5 months ago I rewatched the first two and most of 3. Ive been planning on finishing 3 and starting 4 some time soon.
great post! couldnt agree more
They both are good...im partial to DC though...so I liked the US one better.
your certainly off to a good start.
yea kiwi is great i bought 3 bottles thursday, will be getting more this week to send to some trading partners.
The only way you are getting heady is to either go to waterbury VT on a monday or thursday when they can. Or get lucky at a surrounding storeHave someone trade you someor have a local store you go to go up get it then sell it there...this is illegal but i know of two stores I have gone to over the past few years that have done this.Or you could wait till next month, I can do my best to get my roommate to get a case for me and I'll send you a 4pk.
I was going to post a photo but its all in my parents back up fridge in the garage and my phone has been dumb/not receiving any data in or out for like 16 hours.From HF:2 750s anna2 750s auther4 500 ml juicy ( I heard from many people that this is their best beer to date)1 750 Twilight of the idolsRefilled 2 750 swing tops I had with susan and society and solitude # 5Purchased a growler and filled it with my fav from them abner.On the way up stopped at a store and got 8...
This is what I am trying to do right now. Little more then a year and a half at a custody bank, now looking to work for an AM/IM and do operations for another year or so while gaining FO exp. Then stay with that company but do something I actually want to do. All while they are supporting me with CFA.
Epic haul in VT today...spent like 230 on beer. Oh lawd, thats really way more then I should be spending. My beer budget is through the sky this month. Somewhere close to 400 already easily.
Id say just check the site daily. In the mean time.
New Posts  All Forums: