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same...gtfo with that garbage line.
I like jcrew bowery in classic... still pretty trim imo.
Too skinny in the quad...the pockets flare out for me. I have to get a 34 waist for them not to do this, and I wear a 31 or 32 in everything else.
No it was just at canes...idk why it never made it back to theaters...even if it did Im sure it would have been very limitted. But the Lowes theater in Boston is huge and has release parties so I would have lucked out and been able to see it most likely.
There is an even longer version that was supposed to come out in theaters last fall but that didnt happen. They found 19 more mins of film I guess.
Dedicate a saturday or sunday afternoon to it...its kind of on the long side.
To me it is the best movie ever made. Idk if it is my favorite, but ever since I saw it, it has been my benchmark.
those are two very solid options. I'll toss in what I consider the best movie ever made.Once upon a time in america...the long version. The short one is garbage and does not make sense as sergio leon had pictured it.
five year engagement was better then anticipated. Ive seen it twice in the last 5 days. some good lines in it. The michael jordon analogy and the peonies scene were funny...any scene with the goofy dude with the beard as well.
It isnt as out there as Pi...I did a film project on Req back in high school.
New Posts  All Forums: