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Basically my method with 18g though
it isnt in 3d in any format...nolan doesnt buy into that gimmick...and yea i saw it three times in theaters
Yea I enjoyed it. Saw it Monday
Or download it.
the dolcezzas in dc area usually have hair bender and one or two of the origins...so far its the second one ive tried, I forget what the other one was but I was wired after drinking a double shot of it.Edit it was this mother fucker
I'm drinking the Indonesia right now and it isn't bad. Not amazing though.
Umd. The professors here are great. Lots of former Wharton and Harvard looking to focus more on research but still teach in the Mba curriculum. http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/articles/2012-11-12/b-schools-with-five-star-teachers
In class now with former lse prof...bs model is today's topic
The rubber stopper gives off a chemical smell and it makes the coffee taste awful. I'm not using as intended and I'm sure they are aware people use it differently for inverted method that wasn't tested I wait until water is about 200 so idk why it just started giving off the scent
I jacked up the rubber stopper on my aeropress from using the inverted method. Has this happened to anyone else ?
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