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I bought a small and was sent a medium, if anyone is interested. I let Mauro know like 12 days ago but given his situation I havent followed up. If he doesnt get back to me with a return label in the next couple days Id be willing to part with it. Its too big for me.
Yea its on netflix, looks like there are 4 seasons of it.Yea i saw this recently as well or max or stars and enjoyed it. I think this might have been the only gosling movie i had not seen other than the notebook.
I agree nikos, knight of cups is a little out there and too try hard imo. So many good shows on lately...night of was great. Stranger things awesome (only show I've binged ever from Netflix) im onto the killing right now great half way through the first season.
I don't believe it renders my commentary invalid as it would be bad business for TS to openly bash its customer base and in this case the customer is not always right. It's also my opinion, and like assholes everyone has them.If customer service doesn't work try calling a store and talking to an associate that has the product in front of them.Let's let common sense prevail here rather than take to the forums to bitch about the fit not being perfect for every shirt for...
I laugh everyday when 90 percent of posts I read are about fit...are none of you repeat customers? I have like 15 ts shirts and they all fit the same with the exception of the Yosemite. Ts is working hard to put or solid products week in and out. I've never seen a group of people et more bent out of shape all be it in a passive aggressive way than the group in here. If you can't figure the size chart call the damn store and talk to someone.
ive had beer made with these beans...not coffee though.
Stupid plot but awesome visuals imo
Damn I could only find the raspberry
Thanks for the heads up about churchkey. I'm going tomorrow with a couple of coworkers...hopefully not too packed. Not sure what draw tired hands has in this area. Edit: went on th website and they have district distro now. Looks like beer is on the up and up here. Hits a few bars and potentially take away option at Union market...I emailed them to confirm.
That's kind of a trek, I also don't like carrying a bunch of growlers/cabs around. My fiances sister lives like 30-45 mins away the next time we visit I'll swing by on the way home.
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