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I've had it on my computer a few weeks and been meaning to watch it. Is it better than patriot games ?
Haha prune would be gross
I agree looks ridiculous, ground hog day meets independence day. I wont see it in theaters but will catch it in 14 months when it hits HBO.
I've seen it a handful of times. Loved it and love renf movies.
Psh....just sap. I'm grabbing some mettle and double dry hopped fpa tomorrow from trillium.
Speak for yourself. If you're not drinking bombers and or magnums of high alcohol stouts to your face then you're doing it wrong.
I love Belgium's open container policy. Drinking loons on the street was priceless.
Thanks for the replies guys.
My thoughts exactly...have Monday off before I go to Paris for a week might have to check this out...if I can wait that long
Really? Everything I've seen has umd ranked around top 20. With Gwu and au significantly lower. But I never considered using my scholarship to my advantage during a job application process. If that's really a difference maker I won't even stress myself out and just take my phone call with umd easy.
New Posts  All Forums: