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No go ahead and post it. I haven't seen him on the boards in forever.
Yea I didn't mean leave the thread. You'll Learn a lot here. But stop drinking that schlill. I live in DC and and the beer there sucks for the most part but I've been making the best of it and trying to go to more German beer halls. I'm at my parents place down the cape or up in my case now...my dad was kind enough to pick me up like 10 bottles of trillium for the week. Going to miss it when he retires this year because he works down the street. We used to live 20 mins...
Please go....
Should have got those glass screens you put over for like 20 bucks.
Da fuq you talking about ?
I'd venture a guess as to say it's a pretty fair assement on your end. How we if its close there may be some leeway given they are still growing as a brand
Yea would be nice...I need to finish grad school so I can buy a place before turning 30 but I have a legit apt now at a decent price.I need to come to terms with the fact my gf won't be making 6 figures until we are 35 though
I think 3 not including the heavier fabric shirts like yosemittie
I echo this I have 5 hydes don't change them please.
Black watch plaid Duuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddeeeeee. Yea I'm copping one of those
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