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Watching cosmopolis down to nyc and Locke on the way back...wtf have I got myself into with this first one. Poorly executed acting but the plot is just enough to my interest that I won't switch to something else
Don't pour the very last bit of that in...so much sediment in that beer. But yes it is good.
I did this last Columbus day weekend and it was a shit show. I'm lucky I got to HF by 5 but I did have to stop in at ben and jerry for my gf.I got to Lawson's farmer market at 10:30ish but didn't get out until 12
Forgot wh you were on untapped u to I saw this.... I'm so over dc distro and it's not been 6 weeks
But she's hot so I'm sure it will be successful. #trollface.jpeg
It's a nonprofit online yoga company...
Good beer to end my midterm week with.
Some girl who I worked with had an article written in the huffington post about her leaving finance industry to start a startup was also insanely hot. What a coincidence...such a small world.
what is the perception of federal consulting from a commercial consultants perspective? Being in DC i really only have a shot of landing a federal gig if I want to stay in the area.
im not knocking you if you're into that kind of thing...
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