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I'm sure a tailor could do something.
I agree with this 100 percent. The people that consistently are having issues with sizing must have an odd body type or one that doesn't work well with ts.
What were your complaints about interstellar ?
Thank god his part didn't have a lot of screen time.
I own like 14 ts shirts and I got my first one that doesn't follow the exact measurements. The new chambrays are a spec long compared to other shirts. But nothing I'll lose sleep over.
almost picked this up yesterday, glad i skipped it.
Interstellar x4. This time on the tiny 27 inch screen in the room I grew up in. I may have to make my parents watch it with me tomorrow on the 50 inch before we decommission that this weekend. (Parents moving houses and have no need for 50 inch lcd tv )
I've drank 180 oz of trillium the last 3 nights. God I miss this stuff on the reg.
id toss in "mean streets"
I downloaded it this morning. Hoping the quality is decent.
New Posts  All Forums: