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Sorry was referring to ncfom and the road. I think the road drags way too much compared to its written version
I like all 3 but the books are all much better than the movies.
I've been busy catching up on shows and haven't had a chance to watch any newish movies other than gunman when I was ironing. Penn does well in older make revenge role that's been popular the last decade. Movie plot was eh but penn is an actor I'll watch no matter the movie.
I want to see one in a dull yellow/mustard color.
It would only be available if people went to ma purchased it then would most likely only see bars. Trillium does a very small distribution to stores in Boston and tree house only distributes kegs to my knowledge. But then again a lot could have changed since August if someone else wants to chime in
Who buys their coffee from Starbucks ?
I hate you.
I'd buy them. Suede shoe in either brown or tobacco color are my next pair of shoes. It's something I don't have and have wanted. Silly me bought some new dessert boots last year that I never wear. I should have just got a better pair of suede shoes.
Yes k do it all the time
The dumpster though...
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