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Yea I saw unusually high post traffic in this thread yesterday so just assumed and was correct. Hopefully the stuff works out.
Hope it's okay I got a blue one and a brown Havana jacket. First in each cut.
Mystic river is a great flick. Colonia...about a commune in chile that existed for 40 years run by fleeing nazis. Emma Watson and the German sniper from inglorious bastereds. Last name is gruhl I think. Anyways chilling thriller because it's based on fact.
Had two bottles of kbs from a place that had no business in having it. Idk if they were worth 17 a piece but what can ya do.
Holy shit at nvda...I was planning on pitching this in November. Really kicking myself.
I think it's fair to say trillium and tree house have changed beer hunting in New England because of the quality. I also think it's fair to say the hoppy stuff is just as good and for that reason I haven't been to HF in 3 years. Whenever I'm home it's trillium or tree house. Trekking up to vt isn't were it unless it's the middle of the week.
Yeah buddy!!! My fund bought white wave back in October and it paid off today
I honestly have no idea. There is a cool brew pub in silver spring called denizens. Beer is good not amazing but there is lots of put door space.
too much was posted here in the last few days for me to keep up...keep up with ATVI that is. First time going north of 40.
I live a block from wiseguys and go there once a week...fantastic pizza spot for slices.
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