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Cymbeline...wanted to watch this for awhile, glad I did but it could have been much better.
You could get a cheap bag ground at a coffee place and see how corse it should be then adjust your grinder until it gets to that grind size. Then stop doing your 8 min steep time and change it to 4.
Yea they are missing something, with them just havent gotten the other flavors to balance out the malt like they have for their pales...I just JC will get it right eventually.A few of my friends have internships this summer in boston and im sending them all that way to try it at least once.
Ken hopefully that trillium is amazing. I know their other saisons have all been misses for me.
I said slight...people are making a shit storm about it...I can see where they are coming from I didnt say I had an issue with it. [[SPOILER]]
Yea slight pro women vibes but it fades as the movie progresses
yea i found a legit copy online and watched it over a few sittings this weekend. I enjoyed it as well.
Making pb swoon in more ways than one. The scent of this coffee is unreal.
Yea had that last week. Sadly only can find Andersen valley in the store around my apt
What's the point of anything ? I don't get it. If I'm not told the whole movie in the trailer it surely isn't worth 2 hours of my time.Get over yourself. It's a gem in a genre that hasn't had a good film in awhile. Cinematography and action sequences are amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: