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Yea I really only buy beers in cans now because I can't have glass in the pool area of my roof and that's where the majority of my drinking on the weekend occurs.
I like mine. Wore it twice this year and this it's a good buy.
Well hopefully they accept it because as of right now it's up for review.
Holy shit it's in cans. I need this I haven't had ab in at least 3-4 years.
Yea I agree but I really need a new linen jacket. My office changed its policy from suit everyday to dress for your day whatever that means...just means when it's above 90 like it is pretty much every day in the summer, I don't have to worry about a full suit and can get away with linen.
Yea the hanger pushed through in transit. I need to go to the one in DC to have my suit pants taken in and shortened. Might have the waist taken in on the Liverno jacket too.Customer service is dragging their feet with the Hudson pictured so I might just try and see what can be done.
Is this beyond repair ? I really like the jacket and don't want to return it
I don't have any fit pics now. Just of the trial suit. Here's what was done to a 38 Jacket Shoulder width +1 cm Right shoulder -1 cm 'soft' shoulder padding option. Buttoning point -1 cm. Bicep -1 cm. Cuff width -1 cm, Sleeve pitch backward 0.5 cm Armhole -1 cm, Back chest (armpit to armpit) -0.5 cm Waist +1 cm. Jacket length-2 cm. Pants: I think I went with 30 Seat +2 cm, Fork (crotch) +1 cm Thigh +1.cm, Hips +0.5 cm
Thoroughly enjoying my first Kent suit. Maybe a spec tight in the chest and arms but nothing that isn't comfortable. Quality is great and I wasn't dying during my commute in 90 plus heat.
No my issue could have been avoided had they not shipped the jacket with the hanger in it. It pushed through the shoulder during shipping. It's kind of big and really close to the shoulder I may see if their DC tailor can do something or has other fabric to kind of blend it in. I would still be willing to keep it if it wasn't a white mark on a brown jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: