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Yes probably 13 times not exaggerating. The first two acts are great 3rd is Meh...but worth the entire watch.
Seems cool but I don't need/have 60 bucks to buy coffee scales atm
thanks ill have to play around for it i tried moving it all the way to the end and it kept going
scottcw...what setting should i use for French Press with the panama? I have a few days before I need a new bag.
It says on the website it's usually 2 weeks and they came out what tues or wed so 11-12 more days
I love their Jeans I prefer them to naked and famous. the black ones are super comfortable. I dont think they are sanforized but I don't wash my jeans ever so it's a non issue for me.
What time est?
The signal. Loved the premise wish some more was expanded upon but i didn't touch my phone once while watching it so it was captivating enough.
want more volume in my hair and sick of how the back 3rd of my hair has been sitting...back to the opposite natural part...it parts with a better line this way too, not sure how this is the case. Also really enjoying results hanz de fuko products have been giving me this last month.
Actually was just watching this. I'll have to finish it later
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