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I hope that's hyperbole...50 lbs ? People usually get thinner not fatter when sick
I think they did one a year or two ago? Wouldn't have been something I was interested but I vaugely remember one in grey
It's good but I agree it kind of gets dull halfway in. Wish they went more into his younger years personally. I only know stories from having family members grow up with him
I like the occasional Brett porter but I would think the bitterness from coffee and the sour from the yeast would just be competing with each other too much.
Coffee geuze dafuq? I like both by themselves but no, just no
That's just like your opinion, man
even the pikie stuff?
Mike what's the inseam on the isla pants for women ?
Eye glasses are a hell of a drug...I used to buy a pit a year but cut back to one every 2 years...eBay can be your friend for frames but won't help with the lenses.
I bought the navy today went from Tokyo slim to Tokyo...I'll check in Monday I think they do 2ish shipping
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