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I was 90 percent done with child 44 last night when it just stopped. Couldn't be bothered to wait for it to finish. I have 125 Mbs download too. Usually takes less than 3 mins for 1.5gb files.But there were only 6 seeders
Yea my roommate was caught in college there...they made him wipe his comp
True story. I don't know what to make of this movie. Plot was interesting enough acting was decent enough but that ending...
New planet discovered that's "earth like". Someone dig mcconahey up and send him wormholing
I didn't misread. I'm confirming I am one of the guys in said picture, subsequently confirming pbs moms thoughts
Sorry man. I was one of those guys and your mom is correct...also why is she sending you that at work ? Wouldn't want that on a work system
The Rob gronkowskie one was on this weekend and it was hilarious. What a bunch of meatheads. Loved it.
I'm not saying it's bad it's just all his movies are shown in their entirety in the trailers.
That's every Adam sandler movie though.
You lost me once you said older than 22 wouldn't know existed.
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