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Ts in DC ? I'll be on the look out
I liked aflecks batman better than I anticipated but tough act to follow bale's. I haven't read the bad reviews but what did people think was going to happen? doomsday and lex could have been fleshed out more. Also looks like pine is going to be some kind of a superhero at some point though shouldn't be part of justice league. Edit: I need more of lex's assistant in my life. Too bad casting did a terrible job and cast her across DC after being in marvel. This is a...
I was a big fan also. I think Jim does good work, he was in a lot of movies 3 years ago and now there seems to a hiatus.
RB is early 80s but yeah. Edit: had to fact check myself. Looks like 80. I thought it was 82
meh to 10 cloverfield lane
3/5 from you is pretty good. I'll check it out on Tuesday morning. I've stayed away from spoilers because I knew that was the point. They didn't even run adds for it until like 2 months before it came out.
I can't decide if I want to go see clover field lane or batman this week...maybe both
i liked knewton, they have a money back option if you don't score 50 points higher after using it. Im also a visual learner so it worked better for me.
I am a happy man enino finally won And my dopple finally got his due...6 nominees and finally gets it. Should have gottenitbfor the aviator but w/e
sadly that's how most people of my generation act...give us all trophies as kids and make us think we're special and we become entitled to everything in life...I was tired of making what I thought was too little income for my degree and intellect so I went back to school and will be earnings something closer to what I envisioned. The lack of drive is what separates the successful people of my generation and people like yelp girl.
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