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FOD, The galiardi squares are legit. I love the 5 or so I have...so much better than tiebar
Give an example of another relative player please
I want this...I want to say I'm sitting on a Lawson's maple stout butnhave no idea what I have in my parents basement anymore. I haven't looked in over 2 years...still have duck duck gouze though.
I went with small I wear 38 in pretty much everything but have also lost some weight the last few months...so hopefully it works.
Classic Long hall in cone...I love cone, I've wanted a jacket like this for like 2 years but convinced myself I'd never wear it so I'd just buy thicker denim shirts to act as a substitute. Then saw wsj had an article on them and said f it and bought one...
I ordered a jacket today and it shipped today. Great job ts team thank you for the quick turn around.
Yea my black lemotshes are the only pair I've worn all summer. I'll get a tort in some form soon
Yea those are really nice. Must not buy...
I really want a navy oxford, but they only have in S/M/L sizing and not the numerical kind. @fieldofdreams, what size would you wear in tokyo? I remember us being pretty close in the past, with me being slightly smaller. http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gWG100729S/
I liked it but thought it fell short of what it could have been...i need to revisit it i think i watched it right when it came out.
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