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Lemtosh starts at 44 js....http://moscot.com/shop/lemtosh
Can't lead a horse to water...
People jumping on ATVI today ? Fool you once shame on me. Fool you twice shame on you...
I have a wool cashmere one and it stated to pill a little bit under the arms but I wear it with a back pack to school.Probably only worn it like 5-6 times this year because it wasn't that cold this winter.
I rock a side pomp/detached undercut hybrid and I use lush dirty and Baxter clay pomade. But everyone's hair is different.I need a hair cut though it's far too long on the top currently. Goes down to my chin and when it's up/back it hits 3/4 of the way back of my head.
I have the bottom one. Didn't opt for the shoes or shirt portion of their deal however. I like it, only worn it once though.
I have to double check but I remember 30% yoy growth. Won't be too long before its sizable chunk of revenue.Had a big time name from the short world speak to my team today. Was pretty cool
AAPL service revenue is severely undervalued. Why is that they suffer while other companies are praised for something they are doing better is beyond me.
when i buy coffee from a shop these days its only ever cold brew. I'm really blessed with 4 high quality shop within 5 mins from my apt. Buy I havent checked out la colombre since its moved in. I wasnt a huge fan of their cold brew when I tried it last summer for the first time.
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