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Yea she looked good when fx ran that show tyrant last fall.
the squid and the whale...pretty decent work for some good actors before they started making more of their better work.
Disconnected. One of the better intertwining movies. Better than crash but that's not saying much. Still hate the style/genre
Yea I'm due for a pink Oxford as well. If you can make it happen in the next month or so I'm all in
You will be happy with bp
I usually get my stuff that I order on Tuesday by Friday...occasionally it's Sat but I blame that more on the post office than anything else. anyone know if they shipped the sand work chambray shirts yet? Were supposed to be shipped sometime between 3/5 and now I believe
Those are Moscts for sure I have 3 pairs. Interesting how they are with op cases and not Moscot ones.
Idk i was looking forward to it when i saw the trailer back in like june but saw all the initial criticism so I stayed away...should have kept to my gut.
i didn't even make it all the way through...just couldn't do it.
so much envy...stopping by trillium when im home next week. Might take a ride out to treehouse during the week. I havent been since David came out last year around this time.
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