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Think of them as an American craft beer company in Europe. A lot of what they do is similar to stuff being made in the states.Agree mostly hits but some misses. I haven't ever been wowed by anything but mostly solid offerings.
Interesting read from a cicerone in Boston about a place in Maine.... You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that for my bachelor party, I headed to a spot that is considered to be one of the greatest beer bars in the world. What might surprise you about said bar, though, is that it resides in the middle of a golf course in Lovell, Maine. I'll pause for a moment so you can find that on a map... anyways, rated by BeerAdvocate as the greatest beer bar in the world for...
I'd pick it up if I had an empty fridge and wasn't moving this weekend.Hopefully dc has it when I get there next week
I'm not trying to come off as one. I just don't think they are necessary...and yes given the nature of my former job I had to be in the office when the city of Boston was shut down...there were no buses there was no t. I walked the few miles in snow and negative 20 wind chill with a hat gloves heavy sweater Wool scarf and my bedale and was actually sweating.That is the most severe weather from a cold standpoint anyone in hear will see. (With the exception of maybe...
Dom Hemingway...really enjoyed it. I know a lot of people think its a poor mans bronson but it really isn't, sure there are some elements and similar camera shots but its not the same thing.
Props on the avi
All these people saying you need a liner, you don't really. I never used one even when I walked 40 mins in sub zero temps last winter. Just wear a heavy sweater and you are all set.
I did this back in oct, and left a little bit later than I wanted and didnt get out of the farmers market until around 11:30. After lunch and ben and jerrys...(gf insisted) We didnt get to HF until 4:15 and it was PACKED. 2 hours in line there and didnt get back to waterbury until after 7 for diner and old stage coach check in. If I had another 3 hours of driving home it would have made for a 18ish hour day...without hunting for heady.
Only issue with doing both farmers market and HF in one day is it make for an EXTREMELY long day. If waiting in lines isnt your thing...
You can go about it a few ways...I havent done the whole hunt for heady. I went up and got it from the source or skipped out entirely on trying to get it a few times. (But I believe there is a list of places on their website that sells it)Where are you coming from because the route may be slightly different.I would recommend going on a wed or thursday and calling a few of the stores first to see when they typically get their shipments. But for me it works best if you...
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