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The bay has some good copies of it.Edit: yea paprika is kind of weird.
Sci fi doesn't typically win let alone two years in a row. Movies about slavery though...whole other can of worms.
Haven't seen bird man yet but only heard good things...to reiterate what I said in this thread last year. Gravity winning killed interstellars chances.
Want to finish the ellipsis? What's wrong with that brand ?
boyhood. It was good nothing amazing. Will be annoyed when this wins best film.
Just looked. All of their shampoos are between 3.5-5.5 so looks like I'm okay. I use organics argen oil of morocco
damn...this whole time i thought i was doing myself a service by using the sulfate free shampoo...i went back to only shampooing every 3rd day a few weeks ago anyways.
If they are able to get any of the banter they had in the first 40 mins of Pineapple Express then yeah I think it would be worth it to see it but not in theaters. I don't really like going to the movies for comedies when it's my choice but I get overruled some times.Had free tickets to horrible bosses so I went and saw that last night. It was very comparable with the first in humor.Came home and watched I origins. Very well done and the French chick was very attractive
it was one of the better ipas like 5 years ago
Fury screener has been out for a week so I'm sure it's the same one.
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