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Anyone with any experience with elixir ?
So much envy. I haven't been there since 2013.
I picked some up a few weeks ago at a random liquer store outside of Boston. If that place gets it I think any place that carries ballast point gets it. Haven't seen it in dc though
I'll say the Hyde shirt is the best dress shirt for thee money that I own. I love both of them.
Their slim jeans arnt really that slim. Which works for those who have bigger thighs.
Yea iPhone autocorrect.
I wore my telegraph jacket from the first run today. Mind you I've worn it probably 4-5 times this school year. I've never had more compliments on an article of clothing in one day. Don't know what made it stand out today vs other times other then I lost a little weight from running a little longer distances and it sits really nice on me now. Wore it with a madras shirt because why the fuck not it hit 70s today in dmv Edit I get lots of compliments just never this many...
I would try to find an eu realator that sells them right now. Usd to euro is really good almost even.
Yea I saw it was on cable when I was home for spring break. Didn't feel the need to watch it then.
I've had it on my computer for over a year and haven't watched it yet.
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