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Watched the 30 min cast special last night...it was pretty cool and worth the watch to see some of the casting tapes...
I'm interested to see what they do because there has to be a fine line between what happened in history and what happens in this show. They can only deviate so far when even the main character was based off of someone.But if it plays out like history says it will be very anticlimactic.The fact this season is 8 episodes instead of 12 really is making it more difficult for the writers so I'm not giving them too much grief.
Your back is longer, can't tell you how much longer but they are. Also what is in your hair? It is clumping pretty badly in the last two pics. And you will never get it as clean as Hamms he has someone do it for him and im guessing you dont.
Im watching PB also...3 episodes in. Just waiting for Tom Hardy to come in and steal the show.As for the animosity towards BWE...Ive thought everything was fine until this last episode...but would you rather they dont tie lose ends? I understand why they are trying to close all the open story lines and maybe they planned to do it better but were cut to 8 shows in stead of 12 this season unexpectedly? [[SPOILER]]
your hair is longer than john hamms? Just get it cut shorter on the sides and back.
damn i wish i lived in boston still...
I agree great flick I've seen it 5 times. Each with a different person or group because I wanted to make sure they watched it.
Would certainly pay pal for two tasting glasses. They were never on sale when I went.
Watching cosmopolis down to nyc and Locke on the way back...wtf have I got myself into with this first one. Poorly executed acting but the plot is just enough to my interest that I won't switch to something else
Don't pour the very last bit of that in...so much sediment in that beer. But yes it is good.
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