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That whole last scene in general I think is what he's getting at. And I agree with all that has been said about last of mohecans. Great film and one I've watched with my father many times.
Treehouse/toppling Goliath dipa collab
David is phenomenal I don't ever remember drinking a better smelling dipa and I've had pretty much every top dipa. I'm speechless to the smell. The taste is a soft fruit juice that incredibly drinkable. Lots of mago and peach. Utter utter bliss.
I've been drinking Belgians both Abby's and sours since I became legal so it's not just a new thing for me. I drink everything and am incredibly quiet. Plus like I said my gf is a French citizen so we'd seem only half foreign.But yes, I agree the general trend right now is sours.
I appreciate the offer. I will be with my French gf in Paris for the week,I think the tentative plan is going to Brussels as 1 I would like to go to cantillon and 2 I have a friend from college that works and lives there. We are going the Thursday before Memorial Day which I know won't mean anything to you but I think that's the 18-21 somewhere around then.Picked up some treehouse and tg collab...ill report back tonight to give an update
The tickets cost more...of course they are the highest grossing movies year after year.Look 5 years ago when tickets were at most 9-12 bucks now those same tickets are 18...
Leave some of the loons in Belgium for me when I'm there in 4 weeks would ya.
Of course avatar was predictable that script has been used at least 2 times in the last 20 or so years once with the movie of the year.It was visually stunning which all Cameron movies are, but it didn't warrant multiple watches in theaters like some of my roommates at the time had done. I also did not see it in 3d and try to avoid 3d at all costs. It's a cheap gimmick and I wish it would go away.I did see gravity in 3d but that's because it was the only option.
Now youve gone and done it...que mr. birdman to come in here and cry fowl
Yea dc brau is can only
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