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Thanks but the shampoo and conditioner I use from organics is working fine. I've been using both for about 2 years.
I don't want to use something that makes my hair more dry then it already is.
Missed out on it this year I guess. Pretty sure no one wants dc beer anyways I would have been better off sending people wine.
Good thing it's a bomber and not a 12 oz then
It is good but that's honestly not one of their best...hope you get your hands on more. The rum barrel aged bomb is probably my favorite stout.
I actually watched it yesterday too. Thought it was good but a little confused as to why people kept telling me I had to see it 2 months ago.
Just got my crater today so I'll let you know. But I'm more in line with Yosemite for a shirt and maritime for an overshirt
It's not really a shirt I rarely wear it without long sleeves under
Young ones. Decent could have been a lot better
Interstellar fircthe third time
New Posts  All Forums: