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I read the book after seein dune because I thought it was such a cluster fuck of a movie. Awesome book though.
Weight is between 15-16 oz.I'd honestly order your chest size. The sa got me to size down which at the time I regretted but I lost even more weight so it's spot on.
The one posted earlier this page is fairly warm. I wore it in the upper 20s and was fine last winter. It didn't get much cooler than that in DC last winter.The weight is on the description online.No need to size up. It's snug but mine doesn't wrinkle a suit jacket under it and I actually sized down for mine because I wanted it extra slim.
mine are from HK which is china...but i wouldnt complain if thats where they are from. Or South Korea for that matter. South Korea isnt exactly a poor 3rd world country anymore.
Thanks MC, This is pretty much spot on for what im looking for. I saw this on CM awhile ago and should have got it when it was on sale there...(i bought a green cashmere blazer instead)
Nice jacket, care to post a link or who makes it.
I need to stop buying Tokyo/Tokyo slim. While they fit great in the waist and arms which I really have a difficult time finding shirts this narrow....too tight in the chest and shoulders. It's not that noticeable but it pulls slightly on the second button across he chest. Love the Oxford fabric and navy color. But from now on I need NYC slim
I taken the blame for my suit sleeves being too tight. I have big arms idk why I would ever agree to having them taken in even if it was .5 of an inch.
I hope that's hyperbole...50 lbs ? People usually get thinner not fatter when sick
I think they did one a year or two ago? Wouldn't have been something I was interested but I vaugely remember one in grey
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