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ive had beer made with these beans...not coffee though.
Stupid plot but awesome visuals imo
Damn I could only find the raspberry
Thanks for the heads up about churchkey. I'm going tomorrow with a couple of coworkers...hopefully not too packed. Not sure what draw tired hands has in this area. Edit: went on th website and they have district distro now. Looks like beer is on the up and up here. Hits a few bars and potentially take away option at Union market...I emailed them to confirm.
That's kind of a trek, I also don't like carrying a bunch of growlers/cabs around. My fiances sister lives like 30-45 mins away the next time we visit I'll swing by on the way home.
Wow, thanks for the heads up I haven't had tired hands in like 2 years. I really need a car so I can drive up.
No I was unaware they did one together. I only saw 3 bottles in the DC area this weekend and grabbed one of each. I got a stout but don't see trillium listed anywhere on there. Was it a trillium or omnipollo bottle ?
Finally had my first couple of omnipollo beers last night. Was impressed and glad I got my hands on them. Now if only tired hands cans made their way down to DC
Dunkirk trailer/teaser is up...
That atvi though
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