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I live in dc now. Thanks though
This was what was available when I was in Paris in May. That saint v is great stuff
i dont mind them, i wish they were in the first season though.
Debating going to the churchkey one. I heard it's always a shit show. I was in dc the weekend after it last year and was able to get classic there for a measly 25 bucks.
Did the black and tortoise shell Wilmot make it into other stores or was it specifically released for this place on Newbury st in Boston.
Anyone know anything about BP? I got in an argument / debate with tho guy over some other person in my class or the class above me having the same glasses but matte black with lighter tortuous shell side. Now I very specific with my eyeware and I've never scene anyone with anything remotely close. Anyone know if those matte black wilmots saw any distro outside Boston? When I talked to the guys at newton wellsely optical they made it seem of that particular model...
To whoever recommended if.... Bravo, I am seldomly impressed and tho was one of them. Tough to not bring comparison to co. Not because the main character the same but the rebellion against institution etc is in both. There is so much that is up for interpretation just because it was so taboo at the time. Either way great flick end rant/ Also downloaded that movie where r.pattrenson is in a limp most of the movie? Little guilty pleasure of mine I remember it being...
yea the good things in life are never easy
nah this is what the best dipa looks like
Really?Most for a barber I paid in Boston was 40 and that's when I had a job. I could go to this place but I'd have to spread it over 6 weeks instead of 4. That graduate assistant check isn't exactly my old check which wasn't great to begin with.But I guess being in business school and expected to go to social interactions with potential employers every week might end up as an investment...The hair game in my program is pretty on point...I've always had the best hair...
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