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Child 44 about a week ago...good but could have been better if it was less concerned with hardy vs the other officer and more focus on the murder cases
Seen gattaca a good 30 times...not kidding. Best scifi movie from the last year is predestination though...the signal is worth a watch also
Yea I think it's the best made movie of all time. I've said it a few times over the course of this thread if you think I'm joking.The long run version is a masterpiece. Has everything a good movie should have.
Once upon a time in America > all other gangster movies. No argument it's a 5
Watching Boston gangster flicks in anticipation of black mass ?
Pretty much my exact measurements. For the last 9 months or so I switched to tailor stitches dress shirts which don't iron quite as well but for substantially better. I rock 38 in their shirts and the fit is beautiful.It's tough having 38-40 chest and sub 30 waist, though after this week of eating and drinking I'm feeling like a 32. Need my hip to heal so I can be back at 25-30 miles a week.
That's a 4 not a 3 "I'm walkin here"
That's fine give me all the material things. My brooks shirts iron better then almost any other brand. Too bad they can't get the slim fit thing down like at all
No, you must be fat... No in all honesty the only issues I have with TS pants are the super long inseem which causes me to roll a few times or have hemmed...and the crotch blows out but it Happens in all my Jeans no matter the brand.
TnA or T&8?Yea guy Ritchie knows what's up. I'm excited for the online release in a few months but won't be going to the theater for it.
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