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I'm a cumberbachh fan but he hasn't paid his dues any more than bc. Not saying either deserves it over the other but by using that logic leo should have won something by now
Barton pereira has a few where the face is semi transparent and the sides are tortoise. I wear ones that are Amber but they are carry a more crystal color in a few modelsCheck out their Cagney. Wayfer square face a little more refined imo plus it has the two tone which i think looks really sharp. I had a tough tome deciding between the crystal and honey wilmot. Wilmot pictured below.
Trillium just hasn't been able to land consistency among their non hoppy offerings outside of pot and kettle. It's too bad because I like the concepts of some of their experiments they just don't pan out
My friend lent me his areo press...I'll do some research and then instantly become like you PB?
Anyone have any experience with a blitz day that they would care to share? I have one coming up and its scheduled for 7 hours.
When I was moving out of Boston someone jacked a 2012 scubab from my car. I was literally gone for 15 seconds and the thing was on the passenger seat. Who steals a scubaba ?
Don't have a fit pic but I'm 5'9 165. It's a little snug sitting down with a heavy sweater but fine moving around.
You would be better off with an ashby imo. Not 100 percent on if it it comes in sage but I wear a 38 suit and a 36 in the ashby.
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