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I wore my telegraph jacket from the first run today. Mind you I've worn it probably 4-5 times this school year. I've never had more compliments on an article of clothing in one day. Don't know what made it stand out today vs other times other then I lost a little weight from running a little longer distances and it sits really nice on me now. Wore it with a madras shirt because why the fuck not it hit 70s today in dmv Edit I get lots of compliments just never this many...
I would try to find an eu realator that sells them right now. Usd to euro is really good almost even.
Yea I saw it was on cable when I was home for spring break. Didn't feel the need to watch it then.
I've had it on my computer for over a year and haven't watched it yet.
I'm sure a tailor could do something.
I agree with this 100 percent. The people that consistently are having issues with sizing must have an odd body type or one that doesn't work well with ts.
What were your complaints about interstellar ?
Thank god his part didn't have a lot of screen time.
I own like 14 ts shirts and I got my first one that doesn't follow the exact measurements. The new chambrays are a spec long compared to other shirts. But nothing I'll lose sleep over.
almost picked this up yesterday, glad i skipped it.
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