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When I was moving out of Boston someone jacked a 2012 scubab from my car. I was literally gone for 15 seconds and the thing was on the passenger seat. Who steals a scubaba ?
Don't have a fit pic but I'm 5'9 165. It's a little snug sitting down with a heavy sweater but fine moving around.
You would be better off with an ashby imo. Not 100 percent on if it it comes in sage but I wear a 38 suit and a 36 in the ashby.
Yes and no. I'm not getting any grinds in my coffee but it has been more acidic than normal. Not sure if there is any correlation.
Looks promising. How did you watch it ? Download or streaming somewhere ?
you can try all you want to get hair like this guy but very few people have as good of hair genetics as him...he uses hanz de fuko products so do i...do what others have said as far as heat and brush techniques but you need product with a solid hold and matte finish to achieve his hair or something similar.
Sent you a pm
Not looking for pics or anything just a list of the project names and the category they would fit under ie shirting outerwear accessories
Either last year or the year before you gave a list of slotted projects in your pipeline. Anyway we can get this list? Might change how I alocate purchases between you guys and other brands. You always get the first nod but I recently bought another waxed jacket and may have held off if I knew you had plans for one
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