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what is there a god damn coffee bubble? Okay fine local roasters it is.
Ugh...looks like I'll be only getting intelligentsia and elixir now.
Try growing up with his last name....Ferris
i grew up 5 mins from where most of the film was shot...used to go to his house in the film all the time, its part of a park
If you like that project jacket i think youll like something being released soon...
The pope is messing up my runs this week...the whole city is clogged up
Nice a bunch of my bschool cohort are at tech crunch in San Fran at the moment and I directed them to the one there.
Reflecting on black mass a little more. It didn't feel so much like a movie but rather a collection of scenes over a 20 year period. I would have liked another half hour going into his upbringing and stint at Alcatraz. I know stories because my grandmother grew up with him. Would have been cool to see some of those on screen. They don't talk about any of his sisters but one of them was my grandmothers maid of honor.
I have a Mac in it. It's not that rare but it is rare that someone picks it over green black or navy. Too bad I don't have to worry about that I have 1 of each.
the oxfords may be from Portugal...id have to double check
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