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You get that with both directors I just listed. But take someone who didn't really start watching movies like that until I was 18. It isn't to as I haven't seen my fair share because I have, but I've been conditioned to expect more out of movies from a visual stand point.No haven't seen either of those, though I like Newman and could see myself watching the hustler.
It's my opinion. I don't find movies before then enjoyable. I'm also not saying all new movies are amazing. When I think of film noire I think Chinatown and blade runner. I find it much easier to spot over acting when that's all there is carrying the movie do to lack of technology. I don't have a sense of nostalgia for older films either seeing that I'm 26. I love Sergio leone and Kubrick films from mid 60s on
That's part of the problem. I'm biased against pretty much anything pre 1969. I think film before that is garbage for the most part and don't see the appeal other than it was the first time some effect was tried in one way or another
Maltese and casa...I just felt like he was always playing himself in roles. I took a few film classes in both high school and college that delved into his life off the screen and he was the same person.
Nice Ken, I like vanilla then coffee from JA best out of the variants they make. BS is a great refreshing beer...jelly of the haul from Belgium
Dat cable car...my ddg is still sitting in my parents basement down the cape. What did it take to land that haul
Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but soon I am anticipating Lefties wrath.
Bogart is such a hack...I never understood the praise.
Brought a six pack of gose to a bbq and no one liked it. Fine more for me.
I used to do 5 and tried 4 and it tasted better that way.
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