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Well said medoc
Yea I've used solver and goal seek for some models but not to the extent that bankers probably do.
I'm really tempted to drive up to hf when I'm home for 10 days for Xmas. I haven't been in 18 months yikes
I actually live in DC. I go to smith at Umd. I wanted to go to bu when they had the mims program but unfortunately they did away with that.Gf my buddy did a dcf on chipotle last spring and its dipped below his price target I can try to get a hold of it and send you it if you want.
Sorry I meant more then through beta or a forward beta...I meant you can't model it in to make it go away if that makes any sense. I'm not really looking at anything that has an outrageous beta
You talking systematic risk ? I mean you can't really model that in. We have built in levers for bull vs bear scenarios where different levers are changed but that's the extent of it.
We forecast revenue and usually there is a driver i.e. Backing into iPhone sales for previous quarter year etc. some analysts will use regression models others will use guidance but ultimately it's up to each analyst to come up with their own model.I didn't pitch Apple I inherited it but I can look into what the analyst did.The uncertainty is built into one tab where we calculate different costs of equity and then you can address it again in your terminal rate.
It doesn't take that long and if you believe in fundamental analysis it's worth doing.
eh idk why i havent looked into this thread before...im a tech analyst on my schools investment fund and hold AAPL/MSFT and replaced INTC and XRX with CTSH and ATVI...ATVI has been my better play of the two netting 33% return in the past few months. CTSH is a longer play and if it doesnt do anything in the next few months ill replace it with SAP if i can make the model work. I wanted to pitch CRM but it was too difficult to justify the current valuation even more so after...
Regardless the jacket looks amazing. It's honestly the last thing I need but my affinity towards black watch will probably have me fund this.If I didn't buy the Yosemite I would be all over this 110 percent.
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