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Hey TS, Any idea when the Hyde will be restocked in white? I need a couple of new white dress shirts and will wait until you restock if the timing is before the end of the year. Thanks, Mike
Nice. I was trying to fit going to their Manhattan spot in my plans yesterday but I spent too much time trying to find a coffee place. I'll prob go when I go on my next day trip but I foresee this exact combo as my next pair of sunglasses.Also want to see if they do replacement lenses for miltzen because I would love the green on those.
A most wanted man...was there a point to this one? On a bus tomorrow there and back from nyc what's should I watch ?
Unless it happened in the last week. I ordered on the 12th.
5 9 170. 38 inch jacket size. Not sure what my actually chest size is anymore. I wore it with a light wool sweater today and it's a bit snug when sitting but perfect when standing it probably won't close all the way at the top with a scarf.
ashby and free scarf came in from country attire...fit is spot on at small. Thanks for the sizing advice.
Urban grape or bees knees ? I'll be hitting that up when I come home for the holidays but won't be spending 45 bucks on a beer.
It was never on their us website I used to default to uk the few times I ordered from them.
ive been waiting for the drop and i origins to go up on torrents forever...anyone found any copies?
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