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Well fuck...egg on my face for thinking yesterday would be bottom for ATVI. That LinkedIn though...
It hasn't been this low since sept and should have a strong quarter based off call of duty sales which up until recently was the highest grossing sales of consumable media last year behind only Star Wars. Every analyst I've seen that posts on Thompson has a target of 41-43. Being down almost 4 percent today off no news other than take two beating earnings is a preposterous reason to be down.
I can send you my report and excel just pm me your email
I can't stress how good of a buy ATVI is right now. I'd snag it before the upcoming earnings it's either the 11th or 22nd. Market was receptive to take twos shitty earnings and ATVI will beat them too
Wow beautiful.
I have my fund meetings in a room dedicated by Carly fiorina idk which of them is worse...
Great post on gram cracker! I assume that was you Mike. Looking forward to these releases.
I'm wearing the first run of the telegraph from early 2013 today...or was it 2012? Times flying and my memory is fading.
Yea what are you doing selling the hottest stock in that market ?
I look at it periodically and am more out of the door because it's came down a lot lately. But what comes down must come up?
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