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Inherent vice is garbage
I've seen it a solid 7 times. (Thanks HBO/max/stars/ whoever released it) I agree lots going on, but I enjoyed it. Class is canceled tomorrow which means at least 1 movie tonight.
You sure you saw it in 3d? I saw it on 70m and I'm 99 percent positive Nolan didn't shoot it in 3d
Bottle rocket. I'm glad it improved significantly
Re watched all of Wes andersons movies in the last two weeks as well as seeing bottle rocket for the first time. Kind of a let down.
digging stumptowns peru the past few days
Settle down. That movie is drivel and so is jlaw in it.
Headhunter. Good but it tried to hard to be old boy mixed with layer cake
I probably add more water to dilute it post pressing then most other people due. Total oz are usually around 11
Basically my method with 18g though
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