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I need to stop buying Tokyo/Tokyo slim. While they fit great in the waist and arms which I really have a difficult time finding shirts this narrow....too tight in the chest and shoulders. It's not that noticeable but it pulls slightly on the second button across he chest. Love the Oxford fabric and navy color. But from now on I need NYC slim
I taken the blame for my suit sleeves being too tight. I have big arms idk why I would ever agree to having them taken in even if it was .5 of an inch.
I hope that's hyperbole...50 lbs ? People usually get thinner not fatter when sick
I think they did one a year or two ago? Wouldn't have been something I was interested but I vaugely remember one in grey
It's good but I agree it kind of gets dull halfway in. Wish they went more into his younger years personally. I only know stories from having family members grow up with him
I like the occasional Brett porter but I would think the bitterness from coffee and the sour from the yeast would just be competing with each other too much.
Coffee geuze dafuq? I like both by themselves but no, just no
That's just like your opinion, man
even the pikie stuff?
Mike what's the inseam on the isla pants for women ?
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