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It was good. Definitely not sour. Better than the last stuptown I got which was Honduras I think. I've had their other Ethiopian before and pretty sure this one is better. I need another taste tomorrow. As an aside DC finally has a decent beer. DC brau solar abyss taste very similar to what I remember heady tasting like. But then again I haven't had that in over a year.
I don't even put gym clothes in there because most of them have the elastic stitching that gets messed up. If it's just a t then sure it does in
My thoughts are you need to relax those are fine
Yea I only use the dryer for sheets towels and underwear. But then again I don't wash most of my clothes every.
Look what I was able to pick up at Starbucks...
Finally convinced my gf to buy something from ts. That chambray dress looked nice, I hope it works out. Ps she's a spitting image of one of the models you used for the yosemitte shirt last year. I tagged her in a pic on fb last year and people assumed it was her
So i like a good cup of coffee...i feel anything ive posted in the coffee thread would put me at the trough
yea guess i cant ask who still gets their coffee at stbucks when pretty much everywhere there are smaller better offerings where the beans rnt burnt for consistency reasons.
settle down
private messages...
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