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The dumpster though...
Ugh hh different strokes for different folks? I found her a little on the not so attractive side and quite annoying
I don't know the full intricacies of my parents financing but my father is in the process of coming into a sizable chunk of change from options that were bought and sold and they are also in the process of selling the home I grew up in. This may take awhile as it is a unique home compared to the area.Aside from doing a few things to their new home they won't have any huge expenses. My father is retiring at the close of the year as well.So I say buy what he has wanted since...
I do if they are really bad. It's mostly thick dead skin so it doesn't hurt or anything just looks kind of gross
My feet don't sweat unless I'm running. It's really a magical thing but leaves my heals with huge cracks for 5/6 of the years.
My mom won't let my dad buy a Porsche.
Hell of a haul there.
Oh I know
De Niro and psh were great in that...
Some guy at work had the waxy grey mctavish on this week and I am not a fan. I'd be interested to see what polish of a different color would do but I'm not a fan of them just out of the box.
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