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Loved saus
The subject matter for starters. The idea of variety as every company would be different. I do have a long term relationship which long hours would dig into but I also think my gf is interested in going back to school or something once I finish my MBA. Ideal job would be working for film industry trying to predict what projects would be worth undertaking but I feel consulting would be easier to break into
Thanks...from my own research and a lot of reading this thread over the last 6 months I'm leaning towards concentrating on consulting. That being said I could see myself being perfectly happy with doing corp finance as a back up.
Yea I agree the Internet is pretty unreliable. I have a friend that worked at Bain and his brother works at a smaller shop in Boston. Those are the only two friends I know in the industry.My career coach was a former hr employee for pwc consulting...idk probably look to start there.
"No point" like the culture and or pay are not worth even considering for someone coming out of an MBA. I have my first orientation kick off in a few days and had to put a list of 10 target companies. I had the big players on there and Booz/pwc is actually my number 1.
If you had to put a list together for most desirable/prestigious firms to work for outside of the top 3 what would they be? And or is there no point in applying to something outside of the top 3?
Brando in mostly anything.Zero Therom. Good thought provoking but not as good as Brazil.
I often post from my phone. Can't be bothered to delete them when doing that.
Ive been to the store and know what its made of...also talked to an employee about them.
Do you really use rate beer over beer advocate ?Rate beer looks like a 3rd grader designed it
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