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Brando in mostly anything.Zero Therom. Good thought provoking but not as good as Brazil.
I often post from my phone. Can't be bothered to delete them when doing that.
Ive been to the store and know what its made of...also talked to an employee about them.
Do you really use rate beer over beer advocate ?Rate beer looks like a 3rd grader designed it
Saw man from earth a good 4 years ago. Pretty cool story.In the last few days I've rewatchedKilling our darlings and talented mr ripely.Last night was amazing Spider-Man 2. Meh could have been betterI finally got a good copy of the zero Therom so probably watch that tonight
Im moving to dc next week where did you find the RR?
Think of them as an American craft beer company in Europe. A lot of what they do is similar to stuff being made in the states.Agree mostly hits but some misses. I haven't ever been wowed by anything but mostly solid offerings.
Interesting read from a cicerone in Boston about a place in Maine.... You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that for my bachelor party, I headed to a spot that is considered to be one of the greatest beer bars in the world. What might surprise you about said bar, though, is that it resides in the middle of a golf course in Lovell, Maine. I'll pause for a moment so you can find that on a map... anyways, rated by BeerAdvocate as the greatest beer bar in the world for...
I'd pick it up if I had an empty fridge and wasn't moving this weekend.Hopefully dc has it when I get there next week
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