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I'm sure he ran away from the family he was left with and came back to find his grandmother in a mental hospital. Asked her what happened and she explained. She gave Nucky one last shot to redeem himself when he visited and he failed.Tommy went back and she told himUnless I missed something when the nurse mentioned visitors. I need to watch the finale again.
Looks like the same model they use for their other jackets...
would have been anti-climatic if they didn't though. [[SPOILER]]
I went earlier this year and it was a blast and is close to the train station maybe a 10 min walk. Don't ask for help trying to find it though none of the locals or police know what it is.
He lost a lot of it in the crash
I agree with all of the above but 4...I had that done and unless you plan on going to the barber every 2 weeks I would advise against it. At least for me the new hair grew in and it looked stupid.
Bumping this thread...thoroughly impressed with their Hyde shirt. Best shirt under 100 bucks without a doubt.
Yea I'm aware, and that hasbt happened yet in this season and I'm sure it will the last episode.
That isnt new info. They talked about that before probably season 2?
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