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yea the one i had on my local spot on campus was strong as shit. I had like a 3rd of it and was wired. This was much more enjoyable.
I'm not the best person to ask because I've only had cold brew one other time. It's super convenient being in bottles though.
Yea...I went there in high school for 3 days on my way to hawaii which was about 10-12 years ago. I enjoyed myself but know I would enjoy myself much more now.
not that close, 20-25 walking. But the 5 mins to local coffee place will be the death of me. One of those bottles is 4 bucks.
My second ice coffee ever...yea I'm in trouble if there is a place down the street that sells these. Stumpptown stubbie with stumpptown coffee milk...refreshing afternoon break from end of the term work on a perfect afternoon in DC
I've debated doing a vacation to sf just so I can visit TS and talk to the guys there.
shameless plug... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-24/the-10-business-schools-most-endorsed-by-students
stumptown Guatemala bourbon is my newest bag...decent nothing special.
Yea just the face is yellow the sides are tort...I posted my collection a few pages back if you really want to look.Ive added OP anderson Black face with tort sides since taking that.
Toss up really. Both are unique but I like the second one a little bit more. Really depends on how much you want them to be a statement piece. I have Amber and tort frames that are great but don't go with everything. I wound up getting another pair of glasses just for days where Amber didn't work. I liken that to the olive...my .02
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