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At least rht is shielding some of my woes. Up over 4% today.
Read the earnings call transcript. So much good stuff baked in and no puppy killing. Consider me baffled.
Yea I know that but they added 3 brand new revenue streams in the last 4 months am I crazy or has diversifying made them worse off? Because that's what the street thinks based off these sell orders.
Does it make sense that ATVI lost 3.35b in market cap for missing .8b on revenue ?
I'm in class now so I wasn't on it. I'll follow up tomorrow though. Needless to say supper disappointed.
They miss by 3 cents and increase 2016 expectations. Mind you they beat their own expectations. F the bullish analysts
Im pitching RHT today...ATVI seems to be out performing S&P today, and yea I think analysts expectations are high, but not beatable...it was far too oversold in the last week for the quality of earnings and revenue streams it will have in the next few quarters that it didnt have the last 6 months.
I haven't tried on a Napoli so not sure.
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