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I'm not one to really enjoy musicals. I'll watch them the years they get hyped up shrug my shoulders and move on. But 14's either a weak field this year or it's that good. I'll give it a shot but 14 seems really really high...I'm so far behind on movies this year. I saw arrival and have been too busy to even fully look at the list of nominations. Because musicals don't resonate with me I am very pe perplexed the years they sweep the oscars i.e. Chicago. I'm all...
Kampalan no once upon a time in America ? That's my favorite score
The first couple hp movies are much more kid and cartoon forward. Think the hobbit trilogy vs lord of the rings...I enjoyed them but that's because I grew up with the books
Whoops forgot about bcs weekend. Oh well I went to tired hands instead.
Mean streets is good but he's not really the focal point
How could I forget Ragin bull... He's clearly talented I loved him in meet the parents too, though that seemed to be his Segway into more comedy which probably isn't the best fit
Deniro as noodles in once upon a time in America though...or deer hunter/taxi driver
I really want to see it but for some reason there were no showings before like 1:30 near me and I've been busy after that
My father sent me 40 pounders from trillium o Thursday. Down to 26 now. One of them was Nelson dry hopped and it's awesome. I think I have 2 left of that.
For 200 not really. 200 can go far on some website like eBay but I doubt you can use it towards a purchas on eBay. Also lots of fakes on eBay. I find frames to be most expensive at my optometrist
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