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/\\Looks like a guy who can saber you to the saddle in one swing, shudder./\\
Noooo-o-o-o, do not mount it . It is LCD and if mounted you will not be able to turn it so that you can be in a sweet spot. LCD thin or thick suck though in picture quality and yes the shadow detail is non existent. I bought one this year and I should have looked for an old Pioneer plasma instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma It happens all over the third world ... Do you mean London?
I like 'Employees only' for cocktails and dinner. Chimichurri Gril is very good and small . Carlile or Penninsula hotels are both great for drinks.
Buy American !
I prefer Partos pork or D' Montecristo chicken. Dostoevsky pickles are also nice.
$10 + cost of shipping, PayPal.
There are little known varietals, from little known countries (Lebanon, Hungary, Armenia, Georgia) that are sold for under $10.00 and are absolutely unique and extremely enjoyable. Don't be afraid to try something you are not familiar with.
The only thing that works for stubborn acne is Accutane. It works in 99% cases. If you live in US you would have to buy it online.
Yes, in diff. countries on different occasions sometimes 2+ womenz at once. Also flown young womenz to island vacations to entertain me. It has been great and much more enjoyable than having a so-called girl-friend, not to mention much more affordable.
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