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I tend to think that if you really want a matching belt, then probably only one by John Lobb will do. Other musuem calf belts will be similar in finish and color, but not the same as the leather on the John Lobb shoes. I also agree that there are plenty of belts out there that would go well with Edward Green's dark oak, Crockett & Jones' dark brown antique calf, John Lobb's dark brown museum calf, or similar shades by other shoe makers. Bic
I wonder if the darker brown Martin Dingman Wellington would work: http://www.martindingman.com/index.php/accessories/belts/wellington.html The light brown version looks a bit like tan museum calf. Bic
Unfortunately, I have never seen their products, so I can't speak to the quality.
I live about 20 minutes away from their retail shop in Ueno. Bic
Pickett sells portfolios that are similar to the picture you posted: http://www.pickett.co.uk/shop/leather-goods/briefcases-and-folios/ Many Japanese men used to carry a "second bag." They are smaller and wider than the portfolio, but have a loop that probably would make carrying easier. Here is a link to a custom made one: http://www.herz-bag.jp/blog/oldblog/2010/05/post-114.html Bic
What would you like to know, specifically? I have had Union Works put flush toe taps on my Edward Green, John Lobb, Carmina, Crocket & Jones, and Grenson shoes. I have been very satisfied with the work they did, although they are not cheap, especially when you think about their prices in dollars. Bic
Men's Isetan in Shinjuku sent me the list of shoemakers who will be visiting in September and October. It will be a busy fall. Here is the list: Sanyo Yamacho pattern order Sept 11-17 Tricker's pattern order Sept. 18-24 Padrone pattern order Sept. 25-Oct. 1 Todds pattern order Oct. 2-8 SilvanoLattanzi pattern order Oct. 5- 6 Santoni patern order Oct. 9- 15 Bettanin & Venturi pattern order Oct. 9-15 Perfetto pattern order Oct. 16-22 Hiroshi Tsubochi pattern order Oct....
I bought these Edward Green Chelseas in Chestnut (Last 202) last month. The shoes are different widths. The left shoe is 7.5/8 D. The right shoe is a 7.5/8 E. Unfortunately, the right shoe is slightly too small for me, so I am looking to unload them. I tried them on twice, but they are the shoes in the photos. I am asking $400 plus shipping method of your choice. paypal. Bic
I have a pair that I haven't worn. They are too big for me. Bic
I say no to the cap toe on double monks. When you put a cap on the toe of a double monk, you essentially draw three horizontal lines across the shoe. I don't see how that can be elegant. In my mind, no double monk looks better than the same shoe with a plain toe. Bic
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