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One more interested if you make a plan to Zurich! Would appreciate to receive a PM if you make travel arrangements - thanks!
Anyone that could help me?
Anyone ever seen this bag? 
I'm looking for a brown shoe and it looks like C&J does not offer any brown shoe in C width. Does anybody has a recommendation for me. It doesn't have to be an english shoe maker. I'm looking for a rather modern cut for me as a rather young man..
Hello, I'm intending to buy a pair of C&J shoes. My current favourite is the Hallam. I'm a little bit concerned about the different width they offer. I consider myself having rather narrow feet. My usual size is 10 (UK). Shall I just go ahead with their E fitting or would I end up with a way too wide shoe? BTW: Does anybody know a page with good pictures of C&J shoes? Their website hasn't been constructed for ordering online.. Thanks for your help! Andi
Has he a new email address or is it still the one from page 2?
I read the first few pages of this thread. Sounds really interesting. Price tag still the same? Do I simply write him an email or how is the order process set up?
I guess MTM would rather represent my price class which is around CHF 1'000.-. Any suggestions for Zürich?
I'm looking for a good tailor in Zürich for a few new suits. Does anybody here has a good recommendation?
Have somebody here ever heard of Rolando Sturlini shoes. How is the quality? I can't find any information, not even a website! I found these shoes on ASOS.COM and I really like their shape. Can somebody a better alternative?
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