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20% off at Asos.com - New season: VIPSEASON
as a beater pair (Swear) .... super cheap in sale at FarFetch with 70% off (£31.50): Y/N? edit: also available for about £30 more in this color:
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 I get 'code not valid for this currency' ? It's only applicable to US orders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alistar Hi, I've recently been looking to purchase a pair of PS Osmo trainers, yet I'm a little confused on the size to go for. I'm usually a UK 9 (US 10) for shoes, but I've heard that PS shoes tend to run a size big, so was wondering whether I should go for a UK 8 (US 9)? Has anyone had any experience with Paul Smith trainers and their sizing? Thankyou. I've got the Osmo and loads of other PS...
Quote: Originally Posted by m4x http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/067938 Anyone having these shorts? Are they true to size? I picked these up in NY store 2 weeks ago and had to buy L - with jeans waist of 32. M's wouldn't even close
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 If you're in NYC, the Paul Smith outlet store on Grand Street here in Brooklyn just started its winter reductions. Sorry to bump an older thread - but can anyone tell me on the pricing of this store? Is it worth visiting? I'll be in NY in 2.5 weeks and might take a look there - if prices are good. I'm a PS fan, so if they got good deals then I def. want to visit.
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