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(I have 2 SS pants for sale - both tagged 6 but fit more like a SS 5 - Waist 32 - IT48 - see my other listing) For sale, new but without tags Stephan Schneider Pants in navy blue. Great fabric and nice fit, unfortunately does not fit me (I am normally a size 6 in SS pants) Measure approx 17.5 inch waist / 8 inch hem. I am not 100% sure on collection but I believe AW09. Item located in Luxembourg - shipping is approximately $20 tracked to Europe & US. More than happy to...
Yep, sample sales are over now though
fashion_sauce2012 for -15%
Damn wish they had this deal on Euro-Yoox
Looking for a pair of black Jil/Raf derbies in black - plain / matte leather in a size 43 or 44 (I'm a 43 in CPs/Paul Smith and 44 in MMM - not sure which size to get). Prefer (almost) new condition, shipping will have to go to Luxembourg. (Price is just an indication) Thanks!
It's from their facebook (they posted just couple of hours ago) - maybe drop them an e-mail?
Another 25 EUR Tres Bien code (depending on currency used): FB-USD FB-EUR FB-GBP FB-SEK
Also waiting on a reply for 1.5 weeks now
What size did you order and normally have? Had my eyes on them but didn't go for it in the end. Did pick up the Balenciaga Chinos but they'll probably be too big.
WrongWeather has sale on old-season - everything is -70%, including Schneider, CPs, Dries, etc, etc. Just kopped Scheider + Dries shirt + pair of CPs. Wanted to buy the whole sale but damn Porter robbed me already Hope it helps
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