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Thanks both - To be honest, I am not sure if it's lamb or calf, need to check label when I get home. It was this one from Oki-Ni:
Not sure how it works for Duty in the US, but could it be that MrPorter removes the VAT (17.5%), but then adds the (US) Duties?
Just got a Margiela 5-zip of Oki-Ni, opinion on the fit please? Thanks
I own quite a bit of Lanvin items so I hope I am qualified enough Most Lanvin fits a size big (Trousers, Shirts, Jackets). Lanvin often has skinny cut trousers, but of course depends on the model. Biker trousers (which they have each season) are very skinny, but usually require a size down for the waist.Quality is good to very good, but nothing really outstanding though. Most trousers will be made in Romania.
LN-CC no longer stocks Dries (nor Ann D, Haider Ackermann, etc). I spoke to a retailer in the Netherlands who sells Dries menswear, and he told me he was not allowed to buy the women collection - as the Antwerp store was too close to theirs (Rotterdam) and they want to limit the amount of shops. They were not even allowed at all to sell Dries in the online shop, he told me they were very strict on this. TheCorner also (only) sells menswear - I am sure they'd love to sell...
I am pretty sure retailers are not allowed to sell Dries outside their main region - I also can't buy Dries from US stores for example. If you change your shipping region to UK / Germany / whatever you should be able to see it.
Antonioli also stocking dries (again) after 2 seasons without - preorders are up (guess Europe shipping only) F/W 14 Jil Sander leaving Jil Sander (again)
Yang Li SS14 here -
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