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Pass on the skull rings and just grab some skull socks, shoes, and a hat and you're good to go.
yup, this was the piece I was most impressed with but didn't buy it for the same reason.The SF store has the whole collection in full size runs if anyone cares.overall I thought most items were much better constructed than I expected.
yup, they actually have both of the fair isle and a ton of the long heavy UU sweaters. They have a very small section of the UU stuff by the register on the first floor and the majority of it is those long sweaters.Grabbed one of the UU down jackets today and actually really like it.
Had to stop by SF Uniqlo today to exchange some jeans. Noticed when I was leaving that they had a section of men's UU on the first floor by the register. Guy working there said a bunch came in on Friday but all the sweats, wool pants, and most of the jackets sold out quick. They did have some of the long cardigans, flannels, pea coats, and some down jackets left.
Are you going to restock the UU sweatpants?
UU BOO Uniqlo WhiteMountaineering
Strange day while shopping in SF today. Saw a asian in union square wearing Givenchy Rottweiler shirt, Balmain jeans, and white rick dunks. 2 minutes later while walking toward Uniqlo guy wearing a 5 zip and GATS Getting in line at Uniqlo a guy in front of me is wearing NFxSupreme, hidden plack shirt, and flyknits. Leave to walk to Barneys and I see a guy wearing a junya shirt and common projects. I felt like I had left reality and ended up at Styleforum.
Ralpha (partially) hidden placket MMM dark blue with chocolate suede patches GF got me these n(n jeans. not sure if i like the snap pockets, kinda reminds me of true religion or something... Also got some uniqlo slim twill jeans, some fleece lined camo snowboarding looking pants, and some heat tech long sleeves
Meh. Wasn't worth waiting in line, that's for sure.I wish they had the UU stuff.My GF enjoyed it and we both some a few things, so not a big loss. I was 'working from home' today so I guess getting paid to stand in line and go shopping isn't too bad.
White Mountaineering. They look better than I thought they would. Great laces, great uppers, the suede is super nice. The soles are awful tho. They are basically cheaper Chucks soles.
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