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I was next door at barrel house. I saw you standing by the window. Took me a second to realize that I 'knew you from the internet'.
Hey were you at Blueline Pizza in Burlingame tonight, kiya?
No. Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
I emailed you this morning with my address. Picked up something good this weekend for whoever I'm sending to.
In. California M/L 48/slim50 33 waist 10.5/11 Great idea, btw. I read the sufu swap there a while a go and it sounds really fun.
Bloomingdales in SF had some Ervell for 40% off including the pocket sweaters in purple and charcoal.
Someone stole the gray sns cardigan from my cart in L. If it doesn't work out for you, let me know.
I sized up one in the slim twill (from 31-32) and they were a little bit tight in the thigh but they have stretched some after a few wears.
Pass on the skull rings and just grab some skull socks, shoes, and a hat and you're good to go.
New Posts  All Forums: