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Sorry to my partner, your package will go out on Tuesday. I'm waiting for something to arrive. I had local treats but my GF ate them over the holidays I had to order new stuff.
One of my biggest non-kop regrets ever was a Giorigo Brato leather. It looked and fit absolutely perfect.. Funny too as it was the single only Brato leather I have even ever remotely thought looked even decent.Was unemployed at the time the time and felt like $1200 was a bit much to be spending... Really should have just bought it.
Thanks Reedo.I bought that WM jacket.Hope it fits.
I have trouble wearing that inside out cardi, but it's a really cool piece.
From bottom to top- n(n]- wool/leather Cucinelli- Cashmere (12 ply) Canali- wool/silk Cucinelli- cashmere MMM- wool MMM- wool/leather Still need many more
What color is it? Kinda hard to tell from the picture.
Wearing the black/white flyknits right now and love them.
When I was there Wednesday there were tons of sizes of the white boots and a few smaller sizes(40, 41, 42) and some 45s in black.
I meant to buy it last night and didn't realize I never completed the paypal part. Ah well. If anyone here bought it and decides they don't want it, let me know.
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