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One of my biggest non-kop regrets ever was a Giorigo Brato leather. It looked and fit absolutely perfect.. Funny too as it was the single only Brato leather I have even ever remotely thought looked even decent.Was unemployed at the time the time and felt like $1200 was a bit much to be spending... Really should have just bought it.
Thanks Reedo.I bought that WM jacket.Hope it fits.
I have trouble wearing that inside out cardi, but it's a really cool piece.
From bottom to top- n(n]- wool/leather Cucinelli- Cashmere (12 ply) Canali- wool/silk Cucinelli- cashmere MMM- wool MMM- wool/leather Still need many more
What color is it? Kinda hard to tell from the picture.
Wearing the black/white flyknits right now and love them.
When I was there Wednesday there were tons of sizes of the white boots and a few smaller sizes(40, 41, 42) and some 45s in black.
I meant to buy it last night and didn't realize I never completed the paypal part. Ah well. If anyone here bought it and decides they don't want it, let me know.
The red and blue one?If so and it doesn't fit you, I will take it.
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