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Too sick to my stomach to buy anything right now. Luckily I the following arriving in the next day or so to ease my pain. Junya jacket Ervell jacket WM jacket CP slip on oxfords Few sweaters and a pair of sweats from Uniqlo Couple of Alexander Wang Tshirts And probably a few other things I forgot about during my copping spree from last week.
Maas & Stacks in SF put out some older season stuff at 70% in store in case anyone is interested. They didn't have a ton of stuff but there was a decent selection of White Mountaineer sneakers and a bunch of random pants from Ervell, Adam Kimmel, and OL. I picked up some OL flower camo shorts and a pair of CP gray suede desert boots.
UU SS APC ConsxMissoni
No worries at all, bows. Send whenever you can.
Finally sending it today.I will send the tracking # when I drop it off.Oh, and who is suppose to send to me? I haven't see anything yet...
Amazing chunky wool Number (N)ine sweater. Leather elbow patches and two way zip. Thing is thick and heavy and the leather is buttery soft. Sadly it doesn't fit me no matter how I bad I wished it did. Size 3 but fits pretty slim. P2P- 19 S2S- 17 Length 26
Number (N)ine jeans. Size 4. Waist 16.5, Inseam 34, and hem is 7'1/4 Very cool jeans just don't fit my wardrobe. Cool details with thigh darts and button pockets.
I was surprised how nice they are. I picked one up for my gf a couple weeks ago for something like $18.
No. Need to go to the SF store.Not sure how much is even left there by now though.
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