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SVB, are those the cotton/linen Uniqlo jeans?
MMM Geller Patrick Ervell Junya Uniqlo W+H Jcrew Thom Browne BoO RL CP Nike Probably some others that I'm forgetting
Today was one of those days in SF where I realize how great we have it in the Bay.Weather was incredible, women back in sun dresses/skirts, and everyone with a smile on their faces.Sat on the embarcadero after grabbing lunch at the Ferry Building. It was hard to go back to the office, but god damn did it make me feel good to soak in the rays and scenery.I hate dressing for summer usually but I stepped up my tshirt (a wang, cdg shirt, geller, etc) game recently and grabbed...
I struggle with summer, like most in SWD, I suspect. Wish I hadn't sold my Geller cropped flight pants. Would really love a pair of the linen ones. I picked up these Our Legacy shorts recently. Other than these usually just wear some Uniqlo chino shorts, when it's really hot out. Considering I live in the Bay Area, there aren't really that many days that really require shorts.
Cyc Wit it and LA Guy both with great SF food recs. I agree with almost everything other than I don't think Philz coffee is all that good. I work across the street from one and want to like it, but I think Blue Bottle is MUCH better. I like taking friends from out of town down to the Ferry Building on a sunday morning to get lunch/brunch.
What are the p2p and s2s measurements?
What airline? Flying out of SFO?
Bows1, awesome package!!! Was great coming home from the bars to a present! I love that you included Momofuku cookies!!!! When I told my gf you were from NY, she even mentioned that she hoped we'd get some from you! Love everything. Thank you so much!
I wanted to go but have a late meeting in Palo Alto and don't think I can make it up to SF in time.
Too sick to my stomach to buy anything right now. Luckily I the following arriving in the next day or so to ease my pain. Junya jacket Ervell jacket WM jacket CP slip on oxfords Few sweaters and a pair of sweats from Uniqlo Couple of Alexander Wang Tshirts And probably a few other things I forgot about during my copping spree from last week.
New Posts  All Forums: