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Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Are they going to have an online shop? Guy that was working there seemed to be working on their website while I was there, so the answer might be yes. I will ask when I go back up there to pick up the ervell knit I decided I actually should have bought after I left.
Had heard about this place and went to check it out today. Think they opened about 2 weeks ago. It's a pretty small place on Market St down towards the castro but carries a bunch of "sf approved brands" like common projects (one of the few in SF and they had a few different colorways of the achilles), Patrick Evrell, BoO, W+H, and Norse Projects. They mentioned bringing in White Mountaineering and a few other lines in the near future as well. I've never got to check out...
I remember seeing a couple pairs of either red or blue mmm gats size 46 on ebay maybe a month or so ago...
Quote: Originally Posted by scourage I have several items that I will be selling. Most items were bought off the forum and I am simply looking to make back some lost money. Please PM with questions and I will happily answer. I work full time as a teacher so will probably only respond in the evenings and will do my best to respond within a day. All prices are shipped and feel free to make offers. 1. SOLD First up is a pair of Common Project army...
Good article, thanks. I tried to check out the new place on market called Maas & Stacks last Sunday but it was closed. I've heard good things about them, though. One of the only places in SF that carries Common Projects.
I know there was a recent BoO sample sale in NY so hopefully someone has some extra shirts to sell me... Would like oxfords, especially the overdyed ones, or any other BoO button downs in size L. Would also like to buy some MMM gats in black or blue, or anything else interesting. Only low tops. Oh, and no painted one, I have a pair already. Thanks and feel free to PM me
The jacket seems fine to me, if you like that sorta style. I honestly don't see how you would feel at all 'out of place' with that in SF. I live near/work in SF often and I don't think you'd stand out at all wearing that. I think it comes down to whether it works well with the rest of your look and if you think you look good wearing it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear True dat, buying things just because they are cheap is just as bad as overpaying for something expensive. Although most people do the former at all costs to avoid the latter. Small items, add up. For example, there is a tendency to have a set amount of $ in your head as the absolute max you can spend on a product. Their is no logic behind the number and it can be quite random. It's why people will easily spend...
Finally got around to checking out Acrimony in San Francisco after procrastinating for a few years, loved the place.Can't believe I had a easy way to get w+h and never bothered driving the 15 minutes to go. I picked up some green bush pants, the black polo, and a henly. The bush pants are amazing. I really like the slim fit and light weight cotton. Wasn't too keen on spending $280 or whatever before I saw them, but they are for sure worth it, imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol better pic Amazing belt! One of the best styles I've ever seen in a belt, and looks really high quality. I think that is the first item of clothing that I've seen you own that I would like to own as well. (no hate, we just happen to have polar opposite tastes in clothing)
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