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Quote: Originally Posted by *wally* unless you have porked up or are hiding an unwanted pregnancy, i would say get rid of the sweater you look pretty, but cheap and trashy you have a lot of potential, buy you need a complete makeover starting with the hair has you girlfriend got one of those skinny mirrors, well has she, hot dog? if not, tell her to either lose weight or not wear jeans that tight...not a good look high heels...
Found an Undercover M65 looking jacket with some great detailing like a see through section on the end of the sleeve where your watch would be. It was at some consignment store up in SF but it was closing and my GF was rushing me to leave and ended up not getting it. Now I want it bad!
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Lol at you throwin JP's in there beside 2 pairs CP and 1 pair MMM Ha. They're my first pair of JPs but those and the jcew khakis do seem to be a bit out of place amongst the other items. Know that I think about it, I actually got a navy leather pair of JPs recently as well. They were super cheap so I thought, what the hell. Decent shoes for the $50 or so I paid for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Re-hosting and re-posting, because this is too good to show up as a frog in an ice cube: [[SPOILER]] My favorite fuuma fit. I remember when I first saw that I thought to myself "damn, never thought I'd find a pic that made me want to wear rick shoes' The jacket, the awesome waxed (diors? i think) and the rick shoes =
I would love to even once throw on my clothes and look even half as good as Jkissi... sigh
Shirts from left- EG, Thom Browne, BoO, BoO Jacket- Barbour x Tokito Sweater- Ervell, Rugby- RRL, Polo- W+H Folded Sweaters/Henleys- Cucinelli, W+H, MMM Jeans- CoH, RRL, APC Shoes- Jack Purcell, CP, CP, MMM Pants- W+H (bush pant), Jcrew (lol), RRL, WvG
Quote: Originally Posted by meso "My biggest personal criticisms of W+H would be the non-optimal fit on skinny guys" Really? I always thought W+H usually looks best on skinny guys. Very slim cut, longish arms. I don't know how you can make the shit more trim without asking customers to start removing ribs. W+H is for sure made for skinny guys. I basically wear a M (6'0' 175) in all shirts/sweatshirts/henleys etc in all brands expect...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Nice thread. Shows how much more creative Streetwear can be than MC. I haven't read SW&D in a while, but I always like seeing Berlin Reports fits. I tend to like more traditional stuff but worn in interesting ways, e.g. Pink Pantser and shoreman. Also, GetSmart. But, it's cool to see more designer and avant garde things, too. I also like that nautical, woodsy workwear stuff that chocobobo(?) and another guy with the...
Some really good fits the last few pages. Mellow, you really do the cropped/rolled pant look better than anyone I've seen. Snake, that geller fencing shirt is great. Asobu, usually not a huge fan of your oversized yy fits, but this one looks really good. That coat/blazer is awesome and I liked the rolled sweat-trouser look with it. Hotdog, really like that last pic with better light, you look solid. That fit looks like something I would wear, but you did it...
Free bump just for the fact you have that metallic Jil cardi. Would LOVE to have it in a bigger size..
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