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Awesome picture, and a good fit as well, tween. That pic really brought me back to my middle school days of riding my green mongoose with front and back pegs, along with a rotor that made it 'next level' for its time. (1990-ish) I had to beg my dad for months on end to get that thing. I was the envy of my neighborhood for about 2 months before it got stolen and it was my parents replaced it with some shitty used BMX bike.
Somewhere between 150-200 a week for my GF and I at the actual grocery store. We also eat out maybe 3 to 6 meals a week so add on at least another 60-200 minimum to the above total, depending on what sort of restaurants we go to in a given week, and that's my actual "food cost" on a weekly basis
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 kwoyeu- that's seriously all I have to say. anyways, slack, lemme know if you for sure get the beige or grey when they come in oh.....and grey base FTW: Greys for sure look better. I have the beige ones, fwiw. They look good as well, but I made a mistake not getting greys.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Awesome dip dye. I've been going back and forth on whether to order one for the last month or so! I think I may as well pull the trigger now. Like how well all the pieces play well together color wise.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester AR_6 quit the forum right? Why'd he quit? I really enjoyed his fits and posts. Seemed like a really interesting guy, and, for a lawyer, I thought he did SW very well.
Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu i would not get that BOO hoodie. i looked into it a little bit and it's really an unspectacular, run-of-the-mill hoodie what's more, materials and fit are almost identical to the sorts of hoodies j. crew sells for like $50 Good advice. I really wanted one of those hoodies as well and after checking them out at Barneys the other day I was REALLY disappointed. I love BoO in general, too. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by max-t also lookin for a mr porter proxy.... Me too. Also, anyone ever see any promo codes for Stuart & Wright? I really want something there but just hate paying full retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu do people actually watch glee for the hackneyed narrative or just for the musical numbers I pray to god its for the 'music' bc the narrative and story lines SUCK. Thankfully my GF never really got into it so I was only forced to endure a episode or 2. It was actually really popular in the town I live when it first started ( its pretty much really popular everywhere now, i guess ) as one of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester lel on a pretty good run although I have my doubts regarding footwear in the latest pic. Agree. His last few fits have all been really solid.
Quote: Originally Posted by clark kent toj w+h n+f mmm for anybody that can tolerate hip-hop. i do a little bit of spoken word poetry/rap. this is one of my latest (and first) songs. [[SPOILER]] Like this. The song isn't too bad either.
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