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Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace GN you need jeans with a smaller leg opening. that doesn't look bad but seems to kind of defeat the purpose of the design imo This.
I strongly agree with what people have told OP about losing some lbs first. I really got back into 'fashion' maybe 6-8 months ago and I definitely had some extra weight on me from a back injury. After checking this place out for awhile I made some purchases, that now, after 4 months of exercise, I regret buying since they're too big. I'm now 6'0'' and maybe 175lbs with a 40'' chest and I still take mediums/larges in most 'fashion' brands. At your current size , it will...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear ahhh damn. Got to check out the sales @ CM in SF. San Francisco...that is. Damn, I actually cut through Westfield on my way to a meeting today. I should have stopped at CM! I always forgot about the place. Post in this thread if the sales are good there, when you have a chance.
Thank you Mr. Porter. White GATs and some BoO shirts for 50% off is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Greylabel Alot of great fits the last page. Aeglus really stood out to me though. Really like MoK's and il ciciista's as well. Here's mine. Nice fit, I like it. Is that sweater Geller? It looks like the scarred collar one but without that long belt looking thing.
I think I remember seeing some of yoox not long ago. I've tried on a pair before and for the price, they are horrible. unflattering cut and the denim quality, imo, is only so-so.
Thanks for posting that, very interesting. One of my business partners is bigtime into 'writing' and graf- art so i sent this to him and I guess he actually knows APEX(ER). Very cool callabo and its nice to see some of the local SF taggers/writers/artists getting involved with projects like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m finna cop some Kaws Canvas pieces, bored with buying clothing for a while. Good call. A friend of mine owns a piece and I've always admired/wanted one of my own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 http://cgi.ebay.com/PRADA-XL-53-MESH...4#ht_603wt_907 lol You mean you don't want a prada fish-net shirt that some fat guido fist-pumped up in the club all night long in?
Awesome picture, and a good fit as well, tween. That pic really brought me back to my middle school days of riding my green mongoose with front and back pegs, along with a rotor that made it 'next level' for its time. (1990-ish) I had to beg my dad for months on end to get that thing. I was the envy of my neighborhood for about 2 months before it got stolen and it was my parents replaced it with some shitty used BMX bike.
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