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Quote: Originally Posted by Abraxis White Attachment Button Down. <3 The Archive SF's 50 percent off sale. Is everything there 50% off right now??? There's a leather I've been eying for a while that I've been hoping would go on sale..
Quote: Originally Posted by Alexlude ivwri always lookin so chill aegleus always GQ'ing it anyways, just a comfy outfit to head up to SF to do random nothings with the wifey Nice fit. I'm probably one of the few here who actually like those LVs. Oh, and you're going to be wayyyy too hot wearing that in SF today, the sun is out and shining.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Just sold some drugs to buy my KVAs. WTF is going on with me. Further proof that the baller sneaker thread is absolutely corrupting.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m Dope, Scott. I've been seriously considering ordering one of those ever since I first saw it... I'm not really a leather jacket kinda guy and the only one I've owned was some cheesy one a family member brought me back from italy when I was in high school.
They look fine to me up top . It may just be that you're not use to wearing your jeans so fitted. Same thing happened to me and now I look back and laugh at how big I wore my jeans. If they are raw they will obviously stretch a inch or 2 and would fit fine, its they aren't, you can still expect some stretching. The length seems fine if you are looking to 'stack' them. It just usually takes awhile for the stacks to kinda of flatten out and sit more normal. GL
The RL store on fillmore has that whole room dedicated to RRL. They have a bunch of t's and button up, maybe 8 drawers of pants, a bunch of cool bags, etc. I think the selection is decent given the size of the store. Only other decent place to get RRL in SF is Barneys and they have a much smaller selection.
Jwied and Tween killing it today, and actually, I think both of them have been the most 2 of the most consistent WAYWT guys the lost few months. Aegelus has been on point basically every day lately as well. Nice to see some of the most summer time type fits coming out, too. Its finally warming up in CA lately and I can't wait to start dressing for summer finally.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide I like it. Its cool to see the slack move from his old W+H luxe-lounge-wear to a more 'fashion-y' kind of look.
Ervell SS08 Alpaca/Cotton Cardigan- M- $125->$115 BoO Overdyed blue oxford-XL- $185->175 Basically brand new. Worn once and hand washed and hung dry PRL- Black quilted vest w corduroy collar-$125->100 Banana Republic- T neck cardigan- BNWT- Retail $130 M- $60-$50 Banana Republic- Cords 34/30 -$30 each or $50-$40 for the pair Prada black sneakers- size 11 - $200-$170 Rachel Comey Derringer Size 12 Brand new and...
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