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Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Places I frequent in SF...although most of my shopping (90%) is done online. --Acrimony in Hayes Valley (wings + horns, gitman) --Barneys near Union Sq (go to the 5th fl, place to see and try stuff you see online, stock is hit or miss) --Club Monoco in Westfield (best mall brand, if you get things at least 50% off) --Maas & Stacks (BoO, W+H, CP) --Alden shoe store near Union Sq Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Thanks for the measurements whodini. PSA to people in San Francisco. The Barneys there has a big sale. I saw 4 different RRL shirts there for 69 and the grayish speckled shawl collar cardigan for 97. They still had a decent amount of smalls in stock and a few mediums. Was there yesterday myself. They have some of the faded looking bluish/grey jeans on sale. Decent run of sizes, to boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yom Did you get banned from hypebeast and decide to come here?
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit lol my first rep on SuFu was neg rep from some guy called LaxLife who said my post in the WAYWT caption (macro) thread was "just plain mean" I just read back through some of those last night and you made some of the funniest comments in that whole thread, fwiw. Went to the SF Barneys today to check out what they had left on sale at 60%. Of course bought some stuff I didn't need. Picked up a great...
Quote: Originally Posted by Richard Pryor I live in Puerto Rico. They kill about 1,000 people each year. Population = 4,000,000. I spent a few weeks in Puerto Rico about a year ago and wore not only cuffed jeans, but I also rolled them up to my knees one time when it was raining! Does that make me supergay? I musta got really luck that I didn't catch an ass whooping.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 props to mr impolyt, you know you have hot shit when they start cribbing off you. Exactly. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery and all that. Love that jacket that Scott M got, look solid on him... After reading through this thread a little more lately I feel like TOJ might be right place for me to get my first ever 'real' leather jacket. Now just to choose which one I want......
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 You got to forward me pics when you get em. Also, Synth, you were looking for prices for Incarnation leather right? Archive SF has them, they have the prices they are selling it for: http://archivesf.com/collection/ss-2...s/incarnation/ I tried one of those on last time I was there and was pretty impressed with the quality. For reference, while there, I also tried on RO, Julius, and Giorigo Brato...
This kid is no doubt real, imo. He is just the ultimate label whore. Oh, and Hermes Man, that shirt is AWFUL. Light it on fire (except for the label of course) and video tape it to show what a baller you are. After that get some cheap shirt and affix the label you saved from that one on to the front of the shirt. Voila! New shirt to show off to the underage asian mall whores!
Anyone know how Rachel Comey shoes fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Abraxis White Attachment Button Down. <3 The Archive SF's 50 percent off sale. Is everything there 50% off right now??? There's a leather I've been eying for a while that I've been hoping would go on sale..
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