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Quote: Originally Posted by oldSFer ftfy Sure if you consider an oversized multi-color striped tshirt and a polo shirt with a polaroid negative on it 'lame basics'. I found both pieces rather interesting and would have gladly paid full retail for the Dries tshirt. The BoO polo is unique but would never pay retail for BoO. Oh, and oldSFer, why even bother posting here? While I do find some of your shots at posters pretty funny, seems...
Quote: Originally Posted by cyc wid it I was just @ Barney's in SF today and wasn't terribly impressed with the sale - granted most of the stuff could have been picked clean by now. Didn't focus much on the denim section as I generally don't think of Barney's as a jeans place but they carry RRL? Yea, they do carry RRL but usually only have a few different kinds. I was there a few weeks ago for the 60% off sale and they did have the 'clear...
Quote: Originally Posted by jwied82 yep. nicolo ceschi berinni. kind of a random italian yoox designer, but its carried at places like the Archive and Lift and i think was at atelier and sydneys in past seasons. But you for sure see more of it on yoox than anywhere else. And they are mad comfy What material are those pants, jwied? They do look pretty damn comfortable. I'll have to check out NCB next time I go by the archive.
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello Hahah, since its going to keep being brought up, I'm gonna go ahead and agree with you Beige base + indigo jeans is a win. Grey kinda kills that for me I kinda agree... I didn't like my beige base/white paint gats at first but wearing them with dark jeans, they do look damn good. I think I'd prefer the white base/white paint over anything in terms of versatility.
Drop on the Rachel Comey shoes down to 180. Pradas down to 160 Send me offers if you want something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Egert Ok, I'll shoot some 1) Why did you quit? Did you lose your edge, or did you take your money to other ventures, or was the market too small for you? 2) What did you bet and how did you approach (no need to publish any secrets that give you an edge of course)? Did you bet on stuff you know or did you use statistics? 3) Is the pure arb even there anymore, or a retail joe like me doesn't have any edge against...
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE thats the whole point. no love for DB tho. not ugly enough Wallys are so fugly that I bought them back in like 1995 when Wu and Raekwon were talking about them and I still have yet to wear them outside of my house.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I disagree. I wear mine all of the time. They stay up better than any other socks I have, including socks that literally cost 10x as much, and they hold up to wear. +1. Love my happy socks and think they are very well made and seem to last longer than most other socks I wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatguymj Ervell SS08 Alpaca/Cotton Cardigan- M- $125->$115 BoO Overdyed blue oxford-XL- $185->175 Basically brand new. Worn once and hand washed and hung dry PRL- Black quilted vest w corduroy collar-$125->100 Banana Republic- T neck cardigan- BNWT- Retail $130 M- $60-$50 Banana Republic- Cords 34/30 -$30 each or $50-$40 for the pair Prada black sneakers- size 11 -...
Why in the hell would anyone be embarrassed to wear a hoodie in public? Man, I thought I was strange with some of my 'rules' to what I will and won't wear in public, but a hoodie is def not on my list of 'won't', and doubt it ever will be! Oh, and I am in my thirties and don't find it at all juvenile, worn in the correct context. (ballgame, running to the store, dive bar with friends, etc)
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