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Damn it. Me too!Was just up in SF but back on the Peninsula now (almost bought that W+H coat that you mentioned in another thread at Bloomingdales)
Really regret missing out on picking up that Ervell knit. The colors in it are amazing.
Where is it and when?
Damn, can't believe I missed the latest drop. If anyone has a gray, olive, or black pocket sweater in Large for sale, please let me know.
Go the SF store, they stock much more than the valley fair and hillsdale ones.
Keeping the shoe koppin trend going
Wish I would have check this thread yesterday before ordering a Large yesterday as I'm about the same size as you.If anyone has these in medium and wants to trade for large, let me know.
WTF. Wish I had seen this an hour ago Great deal. I'd have paid at least $200 more for it
Size L BNWT Really nice colors Fits true to size
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