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New Vanity Fair arrived at my house today and the first ad I saw when I opened it up was Oliver Peoples for The Soloist.
SF Barneys had a decent amount of Moncler.No clue how much was left after the sale though.
Nice work. I think it looks much better in the after.
They the black ones that got marked down to like $200?What size you do you wear in MMM or CP?
The jesus piece is too much for me.I would never wear one personally, but I 'get' what he's going for with it. I do however like most of this guys fits. I say ball on, if that's your thing. I have a friend who wears all louis v, and gucci and looks awful almost always. You at least make your ultra-expensive stuff look pretty decent.
One of my favorite movies of all-time.Thanks for posting this video, I had never seen it.
I've seen exactly one person wearing Rick Dunks in SF. He was a young-ish (say 25) black guy and he was in union sq. He had on a black leather, twisted looking j-pants, and the black/white rick dunks. I thought he looked pretty natural in the whole get up. I was honestly kinda excited to see him as it was around the time I first started reading this site and SuFu, and was happy to see that someone IRL actually wore the stuff I had been reading about. I've noticed some...
I'm probably about your age.Than again, I assumed Tween was older than me when he's really 8 years YOUNGER.
I was told by someone within Cucinelli that Michael Bastian was making around $300k (he may have meant euros as he was italian but I'm not sure) during his last year there. He later was quoted as saying that on that salary he couldn't even afford much of the clothes he was making.
Best- Geller dip dye. Wear it all the time to lounge around the house and when I walk to get coffee in the morn Nike x UC running shoes- wear them to the gym basically everyday White Mountianeering Socks- awesome for cold nights MMM Black Oxfords Worst- Geller button up Number (N)ine sweater- only on worst b/c it doesn't fit and was expensive and I've been too lazy to sell it Geller Fight pants- look dumb on me. may just turn them in to work out pants W&H thermal-...
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