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It hits 85+ often in Mt. View during the summer.
I aspire to require a monocle one day.... one day
TheArchive if you like 'dark designers' and 'baller boots/shoes'Barneys and Saks are decent if you don't have them where you're from and both have a nice range of SW&D brandsAcrimony and Maas & Stacks are cool for like Geller, BOO, W&H, WM, ErvellMAC- has CDGH+, WM, EG, Dries, Neil Barret, and even WvBSelfEdge for demin
They're pretty low rise, apc ps like.The color on the site is accurate, as in they do not look grey, but rather like black after being washed a bunch.
They forgot one item in my last order. When I emailed them to let them know, I didn't hear back for about a week. I finally received an email indicating they had shipped it out, waived the shipping fee, and offered to waive any applicable fees on my next order as well.
I hope there's no problem with suddenlee. I placed an order a few days ago with a bunch of stuff and got a conformation yesterday saying they had gotten everything and would send a tracking email soon. I'll update what happens in this thread if people are interested. FWIW, I used suddenlee about a month and half ago and had no issues at all.
4410+9 =4419
I'll be running Bay To Breakers as well. I try to run it every year. Though, to be honest, its more for the fun and less for the actual race. It's certainly a freakshow. Last year my friends and I pushed a keg in a wheelbarrow for the whole race. GL Samblack and Sugarbutch
Absolute garbage. Shitty materials and horrible loud branding on everything.
Checked out Folk at a little store in Amsterdam last fall, I thought the knits and coats I saw were nicely made for the price point.
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