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Top 10 that I actually wear daily MMM Uniqlo Geller Ervell White Mountaineering RRL Common Projects Lanvin Nike Visvim Brands that I admire from afar and will probably try out soon Stephan Schnieder CdG (only have cdg-s stuff, would like to try out some h+) Junya Undercover Nonnative Jil (have a few pieces of Jil but they are super plain) Raf Dries Trickers Dior Homme (only have jeans)
Hey Parker, were you at the Palo Alto train station on Friday? RFT, saw a guy wearing a pair of painted blue gats on University Ave in PA. Only the 2nd time I have seen gats in the wild and first pair of painted ones. Was kinda shocked since PA is a huge fashion wasteland.
Nice, going to check out the pop up show tomorrow on my way out of town.
I hate wearing polo shirts and find that most fit horribly. I recently tried going the MTM route and had one made from a company called Vastrm that a local shop owner introduced me to. The slim fit version of their shirts fit great, are very nice quality, and you can customize many small details like the placket, the buttons, and the material. The price is reasonable as well.
If anyone has a navy slim fit linen blazer in M they are trying to get rid of, let me know. Suddenlee has been a pain to get in touch with lately and I'm still sitting on 3 incorrect items they sent me in my last order from a few weeks ago.
Had to go to a graduation today Uniqlo BOO Uniqlo MMM
Have no 'ethical concerns' about where my clothing comes from. I love exotic skins for shoes/belts.
7677 + 18 (3 sets of 6) = 7695
I will buy a few of those from you....I gave my GF 2 of them about a year ago from an LNCC order and they recently fell off when we were at the beach.
Geller Geller RRL MMM
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