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White Mountaineering. They look better than I thought they would. Great laces, great uppers, the suede is super nice. The soles are awful tho. They are basically cheaper Chucks soles.
Got bored waiting at uniqlo. Geller BoO Uniqlo WM
One of the manager of the SF store mentioned they didn't have room at the new store for the UU stuff and most of the other designer t-shirt stuff so they are planning to re-open the pop up on 10/15 and put it there. Was surprised I didn't see any SF type people there. It was mostly old asians.
That's just the main line out front. It goes on for 2 more blocks and around the corner. Unreal
Will be going to store opening on Friday. If anyone sees me, feel free to challenge me to a fight out front.
Good point. I sit at a desk all day so really the only hazards are pens, coffee spills, or snags on my chair/desk. I did rip open a pair of DH jeans the first time I wore them on a filing cabinet one time. That said, I think of it as I don't care as much about what I wear to work as apposed to when I go out.Realistically, I have ruined many more pieces out at bars than I have at work. I usually just care less when it happens when I'm out because I'm usually drunk.
Totally agree. I hate wearing baller knits to work and worrying messing them up. I got blue pen on a $1200 Cucinelli knit not long ago and was not happy.I usually just wear ervell, jcrew, uniqlo type stuff to work. It looks decent and I don't have to sweat messing it up.
Nice job, Cola. Losing weight will change your life. I started reading this thread when I was 225 and ~25% BF (I'm a little over 6 feet). I am currently around 168 and 12ish% and feel like a new man. Don't think I have ever actually posted in this thread but I read it daily and wanted to thank all the guys here for helping me with their posts and keeping me motivated to get in shape. I'm planning on doing what I thought for a long time was unthinkable, bulking up!
Been going back on forth on whether or not I should buy those...The high white sole makes me hesitant...
Go check out MAC in SF.They carry usually have a bunch of Dries suits and some CDG Homme and CDG Homme + stuff.
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