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Really love the collection. Great interview as well.
Where'd you find the Umit sweatshirt in black? I'm annoyed I didn't buy it when it was on yoox.
Common Project Derby Size 43 Cool slip-on derby. Fits a bit slimmer than the sneakers. I'd say they are best for a someone who wears a 42 in achilles.
Black New Standards Marked Size 31 Actual measurements 16 x 31.5
Plaid shirt size Medium.
Ervell F/W12 Baseball Knit Size Large 100% Wool Has some pilling but still in very good shape.
If anyone got one of those hooded black quilted villians in L or XL and doesn't want it, let me know.
Niners win the superbowl in 2015 for sure. 3 years in a row being so close is painful to say the least. I've bet on games of all sorts daily for the last 15 years or so.
Damn it. Me too!Was just up in SF but back on the Peninsula now (almost bought that W+H coat that you mentioned in another thread at Bloomingdales)
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