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[[SPOILER]] Not quite as cozy as some of these other entries, but I felt pretty cozy wearing this to go check out the NYE parade.HatUniqloMissoniWhite MountianeeringGellerWing+Horns (barely vis)UniqloLanvin
Really love the collection. Great interview as well.
Where'd you find the Umit sweatshirt in black? I'm annoyed I didn't buy it when it was on yoox.
Common Project Derby Size 43 Cool slip-on derby. Fits a bit slimmer than the sneakers. I'd say they are best for a someone who wears a 42 in achilles.
Black New Standards Marked Size 31 Actual measurements 16 x 31.5
Plaid shirt size Medium.
Ervell F/W12 Baseball Knit Size Large 100% Wool Has some pilling but still in very good shape.
If anyone got one of those hooded black quilted villians in L or XL and doesn't want it, let me know.
Niners win the superbowl in 2015 for sure. 3 years in a row being so close is painful to say the least. I've bet on games of all sorts daily for the last 15 years or so.
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