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$250 gift card Not valid on the internet and you'll need to call them to place your order.
Went to the J-Pop Fest in San Francisco today. Have never seen some many pairs of baller sneakers and supreme clothing in one place. 2+ hour wait for most of the ramen sucked.
They opened one on Burlingame Ave as well.The lines outside the SM one make me crack up every time.
Yup, grew up 15 miles south of SF and my parents grew up in SF and they always referred to it as "The City" as I still do to this day.
Got patted down at the airport wearing my Umit Benan quilted sweatshirt. TSA guy finishes and and says "Oh man, that is the nicest sweater I have ever felt in my life. Where can I get one?" Tried to explain that it was from a previous season from a certain designer which left him puzzled and unable to respond.
I really want the rust one as well but I know it's at least a size too big for me.
Looking to buy the either F/W or S/S pocket sweaters in Large Want the F/W baby alpaca in Olive, Gray, or Purple. Or the light weight baby alpaca/silk in Navy or black Also would take the spring summer in brown or creme
Thanks for the feedback.I think that pic is bit distorted as I'm not quite as short or fat as that pic makes me look. (i'm 6'1 185)I have fuller pants and will try to post a pic with them later this week.
Near the land of elBertPersolWhiteMountaineeringErvellUniqlox2MMM [[SPOILER]]
Damn things sold out quick.
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