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There was one of these at the goodwill near my house, except the tie was incredibly ugly in addition to being "hand-stitched chinese polyester"
"bows was robbed!"
lol i was about to quote these posts too. I have them copied to my clipboard and everything.You have to quote the fit, though. The way it on him makes it twice as good.
Bene whenever I see these pants I think they'd work better for you than those, if you can afford another $200 to spend on pants.
Yeah I think so. If somebody returns something because it doesn't fit I usually expect them to cover return shipping but if the return is my fault (in this case misrepresented the item) I'd pay return shipping.
here's my personal favorite. the writer actually posted a link to this on reddit a while ago, can't believe I didn't think to post it here. [[SPOILER]] also, whenever this thread is bumped my blog gets like twice the traffic it usually does so...thanks?
please just pinroll these once for us
no...it's still there for somebody else to kop
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