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please just pinroll these once for us
no...it's still there for somebody else to kop
People have asked me that before but to me the material isn't scratchy at all. It's not cashmere-soft, but it's still very soft.
It's not from Academy Sports, its from my high school. After 6 years, I finally grew into it.Edit - before 7 minutes ago, I didn't even know there was a sports store called Academy Sports.
Schneider/Albuquerque Academy/Levis/Alden
*uncontrol 2010
might as well x-post my fit pic with the Kaghak from a few weeks ago.
I thought I'd heard something like that, that knits are basically the same quality anywhere you buy from because one maker does them all.
thanks. I looked up some knit ties - it looks like Paul Stuart has a similar neck reinforcer, but I can't get any pictures of a brooks brothers silk knit to compare with this one. oh well, I'll probably just have to wear it, which isn't a terrible outcome
I got this tie at Marshalls tonight. 100% silk knit, made in Italy, but no maker tag. I don't even know if it's a good maker, but it's wearable so I picked it up. 2.5" width.
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