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might as well x-post my fit pic with the Kaghak from a few weeks ago.
I thought I'd heard something like that, that knits are basically the same quality anywhere you buy from because one maker does them all.
thanks. I looked up some knit ties - it looks like Paul Stuart has a similar neck reinforcer, but I can't get any pictures of a brooks brothers silk knit to compare with this one. oh well, I'll probably just have to wear it, which isn't a terrible outcome
I got this tie at Marshalls tonight. 100% silk knit, made in Italy, but no maker tag. I don't even know if it's a good maker, but it's wearable so I picked it up. 2.5" width.
Nothing special here, but I think this is about as big as a haul gets out here in mid-Missouri.zegna shirtLands End Charter Collection Harris Tweed [[SPOILER]] Vintage BB tieSolid navy BB suit [[SPOILER]] And finally, looking for help on the maker of this knit tie. Found it at Marshalls, 100% silk, made in Italy, but no maker tag or RN # or anything.
what would i fit?
i'd kop that (no 45/46 though)
yeah but then there was an uncontrollable shadow community trolling moo about his daughter, or something
where's your mod tag, brian?
lol brian you're cool most of the time and usually you're helpful as far as pointing people to the labels thread or the ebay thread, but I think you overstepped here. having a discussion on the merits/content/direction/purpose of a thread should be okay.
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