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Here's something from a few days ago.
can this be the new spoo signal?
Part of the reason she likes you is because of your wallet?
Nice, I have some brown pebble grain PTBs (alden, not ferragamo) and I think they're the perfect pair of casual shoes.Scandal of the century - all of DM7's finds were just generic pics that he found online.
Mine's soft, it's half mohair and not itchy at all.For starters - and I don't know if this is just the angle - there's the weird way your shirt flares out at your hips that makes you look kind of fat or pear-shaped.
It's not.now here's an SW&D-approved brand
Finding a decent shoe at $40 is basically an impossible task, especially when used shoes have been ruled out. For me, the ideal leather casual shoe is a brown, plain-toe blutcher. If you can find something like that, I'd get it. If you can save up another $25, the Stafford wingtip shoe from JC Penney is a decent-looking option, I guess.
I'm 5' 6" and 125, XS in oxfords, XS in jackets (blazers and suits), 29 in pants.
neither. do not get either. neither is stylish. please listen to me. If you absolutely have to get one of these, get the first one, but I'd suggest waiting until you have enough money to buy something good, or choosing something else. I'd assume these are between $80 and $120. In that price range I'd consider Clark's desert boots (ugh), the H&M x Margiela side-zip boots or the suede "Brockton" buck from Bass.
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