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Urgh, now I really regret not getting the Lemaire pants I had in my dreambox.
Uncontrol has matured in the four years since he posted that...
i too searched for "indigo queen" on superfuture, looks like she's been banned from there, mynudies, and at least one other forum, possibly more
but what is life without clothing
it's a combination of things - I sold mine and then got a size smaller, i'm wearing it over a thick cardigan and i'm also wearing a backpack
Yeah, and it is also the nicest sweater I've had, though for context I've only handled Calvin Klein Collection, Margiela, Pringle and Zegna sweaters (besides my Schneider sweater, which is too different to compare to)The Wick coat (thx beneysed)
This photo is not that great, but here it is anyway SS/Roberto Collina/Uniqlo/Levi's/docs
what do you even need a baseball jersey for?
name names!!
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