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It depends. I just really loved the gold paisley on that one, and Polo ties are decently high quality.
Sort of like how almost all of us that sell on eBay have a no-return policy.
MujI has a lot of stuff at their retail store that isn't available online, right? Maybe Suddenlee could proxy.
+1 it's nice to be able to move and also sit without worrying if your jeans will get knee bags or start sagging in the seat
I'm thinking I might go the CDHagg route with Uniqlo linen shirt and jeans every day.
"If you follow sneaker fashion at all, it refers to Common Projects and not child porn."
I didn't get a reply on this, so I thought I'd ask again. Here's a new pic of the suit, since one of my pants legs isn't hanging down correctly.
"i don't get it" - wurm, www.styleforum.net, 2013
That's exactly what I was thinking.
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