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I always pay the second I read the seller's PM agreeing to sell. The way i see it, I've got 4g internet everywhere and the PayPal app, so there's no reason not to. Plus, I get whatever i bought faster.
I'd get those YSL boots if I had $900 for another pair of shoes.
actually, in all my fits (both here and in that CM thread) I actually haven't been wearing clothes at all. I've been strategically using shadows, reflections and body hair to trick you all into thinking I'm actually wearing clothes.
All my target t-shirts got holes, so I won't buy/wear them anymore, and I'm not even in New Mexico anymore.The world is nothing like you thought it was.
all of us
put the new plokhov blazer on b&s
stitchy should get diors
Ann D, 8.5, $468
nobody says DHSS = Schutzstaffel Stephan Schneider
you can just take your glasses off for that, you don't need to see that far
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