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stitchy should get diors
Ann D, 8.5, $468
nobody says DHSS = Schutzstaffel Stephan Schneider
you can just take your glasses off for that, you don't need to see that far
what about these? I've been looking at them but decided it wasn't worth $100+ to have a pair of COS pants, but maybe you feel differentlyhttp://www.cosstores.com/Shop/Men/Trousers/Wool_leisure_trousers/46905-3518914.1#c-3823028
No it's a dress shirt, 14.5/32
pope benedict shoe steez
I got a gingham dress shirt from BB two years ago...
I don't know anything about LVC, but I only ever see bloggers/forum posters talk about the 1947 and 1954 models, so they're probably more in demand.edit - http://www.rawrdenim.com/2012/07/a-rough-guide-to-levis-501-vintage-jeans-1873-to-1944/
maybe i was a bit too harsh, so welcome to the thread. It's just that finding the eBay value of an item is relatively easy to do, and I'd rather hear about your impressive feats of thrifting anyway. My contribution - somehow this tweed Southwick jacket went unnoticed until 30 minutes ago, when I bought it off the 99 cent rack.
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