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of course, glad to help. I try not to get involved since this is the "tailor's" thread, so that's my small observation.
It's on Yoox, full price is $147 (on yoox)
I'm not a tailor, but I think that shirt is way too tight.
as long as you're not getting these because they're cheap and they kind of look like what you're going for.
I thought about that, and I know poly isn't a cost-cutting measure all the time, but all the new jeans have poly, not just the black overdye, plus you have to deal with less breathable fabric and stuff, right? Not sure if the durability trade-offs would be worth it to me considering my daily life consists of sitting in class and walking around downtown.
When jet says "for the price I don't know what people are expecting" in regard to the oxfords I agree with him, but i don't know if people can make the same "for $50 what do you expect" regarding the jeans when levis makes all-cotton jeans for $50. The point of uniqlo is that fit, style and quality are way better than what you'd expect for the price, so $50 jeans with 25% polyester don't really do it for me.
I always pay the second I read the seller's PM agreeing to sell. The way i see it, I've got 4g internet everywhere and the PayPal app, so there's no reason not to. Plus, I get whatever i bought faster.
I'd get those YSL boots if I had $900 for another pair of shoes.
actually, in all my fits (both here and in that CM thread) I actually haven't been wearing clothes at all. I've been strategically using shadows, reflections and body hair to trick you all into thinking I'm actually wearing clothes.
All my target t-shirts got holes, so I won't buy/wear them anymore, and I'm not even in New Mexico anymore.The world is nothing like you thought it was.
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