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"MD" = Michael Drake, right?
I thought the tag says 1977? Am I reading it wrong?
HF (40R) 30+ year-old Zegna Su Misura (48R) Paul and shark
Urgh, savers has an IWC watch in the case, but tagged at $199 too expensive for me to take a chance on it being real
Probably not. I have a size 3 w/a 35" chest.
Urgh, now I really regret not getting the Lemaire pants I had in my dreambox.
Uncontrol has matured in the four years since he posted that...
i too searched for "indigo queen" on superfuture, looks like she's been banned from there, mynudies, ironheart.co.uk and at least one other forum, possibly more
but what is life without clothing
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