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Yes! But the version with Drake in it is far better, because Drake's verse is one of the best from 2013.
not really is a waxed jacket i got on rakuten. there are a lot of tags on it in japanese so that might have some more info about it.
Attachment/3.1 Phillip Lim x Target/Theory/Dr. Martens Could be improved w/nicer pants/boots but I'm pretty happy with this.
should i get KVA Icarus shoes (black)?
I got some UU cropped pants when someone responded to my wtb a while ago, but they didn't work out
The only thing that bothered me was that it looked tux-y, like YRR92 said.
I would not wear Harris Tweed and khakis with a bow tie and French cuff shirt. But the jacket fits perfect, it looks like.
Not enough raf/dior/ss at thrifts ):But soon maybe I'll get my hidden placket shirt tailored.
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