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it jumped up to 80 and humid from 40 (and also humid) last week, but my uniqlo shorts should be getting here on thursday and I'm going to try some stuff with the long schneider cardigan I have. If that doesn't work I'll just end up copying derk and toasty or something. of course, then I'll go back to albuquerque where it's 90+
now that the weather is warm I am 100% clueless again, wearing dr. martens, jeans and a green t-shirt.
otherwise known as a "date"
But half of the heavy-hitters in CM probably spend their weekends in cargo shorts - are they really that stylish?
hmmm. depends on what you mean by "proving yourself"
what happened in that thread, exactly? vox has been tweeting about chambray shirts for about a week now.
these look cool MOMA, $224, tagged sz 9 left (size appropriately!)
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