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He is 29, right? There was that discussion a while back about how when he is wearing the Stark Nil can believe he is younger than he (Nil) is.
it is making me crazy too, the label is right there but I can't see the name. First letter is an M, last 3 letters are either RON or DONIt's like when I found out stitches was still in his 20s.
guess which one I blocked forever!
the affliction t-shirt!
I am having a good morning thanks to this thread. Thanks (to most of you).
Well I was wearing the ToJ when that girl gave me her number last week. Sometimes people stare at me when I wear the Schneider but sometimes I think that's because it comes down to mid-thigh.
Download an app that uploads to imgur and upload your photos using it, then take the link it gives you and paste that into the "embed an image" box and post.
For Ian, since he wanted to see a fit with the backpack. Schneider (not thrifted) Uniqlo (50% off sale) Levi's (Marshalls) Ferragamo (eBay) Backpack (Trade with Ian Erickson)
I just think it's lame everybody seems to be giving her a pass for throwing around "lol ur gay" taunts, going along with this weird flirting thing that's been developing in the past few days, and I'm sure we all know the reason nobody has said anything. I'm trying to be fair here, and obviously nobody's making (some of) these guys flirt with you and I'm not blaming you for that, and before tonight you've generally been nice and you seem to know a lot about used mens clothes.
no, they're appropriate for here. thrifting, marshalls/tj maxx/nordstrom rack, ebay - all fair game for this thread. I suppose you could cross-post if you really felt like it, it's up to you.
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