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you're young and sexy mane its finna be no contest
dude, really? i was at their STL show last night.
it's the licensed south american dior that for some reason uses the same label as the good dior
Even if it's a joke, this joke isn't funny anymore.
Lol yes on the other hand it is not that big a deal if there is one less person in the thread who knows about different Zegna tie lines, especially if they insist on being a giant dick. Time will tell!
MartiniGirl is welcome in this thread - welcome to post fitpics, finds, advice, banter, etc. and I won't complain. The only thing I took issue with was that some members here couldn't let her post without creepily flirting with her (and the whole "lol dm7 you must be gay" thing, but I'm willing to hope that was a one-time thing we can put behind us) so as long as everybody here can do their part to not creepily flirt with MartiniGirl, I'd like her to come back. She did...
I have the kaghak in the same size so there are fitpics in waywt if anybody wants to see how it looks on a person.
You don't post in the role-playing thread?
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