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I bought it from @commedesformes, looks like he hasn't posted in a while
Well, I wasn't [[SPOILER]]
TOJ/H&M/Levi's/Blanc & Noir
Wow, smart take.
Yes, better than Kendrick.
Yes! But the version with Drake in it is far better, because Drake's verse is one of the best from 2013.
not really sure...it is a waxed jacket i got on rakuten. there are a lot of tags on it in japanese so that might have some more info about it.
Attachment/3.1 Phillip Lim x Target/Theory/Dr. Martens Could be improved w/nicer pants/boots but I'm pretty happy with this.
should i get KVA Icarus shoes (black)?
I got some UU cropped pants when someone responded to my wtb a while ago, but they didn't work out
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