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paging colabear
a rare piece of band merch that has a design I'm comfortable wearing
so does nobody on the low end of the market (uniqlo, h&m, zara etc.) do cropped pants with an elastic hem? I know teger mentioned Master Coat on yoox yesterday but all I can find from them are full-length pants.
Yes. More realtalk, less cheerleading.Post of the year.
It won't be that fun spending 4 or 5 hours outside in that ridiculous, multi-layered outfit.
why would you want to look like that? you're playing golf, not cosplaying.
I really think you guys are going to regret this whole "floppy hat" thing in a few months.
yeah the shirt is good. I'm assuming you had it tailored to fit like that, and the only thing I'd change would be to leave it an inch longer if you had it shortened.
read that as "bring to colabear"
New Posts  All Forums: