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was max_r onto something?(9)
Damir tank (mainline, not Silent) that I've had in my dreambox for a while but with more important things on my kop list I'll link it here$118, size 34 left in navy and light gray, size 38 and 40 in dark green.
There's a silent tank for around $100 that I have in my dream is on yoox. I'll post a link in an hour or so once I'm out of class.
For real though that dog is bigger than most of the posters here.
I use a DSLR on a tripod, and crop in Photoshop...
The Speedmaster is a better watch tho, so even that makes me question your taste.
But talk to toasty for tips on how to deal with the daily email of random "recommended products" they'll send to you.
here we goooooooooo...
what brand of cafe racer are you looking for?
just carjack somebody
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