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Fair enough. Teger did bring up the boots issue in WAYWT, so I've been waiting for a pair of the gray HMMM size zips to show up on eBay in my size. I'd wear a better shirt if I had any, eventually I'll get a few of the loose AA t-shirts or something.
jacket from the uniqlo tasmanian wool suit
as a person who has seen tumblr i had always assumed the only people who dressed like that were cosplaying teenage girls lol
I guess I just always assumed it was a costume.
wait, has the SW&D banner photo on the front page always been a photo of Tiralleur1?
i guess I just don't understand that look in a "fashion" context, so if you'd like to explain...
sidenote, that bowtie is huge and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to go outside the collar, not underneath it.
something seems off in this fit, and I'd be grateful if one of you could tell me what it is.
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