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sidenote, that bowtie is huge and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to go outside the collar, not underneath it.
something seems off in this fit, and I'd be grateful if one of you could tell me what it is.
I hope we're not going to do this again today.
sometimes, you just know
$85 i think?you might be onto something here!
good, but it needs a fake twitpic linkedit: '#based' and '#swag' hashtags
lets see, it took you 16 years to make your first 25k pounds, which puts your yearly income at £1562.50. Five years later, if my math is correct, that's another £7812.50 total, making your total fortune £32,812, assuming you've spent none of it.
you really are better off if you just let everybody believe you've been trolling, because if you are its some of the best i've ever seen.
It's one of the best photoshops of me of all time, which is no empty compliment. Unfortunately those shorts don't compare to the pod shorts, because I thought it looked pretty good too.
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