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8.5 or 9I would, but I can only find the painted ones in my size there and I heard it's a lot of work to strip the paint.
urgh, probably won't buy them then.
Paul Smith
I don't know if Levis exist without the pocket stitching, but I removed it on mine with a seam ripper.
for anybody out there who wants to look like teger MMM, looks kind of cool (36 and 38 left)
as soon as the right hmmm boots show up on ebay, i keep telling myself
following a nice discussion in the Streetwear Suits and Blazers thread
well, i don't think you're ever going to find one single fit that represents SW&D as a whole [[SPOILER]]
They're some J. Crew boots(I'm afraid of wearing them with my ToJ lest I become the man whose date you steal in Drew's "you're wearing a leather jacket, he's wearing a leather jacket" scenario). slightly slimmer than Dr. Martens, but same size/height.
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