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Me too, sorry for buying one of your grails before you though (If this is baller enough to count as a grail, even)
I just need a nice pair of side-zips, I was looking at HMMM boots a day ago but for a bit more I think the F+B are probably worth it. I wouldn't mind a pair of Guidis, but I like their lace-up models better anyway.
footwear game on the way up
Yeah that RLBL tag was made on the in-store ticketmaker, so the tag must have come off somehow and the employee that had to attach a new ticket must not have known what it was and just grabbed a ticket from a regular pair of black pants to copy.
Beneysed, if you read this I know you gave up on Yohji long ago but this is how your pants needed to look!
F+B elf boots y/n
You're not a gentleman, you're just another misogynist with 20 posts and no taste.
The HMMM boots are TTS right? If so I'd be a 42 in those since they don't come in half sizes.
shut the fuck up
yeah my black 511s have black stitching and my white 511s have white stitching so I haven't removed it on those jeans (though I did take the patch off the white ones because it is black), but I did take the yellow stitching off the pockets of my indigo levis.
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