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They're some J. Crew boots(I'm afraid of wearing them with my ToJ lest I become the man whose date you steal in Drew's "you're wearing a leather jacket, he's wearing a leather jacket" scenario). slightly slimmer than Dr. Martens, but same size/height.
Fair enough. Teger did bring up the boots issue in WAYWT, so I've been waiting for a pair of the gray HMMM size zips to show up on eBay in my size. I'd wear a better shirt if I had any, eventually I'll get a few of the loose AA t-shirts or something.
jacket from the uniqlo tasmanian wool suit
as a person who has seen tumblr i had always assumed the only people who dressed like that were cosplaying teenage girls lol
I guess I just always assumed it was a costume.
wait, has the SW&D banner photo on the front page always been a photo of Tiralleur1?
i guess I just don't understand that look in a "fashion" context, so if you'd like to explain...
sidenote, that bowtie is huge and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to go outside the collar, not underneath it.
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