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I tried wearing leggings under shorts for half a day, but I just wasn't feeling it.
red wing postman
this is just hearsay, but I've read wings + horns jeans are similar.
"absurd fit" is basically the point of TB. He's one of my least-favorite designers, though.
speaking of SuFu, how does one search SuperMarket? I've looked all over the page and registered an account, but I can't find a search box anywhere.
goats are the G.O.A.T
There's only one way to find out
Maybe I should work on my negotiating skills...i usually just look up eBay completed listings and sold items on B&S and offer based on that. I always feel like I'm offering too much, but then again I've yet to miss out on something I wanted.
I was going to try the boots with shorts at some point, so I decided I might as well get that fitpic out of the way early in the spring.
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